STEVEN McCLINTOCK ‘Soundtrack Heroes’ Out on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter/producer STEVEN McCLINTOCK to release a pair of phenomenal melodic rock records to feature the acclaimed singer’s voice.

With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven McClintock is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows to his credit, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland.

The second record in the partnership with Steven is something that will excite many fans of classic hands-in-the-air 80s anthems. Steven McClintock the voice behind many cult 80s action films, the voice of the feel good soundtracks that these films championed through the best decade ever.

For years now, many of these songs have been traded over the internet and featured on YouTube, with audio taken directly from the movies themselves or other poor-quality sources.

But now gathered in one place are all the legendary tunes from such movies as Deadly Prey, The Bounty Hunter, Space Mutiny, Born Killer, Nightwars and more…

Curated by MelodicRock Classics over two discs for a free-flowing selection of melodic rock anthems and heartfelt ballads, Steven McClintock’s Soundtrack Heroes is a real treat for fans of 80s rock and 80s action films. Included are a couple of never before released songs, which never featured in films, adding value to the collection.

Tim James Auringer comments on the writing partnership: “After placing a song in one of David A. Prior’s movies In late 1986, David called and asked if we knew how to score a movie. Having never scored a movie before we of course said, “yes”. That began a crash course in film scoring and a journey of composing music and placing over 60 songs in 20 films for David A. Prior and Action International Pictures. Steven McClintock and I solicited the assistance of some friends (Mark Mancina, Garm Beall and Tim Heintz) who had also, naturally, never scored a motion picture before.

Some of these films have gone on to become cult classics, such as Deadly Prey and Space Mutiny. The later becoming one of the favorite “Mystery Science Theater” episodes of all time.

Sadly, David A. Prior passed away a few years ago, but his films continue to be shown all around the world on late night TV. We had fun working on these films and thank David for the opportunity to be involved in so many of his movies.”

‘Soundtrack Heroes’ is another gem from the archives, one which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to fans.

Masters were supplied by Steven, with MRC’s JK Northrup remastering expertise again at work.

STEVEN McCLINTOCK ‘Soundtrack Heroes’ will be available for CD Pre-Order and Advance Digital Audio Delivery from this Friday January 14, with CDs shipping to fans during February.

Track Listing (and movie featured in):


01. Turn On The Night (Chase)                                                   4:16

02. When Love Breaks (Crossing The Line Theme)              3:55

03. Edge Of A Dream (Space Mutiny)                                       3:55

04. Never Say Die (Deadly Prey: Deadliest Prey)                  3:01

05. Running With The One I Love (Chase)                              3:02

06. Do You Remember Love (Rage To Kill)                              3:15

07. It’s Only Love (Rapid Fire)                                                      3:13

08. Read My Lips (Lost Platoon Theme)                                  3:14

09. I Believe In The Battle (Hell On The Battleground)       4:16

10. Is It Really Love (Code Name Vengeance)                       3:27

11. Long Thin Line (Born Killer)                                                   3:39

12. You’re A Mystery (Previously Unreleased)                     3:09

13. For A Moment (Rage To Kill)                                                 4:08

14. Maybe Love (Jetsons: The Movie)                                     3:46


01. Freedom (Mankillers)                                                             3:29

02. Keep This Motor Running (Born Killer)                             4:16

03. Just A Little (Bounty Hunter)                                                2:39

04. Chase Theme (What’s Going On)                                        3:07

05. Forbidden                                                                                    3:10

06. Here You Are (Chase)                                                              3:17

07. Talk To Me (Previously Unreleased)                                 3:17

08. Home (Hell On The Battleground)                                     3:58

09. Shadow Of A Doubt (Operation Warzone)                     4:26

10. This Fire (Operation Warzone)                                            2:52

11. I Dream (Bounty Hunter Theme)                                        3:37


PLATFORMS Debut Album Limited Edition CD

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is pleased to announce a one-time physical CD release of the acclaimed synthwave AOR debut from Swedish/American outfit PLATFORMS.

The Limited Edition CD release of just 500 units will be available to pre-order today, with the official CD release date of July 2.

$25 (includes worldwide shipping) Pre-order now via:


Platforms is an example of one of the positive aspects of the modern Internet culture we find ourselves in. During a dark period in his life, from his apartment in Chicago, singer Jordan Cox filled his hard drive with countless songs that sat unrealized and unreleased. One day, he found Swedish producer Michael Palace on Instagram and sent him a direct message.

After bonding over their appreciation for rock and modern synth music the two quickly began resurrecting Jordan’s demos and writing new songs from scratch. Through Dropbox exchanges and Facebook messenger they constructed a full-length album within months.

‘The Future That Never Happened’ is an exciting mix of rock, pop and synthwave, filled to the brim with 80’s nostalgia. The album was released digitally in 2020 and fans have been asking for a physical version ever since.

Now, thanks to MelodicRock Classics it is finally happening.

“It feels surreal that a single message on Instagram has led to a real-life physical CD that will find its way onto shelves of music fans all over the world. We are very thankful to Andrew McNeice and MelodicRock Classics for making this possible.” – said Michael.

Since its release, they both continue to make music together and apart. While Michael has been working on other projects, Jordan has produced a follow up Platforms album called ‘Apocalypse Party’ which is available everywhere digitally.

“Jordan Cox is not only a great singer and songwriter but also a very adept producer himself. We decided to let Platforms evolve in whatever way it chooses to and in the spirit of the first album – involve people from all corners of the world in the process.” – said Michael.

Tracklisting: 01. Dragon Energy 02. Sweetness 03. Day Ruiner 04. River In The Dark 05. Bring You Home 06. One Track Mind 07. Go All Night 08. Superficial Love 09. Out Of The Valley 10. Vienna 11. Higher Ground




MelodicRock Classics Introduces New 500 Series

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a new initiative for the reissue label – targeting those cult classics that many die-hard melodic rock fan wants.

The 500 Series will target the more obscure rarities and previously unreleased material for the collector’s market. As the name suggests, there will only be 500 units of these titles pressed, with artwork reflecting the MRC 500 Series logo, plus a dedicated catalogue number starting with MRC501.

Discussions with the artists involved will be done in advance and the Limited Edition releases will be just that. Any title on the 500 Series will only have 500 units available.

Once sold out, you won’t get this version again.

Announcement of the first 500 Series title will be made soon!

Regular MRC titles will continue to be pressed in 500 and 1000 unit lots, meaning all releases remain highly collectible. Fan reaction and support of the label to date has been overwhelming to say the least.

Thanks to everyone that has made a purchase from the label – there is a lot more on the drawing board for 2023 and beyond.


MARK EDWARDS ‘Land Of The Living – Deluxe Edition’ Out on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is proud to announce the label’s first collaboration with a classic Australian artist. Aussie melodic rock artist singer / songwriter / guitarist Mark Edwards joins the label to compile all his solo recordings into one place for the very first time, with numerous tracks making their debut on CD.

Mark Edwards made his debut in 1983 in the band Runners, with a line-up that also featured fellow singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Norton.

After the band disbanded with just the one album to their name, Mark signed with WEA Records to release his acclaimed solo album ‘Land Of The Living’ in 1986. It would turn out to be his only record, but still delivered one of that summer’s breakout hits ‘World’s Away’.

Subsequent singles ‘Land Of The Living’ and ‘Only A Love’ were released with non-album b-sides; followed by a stand alone single ‘High Times’ the following year.

There were also a few Extended Versions available on the 12” Singles released, none of which ever made it to a CD release. In fact, some of the audio was so scarce, vinyl rips came from MRC owner Andrew McNeice’s own collection.

The album itself was subject to a very limited CD run in the late 80s, pressed before the use of barcodes and long since designated a true Australian rarity. As was commonplace with many other titles released on CD in the early days, the sound suffered a lack of bottom end.

Now, thanks to the partnership between MelodicRock Classics and Mark Edwards, his complete solo recordings are being compiled into a fantastic double disc set, featuring the original album and all the singles and b-sides, all fully remastered by JK Northrup for this special limited edition release.

Featuring on the various recordings are some familiar names in the Oz rock scene – vocalists Sharon O’Neill and Vanetta Fields; James Morrison on trumpet; and multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Michael Hegerty. Not to mention, acclaimed session men Ricki Fataar and Rick Chadwick.

‘Land Of The Living – 35thAnniversary Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics October 8 with pre-sales available this week, alongside the label’s other October 8 release TBA.

The full track listing is:

Disc 1: The Album

01. Land Of The Living 3.54

02. World’s Away 4:12

03. So Listen 5:45

04. Something New 4:00

05. Candy Baby 4:03

06. Wedding Ring 3:53

07. Only A Love 4:11

08. Life And Times 3:31

09. Time Goes By 3:18

10. Somebody Like You 3:53

11. Back In The Land Of The Living 3:48

Disc 2: Bonus Tracks

01. Hard Times (1987 Single) 3:55

02. Up From Under (Unreleased Demo) 3:20

03. Moonbeam (B-side) 3:34

04. Shah And Kim (B-side) 4:00

05. Land Of The Living (Extended Mix) 7:19

06. One And Only (Extended Version) 6:32

07. Only A Love (Extended Mix) 6:21

08. High Times (Extended Mix) 7:19

09. World’s Away (Single Edit) 3:55

10. So Listen (Edit Version) 5:04

11. Land Of The Living (Long Version) 7:31


MARK BAKER ‘The Future Still Ain’t What It Used To Be’ on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

Two years ago, MelodicRock Records gave songwriter Mark Baker a chance to compile some of his best songwriter demos onto a release under his own name for the first time.

Now under the new label name MelodicRock Classics, its time to deliver another Volume of tracks, with a couple of limited edition options giving fans the chance to own the entire collection of Mark Baker melodic rock demos.

PRE-ORDER NOW: https://melodicrockclassics.com/markbaker2.html

Sharing a similar name, the new release ‘The Future Still Ain’t What It Used To Be’ pays homage to the first album, sharing the epic title track ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ over both releases.
However, on the new release, the song is sung by the great Caryl Mack Parker.

The rest of the album consists of fresh unreleased material, but some of the songs may still sound familiar.

The album contains an amazing original Signal demo for the Van Stephenson/Mark Baker co-write Wake Up You Little Fool; also a David Roberts sung demo of the Boulevard track In The Twilight; An Aina sung version of the James Christian track ‘No Pleasure Without Pain’ and more.

Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:
01. Talk Too Much (Marcie Free) 3:15
02. Wake Up You Little Fool (Original Demo)(Signal) 3:49
03. Feels Like Love (Vocalist Unknown / James Christian Backing Vocals) 4:42
04. Too Bad 4 My Own Good (Caryl Mack Parker) 3:31
05. The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (Caryl Mack Parker) 4:03
06. No Pleasure Without Pain (Aina) 4:57
07. What Are We Fighting For (David Roberts) 3:50
08. When You Hear My Car (David Roberts) 3:49
09. In The Twilight (David Roberts) 5:01
10. How Are We To Know (David Roberts) 5:23
11. Parallel Lines (Peter McIan) 4:10
12. Livin’ Without My Love (Billy Trudel) 4:48
13. As Long As I Know (Vocalist Unknown) 4:27
14. Walkin’ Talkin’ (James Christian) 4:43
15. Saved By Rock (Marcie Free) 3:29
16. The Long Goodbye (Marcie Free) 4:27

But wait…there’s more!

‘The Future Still Ain’t What It Used To Be’ will also be available in two limited edition formats featuring even more unreleased demos.

While working on compiling the material for this release, several tracks were uncovered that didn’t fit the normal audio quality level required of an official release. The masters just couldn’t be uncovered. But the songs are still great and deserve some form of preservation.

ALL TRACKS featured on both CDs have once again been loving remastered by JK Northrup at Alien 11:11 Studios.

1000 units will be pressed as a Double CD featuring a bonus ‘B Disc’ of tracks featuring the awesome vocalists Marcie Free, Lee Aaron, Gary O, Aina, David Roberts & more…

Volume 2 ‘B Disc’ – Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:
01. Show Me (Marcie Free) 4:01
02. Fascination (Marcie Free) 3:30
03. Gonna Make A Believer (Marcie Free) 3:37
04. Innocent (Marcie Free) 4:06
05. Don’t Talk About My Love (Gary O) 3:17
06. For True Love (Vocalist Unknown) 4:11
07. Some Hearts (Cal Curtis) 4:41
08. Can You See Me Now (Aina) 4:27
09. Say You’ll Stay (Vocalist Unknown) 3:24
10. State Of My Heart (Lee Aaron) 4:41
11. Saigon (David Roberts) 4:17
12. Too Bad For My Own Good (Gary O) 3:15
13. Could It Be (Chako) 4:20


MARCIE FREE ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ Single Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label

Stream/download/buy the single now – https://www.catapultdistribution.com/magnet/Marcie-Free/Say-It-Like-You-Mean-It




SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT (2021) (Robin Randall, Bill LaFleur)

Robin Randall: “This song started with a clothing ad I got in an email, subject line “Say It Like You Mean It”, which has nothing to do with clothing or fashion, but I thought it would make a good title. I gave it to Bill who happened to be watching a film called “The Mephisto Waltz” and got a lyric inspiration from that. The music came pretty quick after, and I showed it to Bill and we both worked it out at the piano. Actions speak louder than words.”

RECORDED AUGUST 2021 For the Hollyridgeland – The Songs Of Robin & Judithe Randall Box Set.

BUY NOW: www.melodicrockclassics.com

Vocals – Marcie Free Backing Vocals – Marcie Free Bass, Guitars, Piano, Strings – Bill LaFleur Keys, Synths – Jeff Silverman & Bill LaFleur Drums – Nate Morton Engineering – Marcie Free, Jeff Silverman, Nate Morton, Bill LaFleur Mixing and Digital Editing – Jeff Silverman Mastering – JK Northrup Producer – Bill LaFleur


Disc 1: Featuring Marcie Free

Disc 2: Long Way From Love (Reimagined) All 16 tracks from the 5th Anniversary Special Edition release represented with different versions of the songs featuring the vocals of Diana DeWitt, Kristina Nicholas, AirKraft, Cruz Sembello, Aina and more.

Disc 3: Featuring James Christian Disc

4: Featuring Diana DeWitt Disc

5: Featuring Male Vocals – Curt Cumo, Kelly Keagy, Ken Stacey, Robert Tepper and more

Disc 6: Featuring Aina & Female Vocals

Disc 7: Featuring Steve Zell Vocals

Disc 8: Featuring Tracks From The Year 2000 Onwards; Various Vocalists


LaMARCA Remastered Reissue on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to continue the limited-edition reissue series featuring four acclaimed cult classic AOR albums. CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers’ and 2AM ‘When Every Second Counts’ are both at press currently and will be released August 26.
The second two titles arrive September 30 – LAMARCA ‘LaMarca’ from 1985 and YAYA’s classic 1988 sophomore release ‘II’.
LaMarca is the brainchild of soul singer Abe Lamarca, who began his singing career in the 1970s, before moving to Los Angeles singing demos and working for songwriters before Scottie Bros/CBS Records released his debut album “LaMarca”. It was a solo endeavor that found this soul lover singing some catchy pop songs, a few of which made it to the big screen, most notably, ‘Hold on Blue Eyes’ from the movie ‘The Wraith’ starring Charlie Sheen. He devoted most of the 90’s to raising his kids in Cleveland and singing radio jingles and T.V. commercials.
Abe has continued singing and writing music ever since and most recently in 2018, continuing to flex a little bit of his “Soul Survivor” swag, Abe enjoyed a Top 20 Smooth Jazz hit with Anne Cochran with his bouncy “Who’s Gonna Baby You?” co-written by Mark Avsec (Wild Cherry, Donnie Iris). His latest single, the sultry “Back in My Natural Groove” released March of 2022 and co-written by Rochon Westmoreland, is currently receiving airplay worldwide on various Smooth Jazz platforms.
But for now, it is time for AOR aficionados to enjoy a freshly remastered reissue of the classic LaMarca release, complete with the two extra soundtrack cuts as well as an extended mix of ‘Burn The Bridge’ and a newly unearthed solo demo ‘Voice Of The Young’, which was intended for a second LaMarca release that never happened.
Abe LaMarca comments; “I’m humbled and honored by the tremendous efforts of Andrew McNeice and MRC Records on this re-issue of the LaMarca album! It was a fun and exciting time for me back then and its very cool now to know that so many people still love and appreciate this music! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! God bless…”
Remastered by JK Northrup
Track Listing:
01. Change My Rules                      4:33
02. Dear Diane                                  3:53
03. Second Chance                          3:36
04. You                                                 3:39
05. The Bystander                           4:20
06. Burn The Bridge                         4:21
07. The Boys                                      3:58
08. When You Question Love      5:21
09. Touch And Go                            4:09
10. It’s In Your Eyes                         3:43
Bonus Tracks:
11. Hold On Blue Eyes                                    4:02
12. Bad In Blue                                                  4:20
13. Burn The Bridge (12” Version)             5:46
14. When You Question Love (Single Edit) 4:10
15. Voice Of The Young (Original Demo) 4:24

JESSE HARMS 'All Sides' Box Set Released on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
Jesse Harms is an American musician, songwriter and singer, who has spent a lifetime writing and recording songs as well as playing live with some of rock's biggest names.
Born in Massachusetts and raised in Berkeley, California, Jesse began playing the piano at 8 years old and studied classical music until he was 15. He lost interest in classical at that time and started playing the Organ with a local group of high schoolers called “The Rubber Band”. After high school Jesse attended the University of California, Berkeley but dropped out to concentrate on music.
In the early 70's Jesse formed a band called “Rags” with Pat Thrall (Pat Travers Band, Meatloaf) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger). After trying to write original songs the band started playing covers in clubs to earn a living. Pat was unhappy with the decision and left. The band went on to play clubs in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Alaska from 1973 to 1978. Jesse realized that he wasn't getting any closer to his goal of playing on records so, with Pat Thrall's help he met Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report) who was trying to form a progressive rock band for Electra/Asylum Records. After moving to L.A. Jesse spent the next year writing songs with Alphonso, forming a band that included Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) and Joe Turano (Michael Bolton) and making a record. Unfortunately, Electra/Asylum dropped the album before its release. Through his friend Darrel Verdusco (John Hiatt, Mickey Thomas) Jesse met John Hiatt. John was unsigned at the time, but he had a good band and some club dates in L.A. So, Jesse joined his band. Through John, Jesse met Ry Cooder.
Ry asked Jesse to play on his 'Borderline' album and then signed John and his band to tour Europe as his backup musicians in the winter of 1980 to promote the record. A U.S. Tour followed in 1981. Hiatt signed with Geffen Records and the rest of 1981 was spent recording the CD 'All of a Sudden' in New York and London with Tony Visconti as producer. The Album was released in 1982 and a tour opening for Graham Parker followed. But the album had poor sales and Hiatt let the band go.
Immediately Jesse joined is friend Pat Thrall again to tour in support of Pat's new project The Hughes/Thrall Band with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze) and Tommie Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy Osborne, Whitesnake). The band toured the U.S. playing arenas as the opening act for Santana. But that album also had poor sales and was dissolved.
Soon after Jesse got a call from producer Keith Olsen to do some additional recording on a single from Three Lock Box an album he had made for Sammy Hagar. Sammy had been hiring a studio keyboard player and a studio backup singer to make his last two records and he had nobody in his band to reproduce the parts on tour, so in late 1982 Jesse joined his band. Most of 1983 was spent on the road touring to support Three Lock Box. The album earned a Gold Record and the tour sold out arenas all across the U.S. 1984-85 were spent making Sammy Hagar's platinum album VOA (which included one of Jesse's songs, Don't Make Me Wait and the support tour, which was one of the most successful tours of the year, selling out arenas and stadiums in the U.S. In 1985 Sammy opted to join Van Halen, the last date his old band played was Farm Aid at University of Illinois stadium which featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar.
In late 1985 Jesse focused on writing songs and in early 1986 he got a call from Ted Templeman again to work on David Lee Roth's platinum 'Eat 'Em and Smile' album. Jesse turned down Roth's offer to join his band in order to work on his own songwriting. Most of 1986 was spent trying to form his own band under the guidance of John Kolodner at Geffen Records.
In 1987 Jesse reunited with Sammy Hagar to make his 'I Never said Goodbye' CD with Eddie Van Halen on Bass. The album included one of Jesse's songs 'Back Into You' and went Gold in the U.S. In 1987 Jesse signed a Publishing contract with Geffen music and spent the rest of the year unsuccessfully trying to put together his own band. In 1988 one of Jesse's songs, 'Walk On Water' was recorded by Eddie Money and went on to reach #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a number one Rock track as well as a number one MTV video. The album 'Nothing to Lose' went Gold, Walk on Water also was on Eddie's Greatest Hits which sold Platinum.
In 1989 Jesse toured with Eddie Money as part of his band that included original guitarist Jimmy Lyons. Later in 1989 Jesse began writing songs with Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon). At the time REO was inactive but with the support of management the band was reformed. Jesse's friend Dave Amato (Ted Nugent, Cher) was added on guitar and Brian Hitt (Wang Chung) on drums.
1990 was spent writing and touring with REO Speedwagon as well as recording their CD 'The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken', which Jesse co-produced and included Live It Up which reached #6 on the Rock Chart and 5 more of his songs.
During 1990 Jesse also wrote a song with Sammy Hagar, 'Fallen From Grace' that appeared on Heart's Double Platinum CD 'Brigade'.
Jesse left REO in 1991 to get married and focus on Songwriting for MCA Music. 1991 through 1995 were spent in L.A. as a staff writer producing songs that appeared on CD's by Patty Smyth (Gold Record), Bad English (European #1), MSG, and Johnny Van Zandt etc.
In 1996 Jesse co-wrote a song (Both Sides Now) with Sammy Hagar, which brought them back together. In 1997 Jesse worked on Sammy's 'Marching To Mars' CD, playing keyboards and co-writing 6 songs. Sammy and Jesse then put together a band that would later be called the Waboritas and toured in 1997-1998 to support the Album, which went Gold. In 1998-1999 Jesse was the co-producer and Pro-Tools engineer, as well as playing keys and singing on the Hagar CD 'Red Voodoo' which included 3 of his songs. The band toured in 1998-1999 to support the album which went Gold. The CD included the #1 rock track 'Mas Tequila' which helped launch Sammy's Cabo Wabo tequila brand.
In 2000 Jesse co-produced, played keys and sang on Sammy's 'Ten 13' CD which included one of his songs and the band toured into 2001 to support the album. In 2002 Sammy released 'Not 4 Sale' which included Jesse's song 'Things've Changed' which was the only single released from the CD. 2002-2003 also included the “Heavyweights of Rock” tour with David Lee Roth and more touring in support of the ill-fated Not 4 Sale.
In 2004 Jesse was the Producer and Pro-Tools engineer on Guitar Shorty's CD 'Watch Your Back' which also included 5 of his songs as well as writing, producing and engineering his own solo CD 'The Best of What I've Got'. Jesse also wrote 3 songs, including the title track, on Guitar Shorty's follow up CD 'We the People' which won the Handy Blues Award. In 2005 Jesse purchased a Marin Music Center in Novato, California which he operated until he sold it in 2019.
Jesse continues to write and record new music and a couple of new songs are included as part of his career spanning box set 'All Sides'.
01. I BELIEVE (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Jimi Jamison & BB Steal)
02. LET IT RAIN (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Ron Keel)
03. NINE ELEVEN (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)
04. HOME SWEET HOMICIDE (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)
06. ALL HEAVEN BROKE LOOSE (Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
07. WALK ON WATER (Feat. Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Eddie Money)
08. FEAR OF FLYING (Feat. Ricky Phillips)
09. ALL I WANT IS YOU (Feat Dave Amato)(Recorded by Freddy Curci)
11. LIVE IT UP (Feat. Dave Amato, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
12. MAKE A WISH (Recorded by Beau Nasty and Jesse Strange)
13. LOVE TO HATE (Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
14. LET IT COME TO YOU (Feat. Dave Amato)(Written for REO)
15. JUST TO BE LOVED BY YOU (Feat. Tim Pierce)(Produced by Kevin Beamish)
03. BOTH SIDES NOW (Written by Harms/Hagar)(Recorded by Sammy Hagar)
05. DON'T LOOK BACK (Written for Meat Loaf)
10. THINGS'VE CHANGED (Written by Harms/Hagar)(Recorded by Sammy Hagar)
01. A GOOD PLACE TO START (Written for Andrew Strong)
04. SONIC BOOM (Recorded by Guitar Shorty)
14. MOON (Inst)
DISC 4 (Guest Vocals)
01. FALLEN FROM GRACE - Sammy Hagar (Recorded by Heart)
02. DANGEROUS CURVES - Sammy Hagar (Written for Lita Ford)
03. MAYBE WRONG - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Marching To Mars')
04. THIS TIME - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Marching To Mars')
05. DEEP IN THE HEART OF XMAS - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Jingle All The Way' Movie)
06. SHAKE IT UP - Kevin Cronin
07. HALFWAY - Kevin Cronin (Written by Harms/Cronin/Spiro)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
08. I WANT YOU BACK - Kevin Cronin (Written for REO Speedwagon)
09. WHEN IT'S LOVE, YOU KNOW - Kevin Cronin (Written for REO Speedwagon)
10. THE HEART SURVIVES - Kevin Cronin (Feat. Dave Amato)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
11. WHEN I'M GONE - Robin McAuley (Written for and recorded by MSG)
12. I'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU - Robin McAuley
13. HOW FAST CAN WE FALL - Robin McAuley (Written with Sue Shifrin)
14. CHASING DOWN THE WIND - Robin McAuley (Recorded by John Waite & Tom Jones)
15. ALL I WANT IS YOU - Robin McAuley (Recorded by Freddy Curci)
16. LOVE IS STRONG - Robin McAuley
17. DON'T PROMISE ME MOON - Robin McAuley
DISC 5 (Guest Vocals)
01. MAKE ME A BELIEVER - Patty Smyth & Jesse Harms (Written for Patty Smyth)
02. I WON'T BE HOME TONIGHT - Patty Smyth (Written for Patty Smyth)
03. THE WELL RAN DRY - Teresa James
04. BODY AND SOUL - Teresa James (Feat. Ron Wikso)
05. CAN'T STOP THE FIRE - Der Strasse
07. HEART OF A STRANGER - Tommy Gervin (Written for Eddie Money)
08. THE MAN Inside - Teresa James
09. SHE NEEDS YOU MORE - Shaun Murphy
10. LET YOUR HEART DECIDE - Richard Black
11. THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YOU - Kee Marcello
13. I NEVER LET YOU DOWN - Joe Turano (Written with FM)
14. LET MY GUITAR DO THE TALKING - Mike Finnegan (Recorded by Guitar Shorty)
15. DIG A LITTLE DEEPER - Rick Barron
16. ONCE IN A LIFETIME - Bill Champlin
DISC 6 (Guest Vocals)
01. RUN WILD - Adrian Gurvitz
02. RAIN ON THE ROOFTOPS - Adrian Gurvitz
03. DON'T LOOK DOWN (Original Version) - Don Barnes (Recorded by Don Barnes)
04. CHASING DOWN THE WIND - John Waite (Recorded by John Waite & Tom Jones)
05. SEARCHING FOR A LOVE - Tommy Funderburk
06. LAST NIGHT - Max Merritt
07. MORE BAD THAN GOOD - Greg Sutton
08. WALK IT LIKE YA TALK IT - Greg Sutton
09. MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY - Johnny Van Zant (Written for Johnny Van Zant)
10. LOVE CAN BE CRUEL - Johnny Van Zant (Written for and Recorded by Johnny Van Zant)
11. PRETTY THINGS - Danny Tate
12. MY WILDEST DREAM - Danny Tate
13. LIFE'S TOO SHORT - Billy Valentine
14. TOGETHER - Billy Valentine
15. MONEY CAN'T BUY IT - Jeff Wilson
17. THE FIRST STEP - Jeff Wilson (Written with Steve Plunkett)

GALLEYBOYZ 1990 Album Arrives on MelodicRock Classics

MelodicRock Classics Label


BUY NOW: http://melodicrockclassics.com/galleyboyz.html

MelodicRock Classics is excited to delve back in to rock n roll vaults once more, to deliver another lost classic, this time from Pennsylvania rockers GALLEYBOYZ.

The name may not be familiar, but the pedigree of those involved will be. And like other MRC releases, this will be a Deluxe 2 Disc Edition.

We have expanded upon the original cassette only release to present a fully remastered version of the album (thanks to JK Northrup once again), plus a bonus disc featuring unreleased tracks and demos that came from the album sessions and beyond, plus a set of original Reference Mixes, which give you an alternative look at some of the album’s tracks.

Galleyboyz were formed in early 1990 when Michael Baranski and Steve Schuffert, who were touring with A&M recording artist Glen Burtnik, found themselves out of a job when Glen was given the opportunity to replace Tommy Shaw in Styx.

Baranski and Schuffert were approached by a former manager who wanted to start a new project. John Rongo and Larry Paoletta, who were in a previous band with Baranski, were recruited. Baranski wrote several new songs, and the now named Galleyboyz went into the studio to record them.

The guys were signed to record executive Carl Maduri’s Oceana Records, which had distribution with BMG. Baranski then recruited Glen Burnik to produce the album, recorded at Jerree’s Records in New Brighton, PA., where Donnie Iris had recorded all his albums.

The album was released in Sept 1990 and received a favorable review in Billboard magazine.

Tensions with the band and their manager flared when there was a disagreement over the first song to be released. The band wanted to release either You Get What You Pay For, or Nothing But Love, songs which reflected the sound and direction of the band. The manager wanted to release Tired of Rappin’, which was a novelty song that Baranski had written as a joke!

The manager prevailed, thinking a novelty song would attract attention for a new band. However, rock stations would not play it because the lyrics were rapped, and pop stations wouldn’t play it because it was making fun of rap, a new genre at the time.

The band stayed together for only a few months. Then the band was no more.

Baranski went on to play with James JY Young of Styx, in his other band, the James Young Group. They released an album Raised by Wolves in 1995, with Baranski writing several songs for the album. He also toured with Styx in the 90’s as a support backup singer. Schuffert went on to a successful solo project with his band the Steve Schuffert Band. They played regularly in Europe every year from the late 90s to the late 00’s.

GALLEYBOYZ is out now.

Album Produced by Glen Burtnik
Recorded at Jeree’s Studios summer 1990
All songs written by Michael Baranski except Can’t Live Without Your Love by Steve Schuffert and Standing on the Edge by Michael Baranski / Peter Spero
All songs published by Baran Songs ASCAP

Michael Baranski – Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Steve Schuffert – Lead vocals on Can’t Live Without Your Love, guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
John Rongo – co-lead vocal on One Step Up, guitar, backing vocals
Larry Paoletta – Drums

Disc 1:
01. You Get What You Pay For 3:36
02. Nothin’ To Lose 3:46
03. One Step Up 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life 3:30
05. Stand Up Fall Down 4:00
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad 3:36
07. Desperate Man 3:50
08. I Can’t Live Without Your Love 3:56
09. I’ll Be Alright 3:41
10. Tired of Rappin’ 4:04

Disc 2:
01. You Get What You Pay For (Reference Mix) 3:32
02. Nothing To Lose (Reference Mix) 3:44
03. One Step Up (Reference Mix) 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life (Reference Mix) 3:29
05. Stand Up Fall Down (Reference Mix) 3:58
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad (Reference Mix) 3:36
07. Desperate Man (Reference Mix) 3:55
08. I’ll Be Alright (Reference Mix) 3:42
09. Tired Of Rappin’ (Reference Mix) 3:39

10. Fame (Previously Unreleased; Feat. Dennis DeYoung on Keyboards) 4:11
11. Give It What You Got (Previously Unreleased; Feat Jon Brant on Bass) 5:18
12. It’s My Dream (Previously Unreleased) 4:06
13. Hungry (1992 Home Demo)3:24
14. Goodbye, Love (1992 Home Demo)3:53
15. What’s This World Comin’ To (1992 Home Demo) 3:35
16. Out Of The Cage (1992 Home Demo) 3:28
17. Standing On The Edge (1993 Studio Demo) 4:19
18. Without You, Without Me (2003 Unreleased Track) 4:04
19. Let’s Get it Started (2011 Studio Demo) 2:44


HEADWAY - The Lost Steven McClintock Album Out Now on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter/producer STEVEN McCLINTOCK to release a pair of phenomenal melodic rock records to feature the acclaimed singer’s voice.

With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven McClintock is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows to his credit, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland.

The first record in the partnership with Steven is the release of another long-lost classic record for fans of early 80s AOR/pomp rock – the band HEADWAY.

Written and recorded in 1979-1980, HEADWAY’s Self-Titled debut is packed with early 80s style classic rock, with a healthy dose of Toto-esque musical twists and turns and Styx-like pomp, all layered in the sweet vocals of McClintock.

Steven discusses the forming of the band:

“I had just finished up with my duo, Fertitta & McClintock after we were released from our Arista Records/Clive Davis contract, and was looking for a new project. I had formed a studio business with my buddy Michael Mikulka and we were cutting different musicians/songwriters commercially in his Garden Grove garage.

Scott Plunkett (keys) was there recording and told me he was playing at El Paso Cantina in Long Beach with another guy name Bruce Boulanger (guitar).

Mike McKinnon (bass) was working there in another room and they had previously talked about putting a band together.  I decided to go see Scott play, he and Bruce brought me upstairs to see Mike, we sat down at a table then and there and decided to put a band together. Just like that.

All we needed was a drummer. Scott was friends with a guy name Chris Stewart and he took the gig as our drummer.  We did a LOT of rehearsals because the material we wanted to play was extremely difficult yet going to be brilliant once we got it down!  No one in our local scene was doing this type of music.  So “Headway” was formed.

That was late 1978. Our first gig was at “The Warehouse” in Newport Beach. The drummer was working a full-time day gig somewhere and wasn’t able to practice, so we hired John “Bones“ McConnell and he became our drummer.  

Fairly soon after that, the “Grrr”, Alex Gutierrez, started sitting in with us on congas and “toys” and became part of the group by default.  This album is dedicated to him.”

The twelve-track record has been rescued from the vaults, with two ‘official bootleg’ live bonus tracks added to complete the HEADWAY picture.

It is truly a lost gem, which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to light finally, after all these years.

Some incredibly old master tapes were supplied by Steven, with MRC in-house remastering master JK Northrup taking over to bring the best sound possible to fans.





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