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Brian Howe (1997)

So Brian, it has been a few years since your departure from Bad Company, what did you spend the time doing?
Since leaving Bad Co. I have literally just taken time off to be with my kids, after having an horrendous divorce. Also the musical climate was changing and I wanted to see it settle a little before I made another record.

How long has it taken to write and record the new solo record?
All in all it took eighteen months to write and record the new record
"Tangled in Blue".

It's great to see you working with producer Terry Thomas, I am also a big fan of his work. You obviously have a good relationship with him?
Terry Thomas and I go back to the dangerous age album and we have remained great friends ever since.

Tell us a few things about the new album. It is a more laid back sound to that of the AOR of the Bad Company records.
With this record I wanted to move away from the A.O.R. area and make a record that I would actually like to hear.
No detriment to BAD CO but I can't keep singing about cars and girls and life on the road forever.

Is there any favourite song off the new record?
My fav song on Tangled in blue is 'I Will Find A Way'. I wrote it
for my children during my divorce and I think it sums up how many fathers feel when the courts favour the mother regarding the children.

How about the band on the album. Who is in it?
The band on the album does not exist, Terry of course played guitars, Felix Krish played bass. Keyboards also by Terry and Felix, and Mick Jones of Foreigner also played on "Don't ask me why".

Are there any touring plans?
There are no touring plans as yet.

I am not sure what really happened, but can you describe the end of your involvement in Bad Company?
Leaving Bad Co. was not a difficult decision, it had got to the point where nobody was contributing anything to songwriting and quite frankly the band was getting very very sloppy live. I quite simply, along with Terry Thomas, got tired of doing all the work and then get nothing but resentment for it from Mick and Simon.

You made four studio and one live album with the band, what were the highlights for you?
The highlight for me in Bad Co. was turning the group around from being almost a bar band (that's how far they had fallen) to selling millions of records again and playing to sold out shows 15,000 / 25,000 people every night.

What was your favourite album to record?
I loved recording all of the Bad Co. studio albums during which time I never saw the other band members !!!!!!!

How about song?
I think my favourite song from those days would have to be "If You Needed Somebody" It still sounds current.

Was it hard to play the original Bad Co. songs live?
Playing BAD CO songs live was no problem as Paul has a lower range than I do it actually gave my voice a rest during what was a very exhausting live show,not many singers would attempt to go where I went range wise and put all those songs in a live set............perhaps only the great John Farnham (my favourite all time

Yeah, John has probably the best voice ever. I wish he would make a rock record! Thanks for your time Brian, good luck with the album.
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BRIAN HOWE Enlists The Help Of MITCH MALLOY For Live Band

Monday, January 19, 2015
News Feed
Singer BRIAN HOWE has enlisted MITCH MALLOY to join his live band as guitarist/backing vocalist. He posted this message to Facebook:
"Ok everybody, it with great pride that I can announce my new guitarist/singer. He is none other than Mitch Malloy. Mitch has worked with many people including.......Taylor Swift, Kenny Loggins, Lady Antebellum, Boys Like girls, Craig Morgan, Chad Kroeger (Nickleback)..........I hope you can all welcome him onboard. This year we are going to rock..........stay tuned !!!!"
MITCH MALLOY shared that status with a message of his own:
"Whoop whoop!!!! Let's ROCK!!! Very excited. Brian's a major talent with great songs and a great voice and it is with pleasure and excitement I announce I will be joining him live on vocals and guitar. 2015 is looking to be a fun year indeed."
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