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Phantom's Opera (2003)

Phantom's Opera: Act IV sees a new voice behind the mike.

Jack Young talks tracks, writing and replacing the very well known voice of the band for new album Act IV.

The new album seems to see the band doing everything they always have done, but with a new twist.
What was the thought behind the album when you got started in making it?

After Following Dreams it was felt that we needed to recapture our dark side on the heavy end without being too progressive and no more personal stuff and keeping the themes more open...and that we should once again focus on the elements that comprised our sound signature.

What were the circumstances that lead to singer Colie Brice leaving the band?
Colie's set skills in the music arena are broad-based. His solo career was beginning to blossom. He not only required room to sing, but to also expand his songwriting and production contributions. It was his time.

Terry Brock is obviously a classic melodic rock singer - how did his name get brought into the PO equation and did you shape any of the music to fit him, or did he do the shaping?!
We went through several lead singers in trying to fill the abyss left by Colie's departure. Finally, nearly a year into the process, Khalil Turk of Escape Music called me after hearing the rough mixes of the songs and says JACK !!!....I have the perfect lead singer for you...his name is Terry Brock and he lives next door to you in New York City .
And just like that Khalil sent Terry the RMs with my scratch vocals and Terry loved the songs. We hooked up and he recorded the nine songs in six sessions at my studio (POPS). We had a blast! Terry ate Cajun food every session.

As for shaping - none was required. The music and BK vocals were done and Terry was the natural match to sing these songs. He had the range and feel, the talent to work WITH the music, great diction and a phenomenal attitude. We had fun every moment along the way.

He did a great job, will his role be ongoing?
He certainly did and I hope so.

Could you add a few words about each song on the album?
You always hear how things change ... But you know what? The downside of love and the loss of it and the heartache end...its still as painful as ever, and still deeply affects you and others around you.

Dave and Bobby G have written quite a few songs that are really hot. When I heard Insanity it was obvious that Phantom was written all over it.

Our vampire song depicting the difference between understanding, condoning, and flat out acceptance.

You've gotta believe. Sooner or later that TRUE and maybe not lasting love will touch your life.

About the original lead guitarist in Phantom's Opera & Louie Russomanno.

In the Morning
My Favorite!!! Using first century Rome as a venue for dealings with the new and unknown and the suggestion that aliens were with us then and to put it to a Beavis and Butt Head banging rhythm.

Laura?......Haunting update to the girl we sung of in our first album.
Except now, we find out that she has spent time in the Insane Asylum. Tough life

God Save the King
Yeah another favorite of mine. The verse melody offered me a chance to really work the lyrics into one of the many realms we possibly harbor when thinking of our leaders and what we expect of them.

The music of PO is obviously quite complex, how do you go about writing in general - part of songs bit by bit, all at once?
It starts with a melody, then a working title that works phonetically. Then a theme which determines the musical direction and the lyrics. Section/part enhancement comes at the end.

Do you write a whole album in one length of time, or over several months/years?
The ideas can hit you anytime. If you've got the right environment, you just keep going. In the case of Act IV, the songs were written over a 3 month period, usually with one completed song opening the door for the next.

What are your influences as a song writer?
No current ones, but a few ingrained ones - Beatles, Zeppelin, Queen

Anyone that you would like to work with on future projects?
First, I have to say this Act IV - the practicing and recording of it with Dave, Booby G, E-Man, Terry, T.V and Roy (the Romans in In the Morning)..I had fun, one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. It was a great time full of laughs. To work with them again, I'd love it. Others?...I doubt I'll ever get to meet Sir Paul M. ( McCartney)

What's next for you personally and the band in the year ahead?
I m almost done with my solo album...I think its year 4 already. I'll keep writing and doing a lot of Country lately. As far as the group, we decided to see what happens with this release and well you never know, we'll sit down and talk with management as things unfold.

What are some of your all time best albums?
Beatles Revolver, Queen Jazz and Asia S/T.

Anything you would like to add?
Yeah - answers often lie in the wounds we don t reveal.
It's been fun Andrew…take care.

Thanks again!


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