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Current FOUR BY FATE and original SKID ROW drummer ROB AFFUSO joins Mitch for episode 227 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, drummer Rob Affuso discusses his great new band FOUR BY FATE and their new album Relentless as well as Soulsystem Orchestra, touring with Guns N' Roses, walking away from the music business, Skid Row and the inevitable reunion question, Ozone Monday and so much more.

Quotes from the interview:

(time 3.37): "I had really taken myself out of rock n' roll on purpose for awhile."

On joining Four By Fate (time 3.42): "This feels right. I spoke with John [Regan] and Tod [Howarth] and said, 'Look I just want to have some fun and let's make great music.' That's what they wanted to do and it felt like a love-fest right from the beginning."

Subhuman Race (time 6.18): "We all felt that it was a good rock n' roll album in that niche."

Being disillusioned with the music business (time 7.21): "As much as we as musicians get in the limelight; we have all this fame and we think we have this power and control of things and actually we don't. I really felt like we truly are marionettes and the business does control us."

Skid Row (time 7.51): '"Our slogan was five fingers make a fist. That was us and we were really close for many many years and things just started falling apart."

Was Ozone Monday a side project? (time 14.00): "No, this was the new Skid Row."

(time 17.02): "I dropped off and the music business forgot about me which I have to say also sort of hurt, but it was partly my own doing. I wasn't looking to be found."

Four By Fate (time 19.28): "Everybody knows what this is; it's a good rock band and some good music. There's no pulling punches here. Let's just have fun and check the ego at the door."

Can the original Skid Row guys ever 'be friends' (time 20.18): "I am friendly with all four others guys. I've worked hard at it. I spent a third of my life with these guys and I felt that I shared an immeasurable amounts of things with them. They will always be very very dear and important to me."

Reunion? (time 21.30): "I'd never say never... I would certainly love to see it, but we'll see what happens."

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