Sister Shotgun


Sister Shotgun - "Sacred Heart" (Official Video)

Sister Shotgun is an English Rock band from Birmingham in the West Midlands. Formed in 2012, the group is currently composed of vocalist Chloe Ozwell, rhythm guitarist Niall Wills, lead guitarist Benji Tatlock, bassist Tim Chambers and drummer Dave Harvey. The band has often been described as "Evanesence meets Bullet for my Valentine." A fusion of melodic and aggressive guitar lines, influenced by a mix of nu-metal, metalcore, and modern rock, all united with captivating vocals full of catchy hooks and sing-along moments: Sister Shotgun is known for creating mesmerising atmospheres at their stage shows.

After solidifying their line-up, Sister Shotgun then met up with Pavement Entertainment and discussed recording a full album. Pavement quickly snapped them up and invited them to tour with Vixen's Janet Gardner on her UK tour in 2018. Sister Shotgun then headed to the studio to work with producer Romesh Dodangoda, the man responsible for producing records for Funeral for a Friend, The Blackout, Bullet for my Valentine, and, most recently, Bring Me the Horizon's latest single, "Manta."

Sister Shotgun's debut album, Fragments, is due for release on April 19, 2019, via Pavement Entertainment.
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