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STATIC IMAGE Celebrate 30 Years; Searching For Vocalist Sean-Matthew Perry

Monday, January 12, 2015
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The year 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of STATIC IMAGE, a melodic rock band based in the "Rhine-Main-Area" in Germany.

As a surprise to all band members for the first time lost and forgotten 30 year old live concert-footage was just recently digitally transferred and edited for a band-video celebrating the anniversary on YouTube with the bands favorite song "I Don't Just Wanna Dance“.

4 of the 5 Bandmembers are doing well and are located but the 5th bandmember the US-Singer of the band can´t be found. That's where we need YOUR help folks.

We need to track down vocalist Sean-Matthew Perry. His age must be now around 54 (+/-2 years) and could be located in Columbia Mo.
 There was talk online somwhere that he might now be recovering from a stroke.

1985 - 2015; 30 Anniversary Video of Static Image featuring Sean-Matthew Perry on vocals:
Static Image was a rock band based in Seeheim-Jugenheim (Germany) 1985. Unbelievable 30 years later the old (antique) betamax videotape of a Gig at Kulturhalle Seeheim was finally transferred to a digital format and then edited for a Video-clip featuring the favorite song of the band named "I Don't Just Wanna Dance." Version with On-Screen-Lyrics (Version mit Song-Text-Einblendungen):

Guitar: Andreas Debus
Drums: Gerald Kloos
Vocals: Sean-Matthew Perry
Keyboards: Mathias Will
Bass: Bernd Zeißler

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