HUSH Return With 'Department Of Faith' For Lion's Pride Music

Monday, December 12, 2016
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Lions Pride Music is happy to announce the signing of Norwigan melodic rockers Hush, for their brand new up and coming 4th album, Department Of Faith, which will be released on December 12.

HUSH made a stir within the melodic rock community with the release of the debut "If You Smile" back in 1998. The album sold well in Europe (AOR Heaven) and Japan (JVC/Victor) and was filled with catchy arena rock anthems. The sophomore cd, simply entitled "II", emerged in 2001 on Now & Then (UK) and the Italian label Frontiers Records. It was a natural step further for Hush, yet without moving away from the style from the debut.

Both records were very well received all over the world. The third release, 'Mirage' (2006) (Raido Music) won over new fans with a different and more modern approach.

Hush is currently putting the final touch to their brand new studio album entitled, Department Of Faith, which have already spin of 2 singles so far, Black Ice, & Hold On.

The band is also planning to hit the road for touring in support of the new album and once again reconnect with their fans worldwide. 
The Hush band members now includes founding members Kenneth Kristiansen (guitars/keyboards), Patrick Simonsen (vocals/guitars), Knut Dalbakk (bass), Thorleif Ostmoe (keyboards/vocals) and Antonio Torner (drums/vocals).
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