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MelodicRock Classics is excited to delve back in to rock n roll vaults once more, to deliver another lost classic, this time from Pennsylvania rockers GALLEYBOYZ.

The name may not be familiar, but the pedigree of those involved will be. And like other MRC releases, this will be a Deluxe 2 Disc Edition.

We have expanded upon the original cassette only release to present a fully remastered version of the album (thanks to JK Northrup once again), plus a bonus disc featuring unreleased tracks and demos that came from the album sessions and beyond, plus a set of original Reference Mixes, which give you an alternative look at some of the album’s tracks.

Galleyboyz were formed in early 1990 when Michael Baranski and Steve Schuffert, who were touring with A&M recording artist Glen Burtnik, found themselves out of a job when Glen was given the opportunity to replace Tommy Shaw in Styx.

Baranski and Schuffert were approached by a former manager who wanted to start a new project. John Rongo and Larry Paoletta, who were in a previous band with Baranski, were recruited. Baranski wrote several new songs, and the now named Galleyboyz went into the studio to record them.

The guys were signed to record executive Carl Maduri’s Oceana Records, which had distribution with BMG. Baranski then recruited Glen Burnik to produce the album, recorded at Jerree’s Records in New Brighton, PA., where Donnie Iris had recorded all his albums.

The album was released in Sept 1990 and received a favorable review in Billboard magazine.

Tensions with the band and their manager flared when there was a disagreement over the first song to be released. The band wanted to release either You Get What You Pay For, or Nothing But Love, songs which reflected the sound and direction of the band. The manager wanted to release Tired of Rappin’, which was a novelty song that Baranski had written as a joke!

The manager prevailed, thinking a novelty song would attract attention for a new band. However, rock stations would not play it because the lyrics were rapped, and pop stations wouldn’t play it because it was making fun of rap, a new genre at the time.

The band stayed together for only a few months. Then the band was no more.

Baranski went on to play with James JY Young of Styx, in his other band, the James Young Group. They released an album Raised by Wolves in 1995, with Baranski writing several songs for the album. He also toured with Styx in the 90’s as a support backup singer. Schuffert went on to a successful solo project with his band the Steve Schuffert Band. They played regularly in Europe every year from the late 90s to the late 00’s.

GALLEYBOYZ is out now.

Album Produced by Glen Burtnik
Recorded at Jeree’s Studios summer 1990
All songs written by Michael Baranski except Can’t Live Without Your Love by Steve Schuffert and Standing on the Edge by Michael Baranski / Peter Spero
All songs published by Baran Songs ASCAP

Michael Baranski – Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Steve Schuffert – Lead vocals on Can’t Live Without Your Love, guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
John Rongo – co-lead vocal on One Step Up, guitar, backing vocals
Larry Paoletta – Drums

Disc 1:
01. You Get What You Pay For 3:36
02. Nothin’ To Lose 3:46
03. One Step Up 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life 3:30
05. Stand Up Fall Down 4:00
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad 3:36
07. Desperate Man 3:50
08. I Can’t Live Without Your Love 3:56
09. I’ll Be Alright 3:41
10. Tired of Rappin’ 4:04

Disc 2:
01. You Get What You Pay For (Reference Mix) 3:32
02. Nothing To Lose (Reference Mix) 3:44
03. One Step Up (Reference Mix) 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life (Reference Mix) 3:29
05. Stand Up Fall Down (Reference Mix) 3:58
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad (Reference Mix) 3:36
07. Desperate Man (Reference Mix) 3:55
08. I’ll Be Alright (Reference Mix) 3:42
09. Tired Of Rappin’ (Reference Mix) 3:39

10. Fame (Previously Unreleased; Feat. Dennis DeYoung on Keyboards) 4:11
11. Give It What You Got (Previously Unreleased; Feat Jon Brant on Bass) 5:18
12. It’s My Dream (Previously Unreleased) 4:06
13. Hungry (1992 Home Demo)3:24
14. Goodbye, Love (1992 Home Demo)3:53
15. What’s This World Comin’ To (1992 Home Demo) 3:35
16. Out Of The Cage (1992 Home Demo) 3:28
17. Standing On The Edge (1993 Studio Demo) 4:19
18. Without You, Without Me (2003 Unreleased Track) 4:04
19. Let’s Get it Started (2011 Studio Demo) 2:44

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