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SARGEANT STEEL Post Production Video Featuring Michael Wagener

Monday, January 19, 2015
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Austrian Hard Rockers release new making-of featuring Michael Wagener!
Austrian band Sergeant Steel travels to Nashville/Tennessee for the
second time. Their third studio album is going to be mixed/mastered
by producer legend Michael Wagener. Watch a brand-new mini
documentary of their last record, to have an impression of their future
Linz/Austria, Nashville/Tennessee/USA - In 2012 world renowned music
producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Janet
Jackson, etc.) mixed and mastered Sergeant Steel’s second studio album
"Men On A Mission“.
In February 2015 the Hard Rock six-piece is going to return to Wagener's
"WireWorld Studio 2.0“. Guitarist/producer Jack Power states: „We’re
gonna complete our next, yet untitled, full-length release within three
weeks. The new baby will contain 13 new songs. A pile of work is waiting
for our dear friend Michael!“
The new making-of „Look back to see into the future“ was shot in 2012
during the „Men On A Mission“-sessions. It provides an exclusive insight
into Wagener’s relationship to Sergeant Steel, production techniques and
his personal opinion on current trends in audio engineering. It allows the
viewer to imagine what Sergeant Steel is going to repeat this year.
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