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Jamie Borger Comments on TREAT's 'Ghost Of Graceland'

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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Excitement continues to build around the April release of a brand new TREAT album - 'Ghost Of Graceland'.
But what's it all about? Is it an Elvis covers album? Is it Memphis inspired or perhaps the guys ate nothing but peanut butter and banana sandwichs while recording?
I sked drummer JAMIE BORGER for more info.
He states: "I've been living with these 12 new TREAT songs for 6 months, and now that they're down on tape, mixed and mastered, I can tell you this much; U Gonna Fuckin' Love `Em All!! (parden my French) :-)
This is the record we have wanted to do for years! After our success with Coup De Grace (2010) I guess a lot of people out there thought it'd be impossible to top that one; but here it is!
I've been in this business for more that 30 years now, and I've never been this excited 'bout an album that I've recorded! If this is the last album we ever do, I'll be so proud to go out with a big bang!!!"
So what does Frontiers A&R/CEO Serafino think? His reply was pretty simple: "IT'S A MONSTER!!!"
Stay tuned folks!

TREAT Finish Opus 'Ghosts Of Graceland' For April Release

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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It's done!
The long awaited new TREAT album, Ghost Of Graceland is due in April! The Japanese date is April 13 and Frontiers will confirm the worldwide date in April shortly.
Here's the band's latest post:
"Yes folks! Today we finished our New album. Letting Mastering maestro Mats "Limpan"Lindfors (pictured in the middle) at Cutting Room in Stockholm, bless it!
In over a year long working process, we,ve been redefining who we are and where we wanna go as a band together with our amazing producer Peter Mansson, who deserves every award there is for putting up with us on the journey! Album title, release date and some other very exciting news will be revealed soon, but please keep checkin' in here or @treatnews Instagram and all @Frontiersrecords websites for updates and info. //Treat, aka, happy campers!"
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