TIGERTAILZ - "All The Girls In The WorlD"

Tigertailz release 'All The Girls In The World', the fourth video from their latest album BLAST.
Jay says: 'We had such an amazing show at this years Bang Your Head festival in Germany we felt it was only right to give the amazing fans who attended that show something to remember it by.
So what better way than to use our crazy Tailz Maniacz fan footage as a video for our new single ‘All The Girls’. We’ve always wanted to do one of these and the video has turned out amazing! And this won’t be the last single off our new album BLAST. There’ll be more to blow your mind soon!'

You can view 'All The Girls' here.
The band have also been busy working on their 250 limited edition Shoot To Kill EP, which will be on  pink vinyl. Due for release on November 14th. The EP celebrates 30 years of Tigertailz history. Fans can grab the EP here
*Tigertailz are off to the US later this month to play the Rock N Skull Festival in Joliet, Illinois, on Sunday October 30th. *Tickets here



TIGERTAILZ announce new bass player BERTY BURTON

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TIGERTAILZ announce new bass player BERTY BURTON

Berty says: 'Couldn't be happier to have been asked, hell, even considered, to join such a great band!  Looking forward to sharing a stage with my new band-mates, and playing for all the Tailz fans! I know I have some big shoes to fill, but i'll try and do you all proud. The new line up sounds absolutely monstrous!
See you in July Maniacz!!'

Quote from Jay ''As soon as we rehearsed with Berty we immediately knew he was the right guy for the job, he's such a solid player, great to work with, and ticks all the boxes of exactly what we need in Tigertailz going forward. He's played with New Generation Superstars and Drugdealer Cheerleader in Europe/UK, so we knew where his high standard of playing was at.
So at last we now have a fully functioning stable, UK based band, and cannot wait for the July shows to show how fantastic it's all sounding right now!
See you there Maniacz!!''

A few weeks ago the band announced previous bassist Rob Wylde (Teenage Casket Company) was to switch roles into the new vocalist.

Tigertailz are now looking forward to the first shows with this completed new line up in July, with more dates TBC later this year.

TIGERTAILZ are also currently in the studio working on 'Daggerz', a long awaited album, which will be the follow up to the 'Knives' EP in 2013.

Catch the band live at The Rock N Bike Festival on Fri July 17th, http://www.rockandbikefest.co.uk/
and then Dreadnoughts Club, Bathgate (Scotland) Sat 18th July. http://www.dreadnoughtrock.com/


TIGERTAILZ release their 8th studio album, ‘Lost Reelz’ on FnA Records

Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Tigertailz have released a new project of old demos and unreleased recordings entitled ‘Lost Reelz’ via FnA Records.  The 18 track album has no shortage of never-before-heard recordings that pack a punch and will titillate any Tigertailz fan.  Despite the fact that these unreleased recordings are demos, the sound quality is impeccable.
Tigertailz hail from Cardiff Wales in the UK and may already have the distinction of being the only UK band to share in some of the success of hairspray heavies like Mötley Crüe, L.A Guns, WASP, and Poison. They achieved it by being unique, by not following others and by doing it their way. Extremity in everything - in music, in image, in art, in life...
Tigertailz got their start with its first release in 1987 entitled ‘Young & Crazy’ which eventually channeled into the bands highly successful sophomore effort ‘Bezerk’.  ‘Bezerk’ saw the band releasing multiple singles and heading out to play major markets and festivals.  It’s at about this point, in 1994, that a lot of the songs from ‘Lost Reelz’ were demoed.   Some of the songs morphed into other songs , while others were either lost or put away for a later day. 
On ‘Lost Reelz’, the listener hears a new side of Tigertailz as Pepsi was being heavily influenced by the Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails sound.  This is most evident on songs like: “Long Live The New Flesh”, “Twisted”,  and “Falling Down”.  The song “Hold Your Horses” was a track recorded for Tigertailz Thrill Pistol album, but was later pulled as it didn’t fit the mold.  Some of the tracks like “Get Real”, “Daggerz”, and “In For The Kill” were recorded in 2005 when the band reformed.   Additionally, the album leads off with a mesmerizing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem performed by Jay Pepper.  Lastly, a brand new 2014 track entitled “FNA” was written and recorded specifically for the ‘Lost Reelz’ project .  “FNA” harkens back capturing the 80’s/90’s vibe that Tigertailz is known for.
Don’t let the ‘new sound’ of the tunes on ‘Lost Reelz’ scare you off; this is a pure Tigertailz album through and through; you hear a band that is growing and changing while maintaining their uniqueness.  Come share in the memories of Pepsi Tate and dig into his diversity alongside original member/guitarist Jay Pepper.
FnA Records is the home to many of the 80’s favorite hard rock bands like:  Roxy Blue, Tora Tora, Dirty Looks, Roxx Gang, Tigertailz, Rock City Angels, Gypsy Rose, D’molls, The Godz, Wanted, Alleycat Scratch, Witch, Ruthless, and many others.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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The Welsh glam metal titans are back with an almighty big bang in this new video showing how they can still pack a mighty punch.
http://classicrock.teamrock.com/news/2014-06-30/tigertailz-dish-out-a-punch-in-the-gutz Punched In The Gutz is the third video release from the much acclaimed Knives EP.
And for vinyl loving Maniacz everywhere - The Knives EP is now released on Vinyl via Night Of The Vinyl Dead through Nuclear Blast Records.  See here:
The band are also well on the way with the recording of the next killer EP - Daggerz, this will be scheduled for release by Italian label Scarlet Records late 2014/early 2015. It will feature the brand new exciting Klint artwork which was designed by renowned Manga Artist Ben Krefta.
More exciting news for Tailz Maniacz everywhere will be the release of all unheard old Tigertailz Demos on US label FnA Records, this will be called 'Tigertailz Lost Reelz' and is due for release in September 2014.
The Tailz are also setting up a few select live European shows in Nov/Dec. Confirmed shows as follows:
Friday 28 November - The Globe, Cardiff - this will be a totally FREE show for all the hardcore Tailz Maniacz out there, so you'll need to be quick getting your ticket as we expect it to sell out ' more info regarding tickets on the official Tailz site and Facebook/Twitter pages as and when we know...!! Saturday 29 November ' UK TBC Friday 5 December ' Zaragoza, Spain ' Sala Utopia Saturday 6 December - Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), Spain ' Sala F'brica de Tornillos Sunday 7 December ' Madrid, Spain ' Sala We Rock
Tigertailz are also delighted to announce a run of shows in Australia!!  Yes, The Tailz will go 'Down Under Mate' to visit our Oz fans with a trip to singer Jules's homeland.
Shows confirmed for early 2015:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane

Ticket details to follow soon.
Go Bezerk Maniacz!!




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