JILL MENIKETTI Debut Rock ’n’ Roll Novel Wows Rock Stars

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What are these rock stars buzzing about? The debut novel, Welcome to Groove House, by rock star manager, Jill Meniketti, released by Stanford Court Press.
• Sammy Hagar: “Who else knows the inside scoop better than Jill Meniketti?”
• Troy Luckketta (Tesla): “This is a movie waiting to happen.”
• Don Dokken: “A good read for those who love all things rock ’n’ roll.”
This spring, the author embarks on a two-month U.S. tour, where she will be signing her books in theaters and rock clubs around the country. Meniketti wraps up the year with a two-month European tour this fall.
Welcome to Groove House is a contemporary story that could very well come from today’s headlines, as baby boomer rockers face the real-world challenges of no pensions or 401(k) plans.
When rock’s former biggest rebel loses everything, he’s forced to call in favors from all the rock star royalty whom he’d burned his entire career.
With a trashed comeback tour, creditors on his ass, no record deal, a health issue he doesn’t even know how to spell, and nothing but a few bucks from the sale of his last guitar, Mike Mays is destitute for the first time in his rock star life. He’s forced to crash his estranged, uptight daughter’s tidy world, and when she kicks him out, to couch-surf halfway around the world at a ragtag farmhouse in Tuscany called Groove House—home to a pack of aging ex-rock stars, who aren’t thrilled to see him.
Mike creates chaos at every turn, bulldozing everyone in his path. His raunchy offstage antics snagged headlines back in the ’70s and ’80s, but can the aging bad boy bluff his way out of his worst bungle yet and actually stage a comeback?
Host of the popular VH1 Classic “That Metal Show,” Eddie Trunk, called Welcome to Groove House a “must read for any rock fan who loves a great story.” Stef Burns of Alice Cooper and Huey Lewis called the novel is a “totally cool journey through a rocker’s world . . . This book rocks! I loved it! It’s a blast!”
Welcome to Groove House is available in hardcover and ebook formats at booksellers around the world.
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