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GEORGE HILLS Dancing With A Stranger Re-Issue Due May 26 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
May 26 will be a busy day for the MelodicRock Classics and fans of the genre, with circumstances bringing several projects all to fruition at the same time. So why not give fans the option to dive into 4 classic albums at the same time?
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the first of 4 releases due out May 26.
George Hills may not be a household name, but the Canadian melodic rocker delivered a great debut album back in 1991. Unlucky not to make bigger moves in the scene, the album was never released outside his native country and remains an obscure gem to this day.
MelodicRock Classics will make George Hills album ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ available as part of its new 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
Pre-orders will be available later this week, with priority given to those pre-orders before any wholesale orders are processed.
Check out the video released back in 1991 for the lead song and title track Dancing With A Stranger.
As per usual, JK Northrup has overseen the remastering of the album’s audio, with the addition of two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Track Listing:
01. Dancing With A Stranger
02. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
03. Mystical Lady
04. Spare Me Your Love
05. Road To Your Door
06. How Will I Know
07. Soft Sweet Touch
08. Centre Stage
09. Leanne
10. Images
11. Soft Sweet Touch (Acoustic Bonus Track)
12. Queen Of Lies (Bonus Track)
About George Hills:
As a teenager, George found himself drawn primarily to artists considered part of the second British rock invasion of the 70’s: David Bowie, The Beatles, and Genesis were some of his biggest influences, and George acknowledges the influence such artists have had on his writing style.
George’s debut album, ‘Dancing With A Stranger’, was recorded piecemeal between 1987 and 1990.
What started out as a three-song demo recorded in a 24-track studio eventually shaped into a full- fledged album once George signed a record deal with local indie Tandem Records in 1989.
Contract in hand, George now had the backing he needed to complete his album, and in early 1991,Tandem produced a music video for the title track, Dancing With A Stranger to coincide with the album’s release later that year.
In the years that followed, George performed extensively on the local club circuit. He also toured much of Canada backing various artists and fronting a series of bands that included The Best of the British Invasions, a costumed tribute to ten of George’s favourite artists.
In 2002, George released a second CD titled, ‘What to Say that’s Not Been Said’. Stay tuned for George to re-release this infectious alternative rock CD.


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