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MICHAEL BORMANN's JADED HARD Debut Album 'Feels Like Yesterday' Oct 24

Thursday, October 24, 2019
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Time flies by.
Nearly three decades have passed since the foundation of JADED HEART. The paths separated in 2004 after fourteen crazy years.
Due to requests, Michael started touring Europe in 2017 with a selection of JADED HEART´S best songs between 1990 and 2004.
Never say never!
The phenomenal response led Michael to the decision to go one step further. He wrote dozens of songs for 'MBJH'. Twelve of them made it to FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY.
The typical AOR / MELODIC ROCK alternates with acoustic songs, powerful up-tempo numbers and beautiful ballads.
FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY is a continuation of the style of the albums until 2004.
F.L.Y. was produced again in the RMB STUDIOS, Duisburg.
The album will be released on October 25th, 2019 on RMB Records.
A small European tour starts at the same time as the release.
1. Feel Like I´m Living
2. It Feels Like Yesterday
3. Won´t Surrender
4. Bring Me Higher Love
5. We´d Still Make It
6. Mr. Mysterious
7. Good Times
8. Just One More Step Away
9. Don´t You Ever Leave
10. I´m A Son Of A Gun
11. Shout It All Out
12. Everybody Is A Rockstar
Line up:
Michael Bormann – Leadvox & Git
Chris 'Hexe' Ivo – Keyboards & Vox
Michael 'Maikel' Müller – Drums
Christoph 'Baumi' Baumeister – Bass & Vox
Thommy Dahlem – Git & Vox
Tourdates: 25.10.2019
GER  Hechingen Rock Cafe Kiss 26.10.2019
BEL Bree Rangnarock Live Bar 28.10.2019
GER Kiel Medusa 29.10.2019
GER Nürnberg Der Cult 30.10.2019
GER Karlsruhe Soundcheck One 31.10.2019
CH Trübbach Johnny´s Lion Cage 29.11.2019
GER Duisburg Parkhaus Meiderich 31.01.2020
GER Olching Legends Lounge 01.02.2020
GER Mörlenbach Live Music Hall 18.04.2020
GER Landshut LA ROCK Festival 24.04.2020
GER Zirndorf ASV Zirndorf 25.04.2020
GER Marktwald ROCK & LOC Festival

HEAVEN'S TRAIL Debut 'Lethal Mind' Oct 26

Friday, October 26, 2018
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Escape Music pleases to announce the release date for Heaven’s Trail on Vinyl and CD!! 
The Vinyl will be limited Edition to 500 copies only in transparent colour Red, and all will be numbered!
Track List:
1 Lethal Mind (4.39) 
2 Too Late (4.37) 
3 Changes (5.03) 
4 Carousel (4.35) 
5 Feed my Soul (4.51) 
6 On The Rise (4.28) 
7 The Flame (4.59) 
8 Walking in the shadows (5.28) 
9 Voodoo (4.14) 
10 King of Pain (3.44) 
11 Simplified (4.25) 
Heaven’s Trail is:
Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masterplan, ex At Vance)
Barish Kepic - Guitars and Keyboards (ex-Jaded Heart, Powerworld, and Evidence One)
Michael Muller - Bass (Jaded Heart, ex-Mad Max)
Kevin Kott - Drums (Masterplan, ex At Vance) 
Produced by Barish Kepic 
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Anthony
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Heaven’s Trail is a brand new German Metal / Rock band formed by ex-Jaded Heart member Barish Kepic. Also in the line-up is another Jaded Heart member Michael Muller. These two respected musicians are joined by Masterplan members Kevin Kott on Drums and Vocalist Rick Altzi. So here we have an exciting new band that are made up of two of Germany’s finest Metal / Rock Bands. Barish Kepic is the principal songwriter and has arranged and produced all the songs on this exciting new album. With Brian Anthony twiddling the knobs then we are in for a real treat.
Their music is very powerful and hits home with great melodies and fantastic musicianship. Why not check out the video of “On the Rise” on you tube and get a taste of what these guys are all about. Make a date in your diary for October when this exciting album will be released, you won’t be disappointed.

MICHAEL BORMANN Gets 'Rock Hard' May 5

Saturday, May 5, 2018
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News from Michael Bormann:
We are in the middle of the first Michael Bormann´s Jaded Hard production. In advance, the previously announced 'Best Of Rock Songs' – album, Michael Bormann 'Rock Hard', will be released May 5.
A special package (CD, t-shirt, lanyard and autograph) for early birds will be offered until March 31. 
Tracklist: Conspiracy, I Will Hold The Line, Live Your Life, Anymore, Life Is A Miracle, I Wanna Be A Rockstar, When Push Comes To Shove, Come Take Me Higher, Won't Surrender, It's Only Physical, Let's Make History, Live And Let Die , Breathless, Stand Up 2017, I'm Not Your Entertainment , My Favorite Time



JADED HEART Deliver 'Devil's Gift' March 30

Friday, March 30, 2018
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Jaded Heart are pleased to announce that they will release their new album Devil’s Gift on March 30 via Massacre Records.
The album will be produced by Jaded Heart and once again mixed and mastered by the band’s long time friend Erik Martensson (Eclipse, Nordic Union)
Line up:
Johan Fahlberg – vocals
Peter Östros – guitar
Michael “Muelli” Müller – bass
Bodo Stricker – drums
Masa Eto – guitar
1. Wasteland
2. The Enemy
3. Set Free
4. Scream Of Anger
5. Tears Of Our World
6. Phoenix
7. One World
8. Story Of My Life
9. Coming Home
10. Conspiracy Of Science
11. Final Moment
12. Black Days (Digipak Bonus)
13. Flying High (Digipak Bonus)

Swedish Metallers DENIED Release New Lyric Video

DENIED, the Swedish metal band, has on Friday 8:th of December released the lyric video for the single "BEGGARS AND THIEVES" (Sliptrick Records). The song featuring on vocals former singer Johan Fahlberg (JADED HEART) and Joakim Floke (MANNY RIBERA) on keyboard.
BEGGARS AND THIEVES was recorded with producer Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED, FIRESPAWN) who also handled the mixing and mastering at Chrome Studios Stockholm/Sweden. Artwork by Alexander Lifbom.



JADED HEART 'Guilty By Design' on April 22

Friday, April 22, 2016
News Feed
A new JADED HEART album is not far away. It's being mixed this week n Sweden by ERIK MARTENSSON. The band has launched the cover art and state:
"We are very excited to unveil the cover artwork for our 12th studio album entitled Guilty By Design due out Apr. 22, 2016 on MASSACRE RECORDS. The artwork was created by Thomas Ewerhard and the album was mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson of Eclipse (Sweden). The full tracklisting follows soon. Be ready and spread the word! #guiltybydesign"

MICHAEL BORMANN - Closer (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
I'm Not Your Entertainment
Let's Make History
Living It Up
For This One Time in Life
Produced By: 
Michael Bormann
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
AOR Heaven
Release Year: 
Popular German melodic rock vocalist Michael Bormann continues his life outside Jaded Heart and various other bands like Redrum, Powerworld and Silent Force, with this, his 5th solo album.
Closer is a pretty diverse set of tunes – Michael seems to be bringing a set of contemporary and commercial songs that might appeal to radio/mainstream after his appearance on the German version of The Voice.
The various musical paths are all wrapped up in a familiar melodic rock theme, one that fans of Michael will instantly recognize, but with additional attributes added such as effects, programming and a couple of questionable extras.
The album starts strongly with a typical fired up Bormann driving the rocker I'm Not Your Entertainment. This is classic Bormann/Jaded Heart material and is joined by an effects filled Let's Make History plus straight ahead rockers Living It Up and I Wanna Be a Rockstar as the album’s traditional base.
As far as ballads go, Michael delivers a few quality tunes. The closing piano ballad Warrior is perhaps the best, but also very enjoyable is the heavy For This One Time in Life, which is followed by the other piano ballad Closer.
Because We Are the World is another sentimental, hands in the air rock ballad, but it concludes with a German children’s choir who’s pronunciation of the lyrics doesn’t quite work.
That’s the good – the majority of the albums tracks thankfully – but there are a few tracks that don’t work. The first is the mid-tempo Never Say Die, backed by a strong programmed drum beat and a moody vocal; it kinda kills the momentum of the first two tracks.
That’s followed by the hideous Can't Get a Touch Too Much. It’s a true WTF moment and doesn’t belong on this album at all. The rapping-Kid Rock-styled beat driven song, featuring female backing vocals (…and is that a banjo??) is tragically bad.
Rich Men's World is another track with a jarring beat and you are left waiting for Bormann to break into another rap. It doesn’t come thankfully. Down to the Bottle is however when it does appear. Mike - stick to the singing mate – you’re awesome!

Some of Mike’s best solo material here. A well-produced and solid album with the unfortunate diversion of four tracks that just don’t belong. Skip those however and you’ll be right at home in the best musical era of Jaded Heart.

Introducing German All-Star Project SUPREMACY

Thursday, April 30, 2015
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Do you remember when German bands cranked out true, classic Melodic Rock / Hard Rock albums regularly? When, right after masterpieces by the likes of  the SCORPIONS, releases like BONFIRE's "Point Blank" or "Fireworks", FRONTLINE's "Heroes", CASANOVA and JADED HEART's debut albums used to be played all the time on your stereo? Well....now is the time for the Classic German Hard Rock sound, comprised of steel guitar riffs and super melodic hooks, to make a major come back. The new band's name says it all....SUPREMACY. This band marks the return of the amazing alliance between singer Claus Lessmann (ex-BONFIRE) with Michael Voss (CASANOVA, MAD MAX) plus Robby Boebel (ex FRONTLINE, EVIDENCE ONE) on guitar, Axel Kruse (ex-JADED HEART) on drums and former SCORPIONS bass player Francis Buchholz.

The guys are currently working on some extremely promising demo material and have inked a recording contract with Frontiers Music Srl for a release of their debut album in late 2015 / early 2016.

Michael Voss says: "It's a honor to work with all these gifted musicians on a full length album! After 25 years, to join forces with the fantastic Claus Lessmann takes me back into the 80's heyday times playing in Bonfire. We'll keep that spirit alive and moreover revive it. Thanks to Serafino and Frontiers for believing!"

Claus Lessmann adds: "I am really looking forward to writing, recording and rocking with all the guys of Supremacy. We all have so much to give and it really means a lot to me to work together with those talented musicians. It will also bring back the good old days of Rock'n'Roll when my good old friend Michael Voss was on my side all across Europe back at the "Point Blank" days. A big Grazie to Serafino, Mario and all at Frontiers for their belief and for givin' us one more reason to rock! Every little note of our songs will be a piece of our heart."

MICHAEL BORMANN Solo Album 'Closer' Out May 22

Friday, May 22, 2015
News Feed
On the 22nd of May, after more than four years, the long awaited fifth solo album "Closer" by Michael Bormann will see the light of day. 2014 has been an eventful and exciting year. With his impressive performance at one of today’s biggest TV-Shows “The Voice of Germany” Michael reached millions of people.
All songs were written, recorded and produced within a three-month studio session by the end of 2014.
Due to the huge demand of the Demi-Lovato song "Warrior", that got him into “The Voice” - show, Michael had no chance but taking it on the forthcoming CD. Downright refreshing, versatile and rocking Bormann presents "Closer".  Ballads, mid-tempo songs and pure Rock´n´Roll: you got it all! Defining a favorite is pretty hard as every single song has its own magic.
"Because we are the world" goes straight to the heart. The children’s choir  makes this tune very special. Not only radio stations will love this song.
It should be mentioned, that a valuable contribution to this album has been given by Eric Ragno and Bobby Stoecker. Knowing what and how he wants it, Bormann played most of the instruments by himself. It’s impressively showed on “Closer”.
His strong “Voice” - performances got Michael the long deserved attention. Now it´s time for the next level. Closer will be drawing in the crowds under its magic spell.
Line-up: Michael Bormann - Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar & Lead guitar, Acoustic guitar, Vox; Jean Bormann - Guitars, Backing vox; Marco Grasshoff - Keyboards, Backing vox; Eric Ragno - Keyboards; Bobby by Stöcker - Leadguitar; Katie Juraschka - Backing vox
Produced by M. Bormann
Recorded and mixed at RMB Studios, Duisburg, Germany
Mastered by Michael Bormann

Three More Acts Released for Väsby Rock Festival 2015!

Monday, November 24, 2014
Tour News
Three more acts released for Väsby Rock Festival 2015!
Eclipse – Erik Mårtensson and his guys are coming back to Väsby Rock Festival. After a highly acclaimed performance in 2013 the band will come back to Väsby and in now in the process of recording new material to be released in February next year.
Jaded Heart – twenty years after their start these German guys are hotter than ever. Together with their Swedish singer Johan Fahlberg they still tour around Europe and Japan and now they will perform in Väsby. Take the chance to come and listen to them, you won’t regret it.
Kardinal Sin - (ex. Rough Diamond) from Väsby are a powermetal band and are inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Kamelot and Halloween. Since the start in 2003 the guys changed the line-up a couple of times, but are back stronger than ever. They are in the studio recording a new album.

JADED HEART Prepare to 'Fight The System'

Friday, September 26, 2014
News Feed
Jaded Heart represent top class melodic hard rock and have become a German rock institution since the band came into existence 22 years ago. Based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Jaded Heart have turned into a German-Swedish formation since 2005 with singer Johan Fahlberg and 2006 with guitarist Peter Oestros emphasizing the band’s international standing.
After their successful tour with Masterplan in 2013, presenting their first ever live album (LIVE IN COLOGNE), JADED HEART are now back with their 12th studio album “Fight The System” on which they present themselves as usual at their best. Heavy riffs and metal-oriented lyrics
lead to grand refrains with catchy melodies going straight into your mind.
The band have produced “Fight The System“ themselves with coproducers Jan Vacik and Mario Lochert at Dreamsound Studios, Munich. As a special treat the album includes the song “Control“, featuring MASTERPLAN lead vocalist Rick Altzi.
Earlier this year, Axel Kruse, drummer and co-founder of the band left JADED HEART and was replaced by Bodo Stricker (Callejon). Further live guitarist Masa Eto has joined the line-up.
After more than two decades and despite the line-up changes JADED HEART are going as strong as ever. And they are going to prove it when they will hit the European stages in autumn at the WACKEN ROADSHOWS.
RELEASED: 26.09.2014
01. Schizophrenic
02. Control (feat. Rick Altzi) 
03. Not In A Million Years 
04. I Lost My Faith 
05. Nightmares 
06. Never Free
07. Till Death Do Us Part
08. Terror In Me
09. Haunted
10. Crying
11. In The Shadows
Live Dates:
17.10.14 (D) Siegburg – Kubana
18.10.14 (D) Bergheim – JUZE
Wacken Roadshow:
31.10.14 (D) Leipzig – Theaterfabrik
01.11.14 (B) Maasmechelen – Jan Hertog
02.11.14 (D) Berlin – K17
03.11.14 (D) Hamburg – Knust
04.11.14 (D) Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
05.11.14 (D) Augsburg – Spectrum
06.11.14 (D) Köln – MTC
07.11.14 (D) Jena – F Haus
08.11.14 (D) Oberhausen – Helvete
09.11.14 (D) Nürnberg – Rockfabrik
10.11.14 (CZ) Prag – Klub Nová Chmelnice
11.11.14 (SK) Bratislava – Randal Club
12.11.14 (H) Budapest – Dürer Kert
13.11.14 (A) Wien – AERA
14.11.14 (CH) Pratteln – Z7
15.11.14 (F) Chambéry – Le Scarabée
16.11.14 (F) Marseille – Luynes/Korigan
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