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REVERTIGO Debut Out Feb 23

Friday, February 23, 2018
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Frontiers release the self-titled debut album from Sweden's ReVertigo.
Revertigo is a Stockholm-based duo formed by Mats Levén on vocals (TherionCandlemassOfficial Yngwie Malmsteen) and Anders Wikström on guitar (Treat). As close personal and musical friends for nearly 30 years, Revertigo is the next chapter in an ongoing collaboration culminating with the self-produced new album.
1. Hoodwinked
2. Sailing Stones
3. Symphony Of Fallen Angels
4. The Cause
5. Gate Of The Gods
6. False Flag
7. Unobtainium
8. Luciferian Break Up
9. Joan Of Arc
10. Break Away
11. In Revertigo




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Frontiers are proud to announce the signing of ReVertigo, the Stockholm, Sweden based duo of Mats Leven (vocals) and Anders Wikstrom (guitar). Their debut album will be released in early 2018.
As close personal and musical friends for nearly 30 years, ReVertigo is the next chapter in an ongoing collaboration between the two culminating with their self-produced new album.
Anders says, 'Mats and I always had an idea of creating something that would celebrate the fact that we really enjoy working together, but with busy separate music careers, it wasn't until 2016, we sat down and concentrated on new songs with a firm plan'
Adds Mats, 'The fact that we, besides writing for other international artists, hadn't done a proper album together in 25 years also gave the writing and recording process of ReVertigo a purpose.'
In September 2016, a three song demo found it's way to Frontiers Music Srl, who decided to sign the band on the spot. In between touring activities with CandlemassTreat, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the pair finalized the 11 songs featured on the debut album. All the instruments on the album are played by Mats and Anders, except for the drums, which were performed by their dear friend Thomas Broman (Great King RatMichael Schenker GroupElectric Boys). 'Both of us have a strong mutual vision, that's why we choose to play and sing most of the instruments and parts on the album ourselves,' says Mats. Peter Mansson is responsible for the mixing duties, which took place at Mir Studios in Stockholm and Svante Forsback mastered at Chartmakers in Helsinki.
ReVertigo's music itself is a blend of heavy, yet melodic songs paying tribute to their favorite albums and artists from the 70's, 80's, and up to present day filtered through the chemistry that comes to life when Mats and Anders join forces.
'I love when you get that teenage excitement together over a song idea, and how you hear a finished gem in your head, hence the bands name ReVertigo,' says Mats.
'We might not be reinventing the wheel, but we're certainly putting on fresh tires,' tells Anders.
ReVertigo's debut album will be released worldwide in early 2018 through Frontiers Music Srl, with multiple singles and videos preceding the release of the album.



TREAT - Ghost Of Graceland (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Peter Mansson & Anders Wikstrom
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Friday, April 15, 2016
We all know what an astounding record Coup De Grace was, mainly because most of us are still playing it some 6 years since it was released. Where has that time gone??
With Ghost Of Graceland Swedish legends Treat warned us that they were changing things up a little for the new album – updating their sound for a modern day feel.
And that they have done, but this is no leap into the unknown or unfamiliar territory. There are noticeable changes and some fairly contemporary sounds going on, but at the heart of this album is twelve absolutely cracking melodic rock songs that are driven by hooks, melodies and choruses to die for.
Then there is the production! The updated sound is a perfect fit for the band and sees them continue to evolve. The feel is somewhat lighter, despite a couple of tracks being every bit as heavy as ever and there are orchestral parts all over this record.
This album is still going to sound fresh in 6 years the same way that Coup De Grace has kept us company for the last 6.
Everything about this album screams class, style and intelligent songwriting. Not a weak track or filler to be found and the band deserve to be proud of yet another essential release.
This is a different beast than Coup De Grace. The guitars and overall production style is more attuned to a modern rock market than classic Scandi-hard rock. There are also a lot of additional effects and synth passages and even the vocals are at times slanted towards a modern accent.
In places I could imagine something similar coming from the likes of Shinedown, but once the chorus hits – every time it’s a melodic home run.
There are so many anthemic choruses on here; it was hard to keep track of them all! Several weeks of listening later, it still sounds fresh and new and exciting to listen to.
Opening the album with a mid-tempo, heavy anthem, the band immediately signals that they’ve updated their sound. So guitars might be a bit more aggressive and tuned down a little, but the chorus is immediately likable. The symphonic keyboards add real texture to the song.
I Don't Miss the Misery is what I referred to before when I compared some tracks to Shinedown. The intro, heavy riff and verse vocal is pure modern rock, but the chorus is glorious, hands in the air, anthemic bliss. I love the contrasts.
Better the Devil You Know is kinda left of center and something different again, until another anthemic layered chorus arrives to throw us back to the 80s.
Do Your Own Stunts is an extraordinary song in any day or age. It’s not quite a ballad, not quite anything else. Basically it’s a slow, building track with a lot of heart and a lead vocal and chorus that defy gravity. Add in orchestral parts and piano and you have a modern masterpiece.
That track rolls seamlessly into Endangered, which is more traditional Treat and once again features a likeable commercial verse before a monster chorus blows things sky high.
Inferno is a very similar track and delivers a one-two old-school melodic rock punch of big choruses and big hooks.
The curiously titled Alien Earthlings is slower and darker and creeps along with a modern vibe until, yes once again, a monster anthemic layered chorus arrives for singalong time.
Nonstop Madness is a simpler, more relaxed track, but there’s no letup in pace or that expected big anthem chorus.
Too Late to Die Young rocks along at a good pace, perhaps the fastest rocker of the album. The beat thumps and the vocal harmonies and a killer chorus make it yet another winner.
House on Fire probably blends into the album more inconspicuously than some other tracks, but it has its place. It’s all hooks and while not as immediate as others, still grows into an essential track over time.
Together Alone is a beautiful ballad that sticks in your head, sung by guitarist Anders Wikstrom and accompanied only with piano and orchestra. The chorus is layers deep in instrumentation and makes quite an impact. It reminds me a little of something Mike Tramp might try.
Everything to Everyone closes the album with a multi-layered mid-tempo rocker. Another good chorus of course and in many ways the albums closes in the same musical way it started.

Ghost Of Graceland is full of class, full of more classic Treat songs and full of extraordinary production techniques that take several weeks to absorb and appreciate. I would not be surprised if some come back to this album in several years’ time to discuss how it lead the way as far as moving melodic rock in a more modern, contemporary direction.

Coup De Grace was more a traditional melodic hard rock record that had almost universal appeal. This album perhaps may not have the legs of its predecessor, due to the style and overall more laid back design, but there’s no denying this is another classic and an album the band and us as fans should be very proud of. Brilliant as hoped.

TREAT 'Ghost Of Graceland' Details Announced

Friday, April 15, 2016
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Frontiers Music Srl is truly excited to announce the return of the mighty TREAT with their brand new, kick ass album entitled “Ghost of Graceland”! It will be released on April 15th.
Building on the success of their last album ”Coup de Grace” (2010), hailed by both fans and critics as a masterpiece, Treat is releasing an album packed with reflective, soul searching songs dressed in devilishly seductive yet hard hitting melodic rock.

“This is where we are today. As a band, as musicians, songwriters and individuals. It’s a statement: this is us in 2016”, says main songwriter and guitarist Anders Wikström.

”Ghost of Graceland”, produced by long time TREAT fan and respected writer/producer Peter Mansson and co-produced by Anders Wikström, showcases a band with a thirty plus career, that are hungrier and more energetic than ever!

To achieve the organic, pure, bold, (somewhat) cocky, contemporary sound with melodies and choruses to die for that they were going for, the band took a step back. Says Anders Wikström: ”It’s a musical as well as a personal soul searching. We traced us back to our roots, the music and the heroes that got us dreaming back in the 70’s: Kiss, Van Halen, Sweet, Deep Purple and UFO. An era where music and musicianship really mattered and rock ’n’ roll was a matter of life or death.” TREAT got in the time machine and retrieved all that restless energy. But ”Ghost of Graceland”, with all it’s delicious, action packed and hook ladden melodic rock that could soundtrack a party, also sees a band that reflects on their personal lives. 

”Ghost of Graceland” is Anders Wikström’s take on the world: both his own and the bands personal journeys, and perspective on modern life in general. ”I really wanted to express what goes on in my mind and talk about relationships, politics, economics and the choices we make. The title song is a metaphor… paradise or prison? It´s up to you to decide." 

”I Don’t Miss the Misery” tells the story of a man on the brink of madness, going through hell and he finally sees the light; perspective changes in a crisis and you find new kicks in life. In ”Do Your Own Stunts”, which musically is in the same vein as the classic ”Get You On The Run”, Anders writes about a father trying to teach his kids how to live their lives to the fullest, and ”Together Alone” is a heartbreaking and powerful ballad, that sees Anders singing lead vocals for the first time. But, it wouldn’t be a TREAT album without a kick ass, Friday-night-let’s party-and-get-too-wild song: ”Too Late To Die Young” is a tongue in cheek classic rocker, with some clever name checking.

Robert Ernlund (vocals), Anders Wikström (Guitars and backing vocals), Patrick Appelgren (keyboards, guitar and backing vocals), Jamie Borger (drums) and new bass player Pontus Egberg (King Diamond) are a powerhouse. Pontus replaces the band’s songwriting partner Fredrik Thomander who has also been performing live with the band since 2013. ”When we started working on this album and in need of a permanent replacement on bass, Pontus was the only guy we had in mind. He´s a good friend of ours and a fantastic musician and live performer. He and Jamie just blow the roof off together on this new album!”

”We’re doing what we love. We’re proudly flying the flag for hard and melodic rock. Honestly, this is a very, very good TREAT album”, says Anders Wikström. TREAT are proud, confident and hungry for more!

Experience TREAT Live at Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo Sull’Adda (Milano) on April 23rd 2016.

“Ghost of Graceland” tracklisting: 
1. Ghost Of Graceland
2. I Don’t Miss The Misery
3. Better The Devil You Know
4. Do Your Own Stunts
5. Endangered
6. Inferno
7. Alien Earthlings
8. Nonstop Madness
9. Too Late To Die Young
10. House On Fire
11. Together Alone
12. Everything To Everyone

- Robert Ernlund – lead vocals
- Anders Wikström – lead guitars and background vocals (lead vocals on “Together Alone”)
- Patrick Appelgren – keyboards, guitars and background vocals
- Pontus Egberg – bass guitar
- Jamie Borger – drums

Produced by Peter Mansson / Co-produced by Anders Wikström
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