Nasty Crue


Nasty Crue - Cabin in the Woods (New Video)

  Cabin In The Woods is a short thriller inspired by class-B horror classics of the '80: an unpredictable kidnapper with sexual deviations, a beautiful girl who falls into his snare and an XXL sized off-road car.
The music video is a third singiel from the album Riots in Heaven. Its premiere took place on "Friday the 13th" (13.09.2019). 
    Nasty Crue plays melodic metal inspired by Arena Rock of the past. Starting its career under influence of Steel Panther the last album suits the term "New wave of hair metal" and was mixed and mastered in Italy by Alessandro Del Vecchio (who credits Mr. Big, L.A. Guns, Hardline, Quiet Riot).
    The band is a trio (JJ, Mintay, Paulie) which celebrates its 10th anniversary. During that period the two different guitarists had been contributing their talent, whose styles define the first (Rock'N'Roll Nation, 2013) and the second album (Riots In Heaven, 2017). Nasty Crue's upcoming plans include the solo album of the vocalist (Jon Jondrensen), which is planned to be released at the end of the year.
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