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SECRET SPHERE Announce 'The Nature Of Time' For June 2

Friday, June 2, 2017
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Frontiers Music Srl is excited to present the release of “The Nature of Time,” Secret Sphere’s ninth studio album, on June 2, 2017.
The new recording celebrates 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 with the release of the band's widely praised debut album, "Mistress Of The Shadowlight." Since then, Secret Sphere has evolved and developed their unique style into what has become a trademark sound, making them one of an elite group of bands putting the Italian metal scene on the global map. The addition of extraordinary singer Michele Luppi (also currently serving as keyboardist and background vocalist for the legendary hard rock act, Whitesnake) in 2012 brought the band to the next level. This was evidenced by his first release with the band, "Portrait Of A Dying Heart", receiving wide fan and critical acclaim and landing on many metal journalists best releases of 2012 lists.
The new album, “The Nature Of Time", proves to be the ultimate showcase of the band's skill in composing highly orchestrated songs and introducing their foray into a new age of heavy rock and metal music. High class songs with amazing choruses, big vocals, majestic orchestral arrangements, and amazing, mind-blowing, guitar heroics are the order of the day.
"The Nature Of Time" explores the "back to life" concept, an inward looking search of the self that can positively impact everyone's everyday life.
"The long writing process of this album has been a constant "re-living" of memories and feelings, that started with only instrumental pieces that were put together only in order to vent my then current state of mind: a way to express emotions purely, without any kind of "holding back," so to speak. I then talked to Michele and we decided these were the perfect basis for a new Secret Sphere record," states guitarist Aldo Lonobile.
"What can I say about this album? We spent a few months writing songs in a way that opened the doors to our new age of heavy rock...definitely a new beginning for each member of the band, a new approach that got inspired by the concept of the album itself. It's not easy to open and talk about love and kindness. We chose the most direct way, no masks, only passion, energy and light guided each note leaving any kind of fear behind. Eventually, with time, we became US, not individuals...THIS IS US. Some of these songs earned a very special place in my heart," concludes singer Michele Luppi.
This is truly a Symphonic and Melodic Metal masterpiece, a very cinematic album. So close your eyes, enjoy the journey and…the music!
Chapter I - Genesis
- Intermission
- The Calling
Chapter II - The Seven Virtues
- Love
- Courage
- Kindness
- Honesty
- Faith
- Reliance
- Commitment
Chapter III - The New Dawn
- The Awakening
Chapter IV - The Way
- The New Beginning
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Aldo Lonobile – Guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards
Marco Lazzarini - Drums


SECRET SPHERE Reveal Details To 'One Night In Tokyo'

Friday, October 14, 2016
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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of SECRET SPHERE first live album entitled 'One Night In Tokyo' on October 14th!
Secret Sphere are without a doubt one of the most well known Metal bands in Japan, with a solid fan base there since their inception in 1997. All their albums have been released in Japan and in fact, it is the only country where you can find Secret Sphere's very rare, original debut demo tape, officially released as a special edition item there! That says a lot about the respect and affection that the fans in the Land of the Rising Sun have for Aldo LoNobile's band!
During the band's last Japanese tour, in support of the Special Anniversary Edition of the band's signature album 'A Time Never Come', Secret Sphere had the chance to record their show in Tokyo in its entirety, which included all the band's major hits: 'Legend', 'Under The Flag Of Mary Read,' plus the melodic metal gems taken from the latest album 'Portrait Of A Dying Heart". Featuring vocalist extraordinaire Michele Luppi (now also keyboard player with Whitesnake), the show was one for the ages.
The result is a genuine performance in a very warm atmosphere, a night to remember, where the band played all their classic songs with true passion. The same passion that you can expect from the band's next release, currently in the writing stages.
Aldo Lonobile says: 'Since I started the band, the idea of recording our first live album in Japan, was the ultimate goal! All my musical heroes described their experiences in Japan with a happiness and a warmth that you could almost feel. That was the truth, among the most loyal fans in the world, and I am 100% happy that Frontiers liked the idea to release our first live album!'
To enhance the celebration, the band agreed to the label's suggestion to release a brand new version of 'Lie To Me,' featuring an outstanding duet between Michele Luppi and former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. Released originally on 'Portrait of a Dying Heart', the video reached almost 1M views and this new version shows a depth and a reach that makes it even better compared to the original!
Enjoy a DVD trailer following this link:
One Night in Tokyo tracklisting includes:
CD1 - Intro: A Journey Through Time; X.; Healing; Union; The Fall; Lie To Me; Wish And Steadiness; Legend; Under The Flag Of Mary Read; The Scars That You Can't See; Eternity.
CD2 - Mr. Sin; Leonardo Da Vinci; Lady Of Silence; Dance With The Devil; Lie To Me (Studio Bonus track - Duet with Anette Olzon).

DVD: Intro: A Journey Through Time; X.; Healing; Union; The Fall; Lie To Me; Wish And Steadiness; Legend; Under The Flag Of Mary Read; The Scars That You Can't See; Eternity; Mr. Sin; Leonardo Da Vinci; Lady Of Silence; Dance With The Devil.
Michele Luppi: Vocals
Aldo Lonobile: All Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Andrea Buratto: Bass
Marco Pastorino: Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Gabriele Ciaccia: Keyboards & Piano
Marco Lazzarini: Drums
October 30th - Trezzo SulloAdda (Milano), ITALY - Frontiers Metal Festival
December - 16th Nagoya
December - 17th Tokyo
December - 18th Tokyo
March 17th - Ostrava - Czech Rep.
March 18th - Nitra - Slovakia
March 30th - Madrid - Spain
March 31th - Euskadi - Spain
April 1st - Cartagena - Spain
April 2nd - Barcelona - Spain

SECRET SPHERE Sign To Frontiers For Multi-Album Deal

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Frontiers Music Srl is truly pleased to announce the signing of another Italian musical treasure, SECRET SPHERE for a multi-album deal!
Secret Sphere honour the heritage of big names in the metal scene by creating a very unique brand of Symphonic Power Metal: catchy refrains, majestic arrangements, and a multitude of musical influences (from Hard Rock to Progressive Metal) make up the ingredients of their musical recipe! 
The band was founded in the summer of 1997 by guitar player and composer Aldo Lonobile. With 8 albums under the band’s belt, extensive tours, and great live shows around the world (including support slots for King Diamond and GAMMA RAY (Official) and festival appearances at ProgPower USA, ProgPower UK, ProgPower Scandinavia, Metal Dayz, Gods Of Metal, and many more), Secret Sphere is one of the most exciting Melodic Metal bands around. 
The band’s latest original release, the critically acclaimed “Portrait Of A Dying Heart” – the first to feature extraordinary vocalist Michele Luppi - received overwhelmingly positive reviews and praise from fans and was heralded worldwide as one the best melodic metal albums of 2012. Some of you may recognize vocalist Michele Luppi's name as he was chosen to be the official keyboardist for the Whitesnake/David Coverdale “The Purple Album” World Tour.
If you are not familiar with the band yet, then enjoy the awesome “Lie to Me” on YouTube now:
Aldo commented: “As fan of Frontiers for many years, I'm very excited to work with them! It's such a great honour to read Secret Sphere name alongside many of my idols. Currently we are working on the final touches of our release ‘Live in Tokyo,’ recorded during the headlining tour of Japan and the writing process for the new album is running smoothly. There is a huge message behind the new music again and we are focused more than ever to deliver the best Secret Sphere album to date!!! Later in 2016 we will be again on tour.”
Michele: “I'm truly happy to get to work again with the Frontiers family after 7 years. We are determined to write the best Secret Sphere album ever – get ready!”
Frontiers plans to release the Live CD/DVD “Live In Tokyo” in the fall of 2016 with the new album expected to come in the early months of 2017.
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Aldo Lonobile – All guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Marco Pastorino – Rhythm guitars
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards and piano
Marco Lazzarini – Drums
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