JADED HEART Prepare to 'Fight The System'

Friday, September 26, 2014
Jaded Heart represent top class melodic hard rock and have become a German rock institution since the band came into existence 22 years ago. Based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Jaded Heart have turned into a German-Swedish formation since 2005 with singer Johan Fahlberg and 2006 with guitarist Peter Oestros emphasizing the band’s international standing.
After their successful tour with Masterplan in 2013, presenting their first ever live album (LIVE IN COLOGNE), JADED HEART are now back with their 12th studio album “Fight The System” on which they present themselves as usual at their best. Heavy riffs and metal-oriented lyrics
lead to grand refrains with catchy melodies going straight into your mind.
The band have produced “Fight The System“ themselves with coproducers Jan Vacik and Mario Lochert at Dreamsound Studios, Munich. As a special treat the album includes the song “Control“, featuring MASTERPLAN lead vocalist Rick Altzi.
Earlier this year, Axel Kruse, drummer and co-founder of the band left JADED HEART and was replaced by Bodo Stricker (Callejon). Further live guitarist Masa Eto has joined the line-up.
After more than two decades and despite the line-up changes JADED HEART are going as strong as ever. And they are going to prove it when they will hit the European stages in autumn at the WACKEN ROADSHOWS.
RELEASED: 26.09.2014
01. Schizophrenic
02. Control (feat. Rick Altzi) 
03. Not In A Million Years 
04. I Lost My Faith 
05. Nightmares 
06. Never Free
07. Till Death Do Us Part
08. Terror In Me
09. Haunted
10. Crying
11. In The Shadows
Live Dates:
17.10.14 (D) Siegburg – Kubana
18.10.14 (D) Bergheim – JUZE
Wacken Roadshow:
31.10.14 (D) Leipzig – Theaterfabrik
01.11.14 (B) Maasmechelen – Jan Hertog
02.11.14 (D) Berlin – K17
03.11.14 (D) Hamburg – Knust
04.11.14 (D) Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
05.11.14 (D) Augsburg – Spectrum
06.11.14 (D) Köln – MTC
07.11.14 (D) Jena – F Haus
08.11.14 (D) Oberhausen – Helvete
09.11.14 (D) Nürnberg – Rockfabrik
10.11.14 (CZ) Prag – Klub Nová Chmelnice
11.11.14 (SK) Bratislava – Randal Club
12.11.14 (H) Budapest – Dürer Kert
13.11.14 (A) Wien – AERA
14.11.14 (CH) Pratteln – Z7
15.11.14 (F) Chambéry – Le Scarabée
16.11.14 (F) Marseille – Luynes/Korigan