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MAXX EXPLOSION - Dirty Angels (Review)

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Maxx Explosion
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Melodic Hard Rock
Kivel Records
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Monday, March 9, 2015
Maxx Explosion of course are the max-trio from House Of Lords – drummer BJ Zampa, guitarist Jimi Bell and the singing bassman himself Chris McCarvil.
The album has been out months now, so this is one of a few reviews I’m adding with the caveat that “if you haven’t yet purchased, check this out now!”
That sentiment couldn’t be more apt for the band’s second album Dirty Angels. The debut featured some solid songwriting and something a little different to House of Lords, but the production was terrible and I’ve not listened to it since reviewing. A real shame that.
But Dirty Angels fixes that problem and goes another step forward in the songwriting department.
This album helps establish the band’s identity – there’s more character and individual expression here than the debut and the production and mix are a huge step forward. It sounds killer.
Harmonies, big grooves, hard edged riffs and catchy songs are the order of the day here.
Doctor Saturday is a thumping hard rocker with Chris’ raspy vocal in top form.
I’m not always a fan of rock n’ groove tracks, but the swagger and catchiness of Crazy Hot is inescapable.
The moody AOR of Nothing’s Easy could be one of my favorite ballads for 2015 while the fast moving aggression of Ordinary Life is the band’s most attacking song yet.
All For You is another high quality anthemic ballad while Impossible is another brilliant anthemic harmony filled melodic rocker.
Ok, so their cover of Dream Weaver is also pretty impressive, even if I hate the song!
On The Rise just kicks ass and Dirty Angels is the closing contractually obligated semi-acoustic ballad (just kidding). It’s a great song with a great hook that rocks out at the end.

Buy it. It’s long overdue for a review, but not overdue to be purchased. Melodic rock fans need this, it’s just such a well-rounded and enjoyable record.
House of Lords fans should all have this already, now it’s time for the rest of you.



MAXX EXPLOSION Head Up Kivel Records 2015 Schedule

Monday, March 9, 2015
News Feed
News from Kivel Records:

"2015 is here folks and we are getting ready for another year, with some ol favorites and some new faces. Not to mention some promised surprises that will have all the flare you have come to expect from us here. So first off...what is going on? Well here we go!!

2015 Release Schedule for Kivel Records

1. MAXX EXPLOSION "Dirty Angel" Early March 2015
2. ADRIANGALE "Best Of" - Mid March 2015
3. LIVESAY "Frozen Hell" - Mid Spring 2015
4. NO LOVE LOST - Late Spring 2015
5. ROMEO RIOT - Summer 2015
6. TANGO DOWN - Summer 2015
7. LaValle TBA

* Plus more things coming soon!!!! New Merch Items! Shows, Videos and a few new additions to the Kivel Family. So keep an eye out. Kivel titles available through our website, CD Baby, Best Buy, Amazon, NEH and all other fine outlets.
We apologize for any changes in release schedule in regards to the AG Best Of, and promise all of it will be worth the wait. Also in the next week we will have the latest news on TANGO DOWN , in regards to the band, New album and shows all coming at you very soon!

Now with all of that out of the way......we give you the cover art for Maxx Explosion "Dirty Angel".  Along with the first single to download - Doctor Saturday.
Pre-order info coming soon.

Thanks for always partying with us. Here's to 2015...."
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