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VERNON NEILLY's All-Star CD 'Outta Time'

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Award-Winning Recording Artist Vernon Neilly releases his new album "Outta Time" on his own record label Boosweet Records.
Vic Johnson is a great guitar player, the thing that I love most about his playing is his tone, Vic has tone for days... 
~ Vernon Neilly

Vernon has released his 5th solo CD entitled 'Outta Time' to his international fan base and the world. This CD features some of the most prominent guitar players, bass players, and drummers in the world.
Vernon Neilly is no stranger to talent laden musical projects, and this CD 'Outta Time'  is no different. Vernon brings together super virtuoso and legendary guitar and bass players, to include Sammy Hagar's ax-man Vic Johnson and others to help him to express his musical point of view. Although 'Outta Time'  boasts supreme musical fire power, it is far more than an exposition of world class musical abilities. The CD has a definite message for our times by means of songs like 'They Don't Care', 'Outta Time', and the cool 'Git Yo Lyfe Rite'. Strong melodies and hooks will have the listener singing along.
Vernon says, "the reason why I chose Vic for this particular song "Git Yo Lyfe Rite"  is because it's a Funk Rock type of song so when he plays you feel every note and he is a very soulful player! If you listen to Vic's solo on this tune it's perfect, feeling and tone for days! He's a bad boy!"
Vernon was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix as a youth, and pays tribute to the Guitar Hero with is version of 'Fire'  rearranged and produced by Vernon and Greg Howe. Vernon and this all-star cast of virtuosos Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rhianna), Frank Gambale (Chic Corea, Return To Forever), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth), Mattias IA Eklundh  (Freak Kitchen), Victor Johnson (Busboys, Total Eclipse, Sammy Hagar), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Jeff Beck, Tarja), TM Stevens (Steve Vai), Juan Nelson (Ben Harper) and the other highly skilled musicians bring the heat on 'Outta Time'.

*** All songs written by Vernon Neilly published by VNeillyI Songs BMI
*** Fire written by Jimi Hendrix published by Experience Hendrix LLC.

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Genre: Alt Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Funk Rock, Blues Rock, Classis Rock, Jazz Rock
1. Fire Single Edit feat. Greg Howe, Vernon Neilly (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass)
2. They Don't Care feat. Doug Wimbish (bass) and Khalif (vocals) Vernon Neilly, Bill Hudson (guitar solos)
3. Outta Time feat. Mattias IA Eklundh (guitar solo) Khalif (vocals) TM Stevens (bass) Eric Valentine (drums)
4. Git Yo Lyfe Rite feat. Vernon Neilly, Vic Johnson (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass) Eric Valentine (drums)
5. So Far Away feat. Vernon Neilly (guitar solos & vocals) Charles Glen (bass) Steve Ferrone (drums)
6. Nassau Nights feat. Vernon Neilly, Frank Gambale, Cacau Santos (guitar solos) Derrick Murdock (bass) Cuca Texeira (drums)
7. Meta Funk Trip feat Vernon Neilly, Kiko Loureiro, Jennifer Batten (guitar solos) Philip Bynoe, Juan Nelson (bass) Cuca Texeira (drums)
8. Fire feat. Greg Howe, Vernon Neilly (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass)

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