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THE MOOD GROOVE Showcases Different Side Of JK Northrup

Friday, April 20, 2018
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Track List: 1. Funk Soul Sister  4:44 / 2. Launching Pad  4:18 / 3. Moon Calling Sun 5:13 / 4. I'm a Pharmacist 5:20 / 5. I Just Wanna Sit Down 4:05 / 6. We Are the Mushroom Men 3:49 / 7. Never Count the Cost 4:15 / 8. Stone Dead Man 2:18 / 9. Disintegrating Gods 3:31 / 10. Leaning Too Far In 4:44
The Mood Groove is:
Ed Balldinger - Lead and Backing Vocal, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vibe
JK Northrup - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocal, Vibe
Glenn Hicks - Drums, Lead and Backing Vocal, Vibe
Larry Hart - Bass, Backing Vocal, Vibe
Additional Lead Vocals by:
Willy Seltzer- Moon Calling Sun
Buddy Davis- Stone Dead Man
Featuring backing vocals by Diana Short and The Salamander Choir Boys including Willy Seltzer, Buddy Davis, Dr. DruP, Richie D., John Short, StatMaster Rob and the Mood Groove
Phil Ireland- Harmonica and Vibe on Stone Dead Man
Produced by- JK Northrup
Co-Produced by- Ed Balldinger
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by- JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio
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All songs written by- Ed Balldinger and JK Northrup
The Mood Groove was formed by Ed Balldinger and JK Northrup as an outlet to create and record music that stretched their collective imaginations and to invite listeners to something a little different.  Their goal was to be “Out of the box” and not be confined to any particular style or genre, yet to be a part of them all.  As JK says, “It is musical ear candy for the brain, so the third eye can see again!”Ed Balldinger is an amazing, if not eclectic lyricist, or “Wordsmith” and published poet, as well as a talented guitarist with a wide variety of musical influences.  JK brings his skills as a songwriter, producer, recording engineer and guitarist.  Together they have combined their song-writing skills to create 10 songs in the vein of Rock, Funk, Psychedelic, Soul, Blues, Experimental, Gospel and most of all, Mood and Groove!
JK and Ed brought in the powerhouse rhythm section of Larry Hart on bass (Gypsy Soul, Montrose, King Kobra, Shortino-Northrup) and Glenn Hicks on drums and vocals (Gypsy Soul, Shortino-Northrup).  With much of their performances being played powerfully off the cuff, it adds an element of “live” to the album!  Glenn and Larry both played with JK in Gypsy Soul with Johnny Edwards on vocals from 1987-1989, and then again on several songs for the Shortino-Northrup “Back On Track” album in 1993. 
Adding female backing vocals by Diana Short gives a Pink Floyd, Zappa sound to some songs, while having other singers on a few songs to add a variety of vocal textures and feel.
If you like bands such as Living Colour and Mother Finest then this is the album to add to your music collection!
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