ANVIL 'Pound The Pavement' January 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018
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Of course there are bands that have garnered higher chart positions, sold more albums and filled bigger venues than Anvil. Yet there are few metal acts that have earned as much respect from their colleagues as the Canadian act surrounding vocalist/guitarist Steve ´Lips` Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner.
The most renowned Anvil aficionados include, among others, international stars such as Metallica and the late Lemmy of Motorhead, who have expressed their unreserved admiration time and again. The reasons for this evident respect are obvious: since 1978, Anvil have been the epitome of a passionate heavy metal band that refuses to be thrown off course by setbacks, adverse conditions and inconsistencies on the business side of things. Their latest album Pounding The Pavement proves their impressive stamina: never before have Anvil sounded as diverse, determined and inspiring.
Why has Pounding The Pavement turned into such an awesome offering? Kudlow's explanation is simple: 'The songwriting process started immediately after the work on our previous album, Anvil Is Anvil, had been completed,' he says. 'So our thoughts instantly turned to the future again. After Anvil Is Anvil had been cut, everybody knew what we had just delivered and what Anvil's future should sound like.' Despite the diverse range of their ideas, Kudlow, Reiner and their bassist Chris Robertson have succeeded in filling the typical trademarks of this unusual band with life once again – which is an important aspect for every Annvil release, after all tradition and reliability play an essential role in this group. Kudlow: 'Of course we always allow inspirations from earlier recordings to seep in, but always with an emphasis on evolving the characteristic Anvil sound. Lots of fans keep asking us to play the way we did in the so-called good old days. That's why I try from time to time to pick up on that exciting feel of our older material. Mind you, it's always exclusively about the basic atmosphere of that time, never about copying an older song.'
Pounding The Pavement was produced at the Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn in the northwest of Germany, where Anvil found not only the necessary peace and seclusion to concentrate on their recordings, but also met in studio owner Jorg Uken the ideal producer for their ambitioned work. Talking of which: the programmatic album title Pounding The Pavement is a synonym for the consistently serious challenge of ensuring Anvil's financial survival. Kudlow: 'I feel nothing could describe the way we've been working for the past forty years better than Pounding The Pavement: Anvil have tried for four decades to earn enough money to survive and continue to make music.'
The new album "Pounding The Pavement" will be released on January 19, 2018 through SPV/Steamhammer as a digipak version (+1 bonus track and poster), 2LP gatefold coloured version, download and stream.

1. Bitch In The Box  4:29
2. Ego  2:57
3. Doing What I Want 3:17
4. Smash Your Face  4:20
5. Pounding The Pavement  3:05
6. Rock That Shit 3:21
7. Let It Go  3:00
8. Nanook Of The North  5:57
9. Black Smoke  3:26
10. World Of Tomorrow 4:37
11. Warming Up  3:03
12. Don´t Tell Me  3:51 (bonus track)

ANVIL Announce 'Anvil Is Anvil' February 26

Friday, February 26, 2016
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Anvil is Anvil! A self-confident statement. A band philosophy. And what’s more: a life motto. Anvil is Anvil, that’s the title of their latest album. And the name says it all: an unambiguous, uncompromising recording, typical of this band. At the same time it’s fresh, occasionally surprising and generally exciting through and through. A stalwart metal manifesto by a band who stand for authenticity and credibility like few others in this fast-lived business. “We’re sometimes criticised for never changing,” guitarist and vocalist Lips explains. “But why should we change something we’re renowned for? Isn’t it much more important to stay faithful to yourself? To do what you do best? The idea behind our latest album is: we are what we are, and that’s how it’s going to stay!” For all Anvil fans, this is the best news of the year. And the all-important date for 2016 has already been scheduled: Anvil is Anvil will be released by Steamhammer/SPV on 26 February 2016. So be sure to mark the day in your diary!

Because Anvil is Anvil presents Lips, drummer Robb Reiner and their new bassist Chris Robertson in a thoroughly magic metal moment. Lips: “Time will tell whether this album is the absolute pinnacle of our career. But I would already refer to it as ´gaining the momentum`. The year 2013 was a perfect new start for Anvil. We were touring, went on to write the new material, toured again and returned to compose some more. During that time, the new line-up gelled into a real unit. The arrival of Chris was just as significant for us as the film back in 2008. He helped me enormously with my vocal lines, which is why my voice sounds better than ever on stage and also in the studio.”

The same could be said of the new material. Anvil is Anvil sounds all of one piece and presents the band’s amazing diversity, combined with their conscious loyalty to the compositional DNA of their own classics. ´Die For A Lie` for example sounds like a contemporary version of ´Jackhammer` and the stomping ´Runaway Train` features the same directives as ´Smoking Green`, only based on Kudlow’s present-day maturity. “I practically graduated from the Bob Marlette University,” the Anvil frontman praises the American producer with whom the band recorded their 2011 release, Juggernaut Of Justice and Hope In Hell (2013). “Bob showed me how to write songs which really mean something. So when I started to compose this time around, I was perfectly groomed.”

Talking of which: Anvil is Anvil was produced by Martin ´Mattes` Pfeiffer (U.D.O.) at the Redhead 4 Studios in Pulheim near Cologne, Germany. For Lips, whose family is Jewish, as is drummer Robb Reiner’s, it was a special moment to work with a German producer in a German studio. “There’s a song on Anvil is Anvil that’s called ´Forgive Don´t Forget`, which says everything about our attitude. Nobody is guilty of anything that happened before their time, especially since Germany has critically examined and come to terms with its own past. Anvil have always been welcome in Germany, even during difficult phases. When we think of Germany, we think of friends, not war criminals.” Lips calls himself an idealist who takes a clear political stance with songs such as ´Gun Control` and ´Die For A Lie` and also denounces the ambiguous role of the church. He says: “Religion is frequently used to involve people in military conflict. Hate in the name of God that’s just wrong!”

Yet Anvil is Anvil not only touches on sensitive issues but also documents the band’s lust for life, their dynamic musical style and their absolute down-to-earthiness. When Lips delivers the line “Ace of Spades and the joker is wild” on ´It´s Your Move` with a surprisingly realistic Motörhead timbre, it proves his sense of humour and is an homage at the same time (“close friends with Lemmy since 1981, he is definitely part of the family”). And when Anvil invite their fans to the studio to join the choir on ´Daggers And Rum`, it only shows the closeness between the musicians and their fans. “We’ve never recorded a pirate metal shanty such as ´Daggers & Rum` before. I’m sure this number will go down well on the upcoming tour.”

Regarding the cover Robb Reiner ads: "This time around,it was suggested I paint the cover art for the release by brother Lips, after I had come up with the concept and showing him study sketches drawn out. The simple straight to the point composition was much fun to render on canvas in oil. I spent about 6 weeks to complete it"

The new album "Anvil Is Anvil" will be released on February 26th, 2016 (worldwide ex Japan) as a digipak version (+1 bonus track and poster), 2LP gatefold clear version and download.


1. Daggers And Rum 5:26
2. Up, Down, Sideways 3:19
3. Gun Control 4:22
4. Die For A Lie 3:17
5. Runaway Train 3:40
6. Zombie Apocalypse 4:22
7. Its Your Move 3:30
8. Ambushed 3:22
9. Fire On The Highway 4:35
10. Run Like Hell 3:07
11. Forgive Don`t Forget 2:40
12. Never Going To Stop 4:12 (bonus track digipak)

ANVIL will embark on a massive European-Tour together with DIRKSCHNEIDER from February-April 2016 followed by a USA Tour from May 12-June 18 2016 (dates for this will be announced soon).

ANVIL as special guest with DIRKSCHNEIDER

19.02.16 NO-Stavanger - Folken
20.02.16 NO-Haugesund - Byscenen
21.02.16 NO-Bergen - Rick`s
24.02.16 DK-Aarhus - Train
25.02.16 SE-Malmö - KB
26.02.16 SE-Gothenburg - Trädgarn
27.02.16 SE-Sundsvall - Folket Hus
28.02.16 SE-Stockholm - Fryshuset Klubben
01.03.16 FIN-Helsinki - Tavastia
04.03.16 FIN-Jyväskylä - Lutakko
05.03.16 FIN-Vaasa - Rantasipi
11.03.16 D-Leipzig - Hellraiser
12.03.16 D-Markneukirchen - Music Hall
13.03.16 D-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
22.03. D-Cologne - Essigfabrik
23.03. D-Bochum - Zeche
25.03.16 CZ-Ostrava - Garage
26.03.16 CZ-Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe
27.03.16 CZ-Prague - Meet Factory
31.03.16 D-Munich - Backstage
01.04.16 D-Burglengenfeld - VAZ
02.04.16 D-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
03.04.16 CH-Pratteln - Z7
05.04.16 E-Madrid - La Riviera
06.04.16 E-Pamplona - Sala Totem
07.04.16 E-Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
21.04.16 D-Hamburg - Markthalle
23.04.16 D-Geiselwind - MusicHall
24.04.16 D-Berlin - Postbahnhof

More dates will be added soon...


Canadian Metal Icons ANVIL Announce the "Hope In Hell" European Tour 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014
Tour News
Canadian Metal icons ANVIL announce the "Hope In Hell" European Tour 2014:

plus special guest
"Hope in Hell" European Tour 2014

21.11.14 D-Reichenbach - E Werk
22.11.14 PL-Breslau - Klub Liverpool
23.11.14 PL-Posen - Klub u Bazyla
24.11.14 D-Berlin - C Club
26.11.14 D-Nuernberg - Hirsch
27.11. I-Florence - tba
28.11.14 D-Burglengenfeld - VA Zentrum
30.11. B-Kortrijk - De Kreun
01.12.14 NL-Tilburg - Little Devil
02.12.14 D-Bochum - Matrix
04.12.14 NOR-Trondheim - Blaest
05.12.14 NOR-Haugesund - Skala
06.12.14 NOR-Sandnes - Tribute
07.12.14 NOR-Oslo - Pokalen
09.12.14 FI-Tampere - Klubi
10.12.14 FI-Helsinki - Nosturi
12.12.14 SWE-Borlaenge - Liljan
13.12.14 SWE-Trollhattan - Backstage Rockbar
16.12.14 DK-Copenhagen - Loppen
18.12.14 D-Munich - Backstage
19.12.14 I-Forli - Pepper
20.12.14 D-Karlsruhe - Schwarzwaldhalle/Knock Out Festival

Tour Agency: ITM Agency , Germany

The band also released a new video for the song "Eat Your Words", directed by RENÈ U VALDES, out of  their latest album "Hope In Hell":

The latest ANVIL studio album Hope In Hell was released last year in Germany and Europe through SPV / Steamhammer in four different formats: as a limited-edition Digipak including 2 bonus tracks, as a jewel case CD, double gatefold colored vinyl including 2 bonus tracks and as download.
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