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Art Nation - The Cure (Official Audio)

Swedish melodic rock act Art Nation are now back with the new album “Transition”.
Since Art Nation started in 2014 they have been successful in Sweden as well as around Europe. They’ve been nominated in one of Sweden’s biggest music prizes such as “Live act of the year” and “Sweden’s band of the year”. They have also played prestigious shows at Ullevi Stadium, Friends Arena and TV performances that led to different Festivals in Europe. And now they are finally back with new music.
The new album consists of 10 powerful songs written and produced by Alexander Strandell and Johan Gustavsson except The Cure that has been co written by Multi-Platinum Awarded songwriter and producer Andreas Stone. 
With a touch of Metal & pop this album really fits in by lovers of band like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Amaranthe..

ART NATION Changes Lineup

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Statement from ART NATION:
Hey guys!
By now some of you may have heard the news about Christoffer, Rebecca and Carl leaving the band. It’s very unfortunate, however it was something we all felt had to be done because of our different visions for the band.
This happened quite a while ago, and since then we’ve filled their spots with new fantastic people that has been with us on our tour the past few weeks.
It has been lots of work for all of us, and our plan to announce it all together was apparently misunderstood when our old members posted their own press release yesterday.
While we wish our old bandmembers the best, we put our focus on our new line-up(To be announced!) that will finnish the remainder of what has been an amazing tour so far.
We feel stronger than ever and we can’t wait to tell you guys about all nice things that are coming up soon. A big thank you to all fans and supporters out there, we love you and look forward to seeing you out there!
Much love!
/ Alexander - Singer & Founder of Art Nation.



New ART NATION Album Liberation Out April 28

Friday, April 28, 2017
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Art Nation, the fast rising rock act from Gothenburg, Sweden, will release its highly anticipated second album Liberation, April 28th via Sony Music/Gain.
“When the time came to make the new album, we sought to broaden our sound and push the limits of the genre, while still sounding like ourselves”, singer and frontman Alexander Strandell explains.
This time around, the songs have more versatility and finesse, together with the melodies, catchy hooks, and stellar instrumental performances that Art Nation’s followers have come to expect. The band has been working closely together with selected external songwriters, bringing diversity to the album.
The album was recorded once again at Top Floor Studios by producer/engineer Jakob Herrmann (Amaranthe, Evergrey, Hardcore Superstar), and co-produced by Theodor Hedström and the studio’s assistant engineer Christoffer Borg (Kee Marcello, Bob Hund), who is also one of Art Nation’s guitarists. To further emphasise each song’s identity, the producers and the band made the decision to work with multiple mixing engineers to equally share the mixing duties with Herrmann/Borg. Bringing back Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat), who mixed previous album “Revolution”, felt like an obvious choice. For a third mixing engineer, they chose to work with Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery, Devin Townsend). The album was mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic (In Flames, Avatar).
Spanning over six months, the recording sessions were both creative and exhausting, as the album’s sound was shaped.
“I think we learned more about ourselves and our music in these six months, than we ever have done during our time as a band”, says drummer Carl Tudén. 
Liberation is a musical rollercoaster, starting out with the punchy “Ghost Town”, leading up to the catchy “Kiss Up & Kick Down”, and after taking it down with intricate ballad “When Stars Align”, the instrumental performances of “What Do You Want” will surely make the listener want to go for another ride. 
Your first glimpse of the new album will be the single ”The Real Me”, to be released February 24th. The second single “Ghost Town” will be released the following month, on March 24th, and will feature a music video filmed by Owe Lingvall (Meshuggah, Hammerfall). 
The band will tour throughout the year, including a highly anticipated show at Sweden Rock Festival, Scandinavia’s largest rock festival.



ART NATION - Revolution (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Jakob Herrmann
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock / AOR
AOR Heaven
Release Year: 
Art Nation is an absolutely superb slice of glorious Scandi-AOR. Yes, another Swedish masterpiece is upon us. Anyone who purchased or heard the very highly rated Diamond Dawn debut album needs to sit up and pay attention here.
The band features former vocalist of that band Alexander Strandell and all of that band’s best qualities – big keyboards, big guitars, big hooks, big harmonies and big attitude.
The album rocks pretty hard in places (for an AOR release at least), with a couple of tracks going into double kick drum territory.
The bulk of the songs however are just perfect, sweet, anthemic melodic rockers, with the tempo and feel good factors both “up”.
There’s a little Brother Firetribe and a little H.E.A.T sound to these guys, which I’m sure will bother absolutely no one reading this.
It’s song after song; chorus after chorus here. The record doesn’t let up for a minute.

At this time of year I have to push out too many reviews that deserve more space and time, but don’t let the brevity of this one stop you from checking out one of the year’s best pure AOR, 80s influenced releases.

AOR Heaven August 28 Releases Announced: NEWMAN & ART NATION

Friday, August 28, 2015
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AOR Heaven’s upcoming August 28 releases are announced - NEWMAN & ART NATION.
Band: Art Nation - Revolution
Release date: 28.08.2015
Label: AOR Heaven
Swedish rock band Art Nation release their highly anticipated debut album “Revolution”. Playing concerts throughout the year, while recording the album simultaneously, shows that the band is truly ”going all in”.
Art Nation was formed 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, after lead singer Alexander Strandell’s departure from his former band Diamond Dawn. Strandell, already well known for his strong voice and energetic stage presence, decided to raise the bar, and gathered some of the best musicians available, bassist Simon Gudmundsson being the first, shortly followed by Theodor Hedström and Christoffer Borg.
An acoustic single, ”Moving On”, was recorded, followed by power ballad ”One Is Better Than No One”, which also featured a music video and was released in collaboration with humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), who named the song Official Charity Song of 2014, and all money generated from it was, and still is, donated directly to the organization. ”One Is Better Than No One” was also the starting point of the band’s collaboration with producer and engineer Jakob Herrmann (Raised Fist, Hardcore Superstar, Engel, etc).
Art Nation spent the rest of 2014 playing shows, as well as guesting national TV and radio shows, further building their fan base and reputation. The band got its final line-up when adding second guitarist Johan Gustavsson, together with drummer Carl Tudén, who was recruited just after winning the Swedish Drum Championships.
In early 2015, Art Nation signed a deal with German label AOR Heaven for their full-length debut album, titled “Revolution”. The record was produced and recorded by Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios, together with Christoffer Borg. “Revolution” consists of 12 songs, one being a completely remade version of their first single ”Moving On”. It also features the stripped down piano ballad ”Look To The Sky”, performed in one single take by Strandell and keyboardist Theodor Hedström. The album was mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by renowned mixing engineer Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Engel, Volbeat, etc) and Christoffer Borg and co-produced by Art Nation.
Line-up: Alexander Strandell - Vocals, Christoffer Borg - Guitar, Johan Gustavsson - Guitar, Simon Gudmundsson - Bass, Theodor Hedström -  Keyboards, Carl Tudén - Drums
Tracklist: 1. Need You To Understand, 2. 3000 Beats, 3. I want Out, 4. Number One, 5. Don’t Wait For Salvation, 6. All The Way, 7. Start A Fire, 8. Moving On, 9. Here I Am, 10. Look To The Sky, 11. Wage War Against The World, 12. All In
Soundfiles in advance:

Band: Newman - The Elegance Machine
Release date: 28.08.2015
Label: AOR Heaven
In 1997 Singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman and since 1998 have been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics. The now, hard to find self-titled album was followed up in 1999 by the awesome "One Step Closer" album. Continuing the high standard came "Dance In The Fire" and then "Sign Of The Modern Times" in 2000, and 2003 respectfully. Fans and critics alike began to realize they were dealing with an artist that would evolve and mature with them.
The year 2006 saw the release of "Heaven Knows", and once again proved beyond all doubt that Newman were becoming one of the top purveyors of Melodic Rock in the UK. Later in 2006 Steve Newman broke away from his former label to form "Chrome Dome", an independent label set up for the purpose of continuing to release the Newman product. Any doubts about the quality or consistency were cast aside when in 2007 "Primitive Soul" was released to great acclaim. This was followed in 2008 by "Decade" a double album celebrating 10 years of Newman. However, not wanting to take the usual route of a "hits" album this was packaged with a second CD containing another 14 unreleased songs which ended up being so well received it was reviewed as a new studio album. "Decade" may have been a great way for a band to sign off and call it a day, however, not only was this not even considered, the focus went into producing the next stage of the bands career.
In 2010 "The Art Of Balance" was released to huge acclaim from critics and fans. The band followed this up with a string of successful live dates including Cambridge Rock Festival, Firefest Festival, and a UK Tour supporting John Waite. All this was achieved in the face of huge emotional strain after Steve suffered losing both his parents that year. In fact, as the writing progressed onto the following recording "Under Southern Skies" this AOR Heaven release ended up being a very personal and reflective album for Steve.
All this time , the live band, with the addition of Pete Newdeck on Drums, joining Steve (Vocals, Guitar), Shaun Bessant (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Boyle (Keyboards, Vocals), Dave Bartlett (Bass, Vocals) were gaining momentum, culiminating in shows in Greece, Spain, Germany, and the US.
2014 saw the re-recording and release of the acclaimed first album as a Limited Edition, This coincided with a successful UK tour with Vega.
Now, the legacy continues with the brand new release "The Elegance Machine", the culmination of songs written over the past two years and an album that once again encompasses what Newman stand for. The powerful guitars are present, as is the strong songwriting and huge melodies. But this time it also brings in modern influences such as on the title track "The Elegance Machine" and "Halo" giving the recognizable and reliable Newman sound a more contemporary edge. A natural follow up to "Siren" the album delivers a harder edge than its predecessor, but without losing the emphasis on strong hooks. Steve has always been known for his thought-provoking lyrics, and "The Elegance Machine" is no exception with subject matter ranging from corporate business greed (The Suit), through domestic violence (She Walks In Silence), and even onto the space themed (Prayer For Apollo).
Once again Steve has teamed up with Rob McEwen (drummer for the last 8 Newman albums), and has also brought in the talents of Geoff Wootton backing vocals on "The Suit", "One Good Reason" "Halo", and Mark Thompson-Smith (Praying Mantis, Big Life) backing vocals on "Illuminate", "Send Us Salvation" and "Pretender Surrender".
Produced By Steve Newman;  All songs written by Steve Newman except: "Halo" written by Steve Newman and Paul Boyle.
Tracklist: 1. The Suit (Skyscraper), 2. The Elegance Machine, 3. Don’t Stay Lonely, 4. Illuminate, 5. Confess, 6. Halo, 7. Prayer For Apollo, 8. She Walks In Silence, 9. One Good Reason, 10. Pretender Surrender, 11. Send Us Salvation, 12. Scars
Line-up on this album: Steve Newman: Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards; Rob McEwen: Drums & Percussion; Geoff Wootton: Backing Vocals on “The Suit (Skyscraper)”, "One Good Reason" and "Halo"; Mark Thompson-Smith: Backing Vocals on "Illuminate", "Send Us Salvation" and "Pretender Surrender"
Soundfiles in advance:
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