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Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative MAX WEBSTER

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative Max Webster

Guys, a few opening words. Whatcha get is 260 pages and over 100,000 words-plus loads of pictures... live, studio, ads, memorabilia, sleeves-on a band you may not know and love... yet! They only made five studio albums and a live album, all between 1976 and 1980, but they are indeed, my #1 top fave rave rock 'n' roll unit of all time.
You've heard me say that in radio interviews over the year and  you've seen it in print. Sure, occasionally I tucked a few together, including ZZ Top, Deep Purple, BOC, Gillan... but Max Webster is always in that list of five and depending on the day, get the most props.
For those soon to see the light... best description I can give is 92% Blue Oyster Cult crossed with Cheap Trick, topped by 4% Kansas and another 4% Zappa.

 So... you wanna learn something, step up. It's a short print run, a financial risk, all of that, but it's Canuck history and I'm proud to tell it, along with the blessings of the guys in the band. So yeah, back cover sez...

Dubious, unlikely, improbable...
...but indeed verifiable and certifiable! The book now buzzing in your privileged hands is in fact the story of the finest rock 'n' roll band that ever was. Zeppelin, The Beatles, U2, Springsteen, Queen, King's X... none can hold an expiring lighter to the conflagration that was the near mythical Max Webster.
Consume these pages, and you will learn the secrets'often in the impenetrable code of the band's top-shelf wordsmith Pye Dubois'of the wily Canuck wizards who made the above boast sing with unassailable truth.
Toronto Tontos
, Hangover, High Class In Borrowed Shoes, America's Veins, Oh War!, Beyond The Moon, Lip Service, Charmonium, Paradise Skies, A Million Vacations, In The World Of Giants, Battle Scar... these are towering anthems from the band's tight catalogue of five classics spanning the years 1976 to 1980. And so the time has come to re-celebrate and re-calibrate their majesty, along with dozens of other Kim Mitchell classics stuck in cult status... until now?!
About the Author
Martin Popoff has penned 47 books on hard rock, heavy metal and record collecting, including two on Max Webster's good buddies Rush. He was Editor In Chief of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Canada's foremost metal publication (now for 14 years, and has also contributed to Revolver, Guitar World, Goldmine and Record Collector. Martin is currently consultant on the Banger Films series Rock Icons, having also worked on the company's award-winning documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and on Metal Evolution, an 11 episode documentary series for VH1 Classic. Martin currently resides in Toronto and can be reached through
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