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​News from AOR BLVD RECORDS: Klepsteen, Peiffer and Sampson
What Happens When legends Of The The Quad Cities, ​Illinois hard rock music Unite?:

K Randy Klepsteen, Guitarist...Formely Of The Daily Planet 
P Bill Peiffer Guitars, Vocals...
Mr Lynn Allen himself and King of Iowa , Jesse Johnson and Pilot 
S  Kevin Sampson Drummer extrordinaire ....From Bands like Monarch, Lipstick , Meet The Press And currently Lynn Allen...
​They've taken influences From all their acts , local favourites The Daily Planets - No Time To Lose lp is a much sort after rocking debut amongst Aor Authorities .....Whilst Lynn Allen spans a 36 year career ,10 cds and inductees to Iowa Hall of Fame snd invited By Melodic Rocks Andrew Mcniece to play their fest in Chicago 2018..

The mix of Klepsteen/Peiffer is  great songwriting  
The Mix of Klepsteen/Peiffer has a killer mid west feel , with the power supplied by Kevin Sampsons' heavier influenced bands you have a winning formula
This Five Track Mini Lp contains a  unique homage to dead rock stars with "Freddy We Need You Now" ( lyrics tell the tale,  *see below )
​Destined to be a regional favourite with a video to boot , plus two more videos makes this project very exciting...
1) Sad Way (I Did'nt Hear You Wrong Or Nothin')
2) What It Takes
3) Sarah's Eyes
4) Freddie We need You Still
5) Wear Me Out
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