STREAMLINE Announce Their Debut Album For August

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Streamline (formerly Diamond Dawn) in association with Phonofile proudly presents the digital release of Streamlines self titled debut album. Starting with the release of the first three singles "Freerider", "Barely Runnin'" & "Talk It Out" on July 20th 2017, the album will be made available on digital platforms worldwide over the following month.  
Written and produced by: Streamline
Mixed by: Victor Olsson
Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovic
Cover art by: Johan Leion 
Track list: 
1. Freerider 2. Barely Runnin' 3. Get What's Coming 4. Save Me 5. Blind 6. Pay The Price 7. Talk It Out 8. 2nd Street 9. Deliver Us 10. The Good Samaritan 11. No Rest For The Vicar 
BAND STATEMENT: "We are incredibly happy and proud to finally in association with Phonofile present the release of our debut album entitled Streamline. The journey toward this end, which is in fact an exciting beginning, has been long and winding yet extremely positive and formative for us. It has enabled us to create a sound and an album that we really want to share with the world, we can't wait to let you all hear what we've been working on and play it live for you! The album surely holds a couple of surprises for those of you who have been following us for some time, however we believe that this 11 song bundle of electric action can bring something thrilling to all sorts of rockers out there! More info and updates will follow shortly, for now we just want to send out an enormous THANK YOU to all you people that have waited patiently, believed in us and helped us out! Let's do this!
Streamline is: Gabriel Lindmark (vocals), Efraim Larsson (drums), Mikael Planefeldt (bass), Niklas Arkbro (keys), Jhonny Göransson (guitar), Olle Lindahl (guitar) 
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