EPIC - Like A Phoenix (Review)

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Melodic Rock / AOR
Friday, April 22, 2016
An unusual album this, but that’s typical of Escape Music. They have a long history of uncovering albums that fit the genre, but operate outside expectations….and deliver quality melodic rock.
It’s always good to hear new twists on an old format.
Epic are a mix of Canadian, American and Lebanese musicians. Quite something that! The 4 piece is fronted by the powerhouse vocalist Tanya Rizkala, whose deep raspy voice has quite a range and should impress fans of female fronted outfits like Dante Fox, Saraya, Witness and Heart.
Musically you can take those acts and add some swagger that isn’t a world away from Mr. Big and Winger, but with a lighter AOR touch.
This is a hard rock album in part (All I Need and Nah Nah Nah which book end the album) and melodic rock in others (the anthemic brilliant Love Will Find A Way and Like A Phoenix) and then there’s the pure AOR of the lovely ballad I Can Take You which leads into several slow-to-mid tempo ballady tracks through the middle, including the acoustic Sleepless and the dreamy My Everything.

What starts out as a pretty rocking album heads quickly into mid-tempo AOR, which isn’t a bad thing as the songs and the vocals in particular are quality – it just isn’t what I expected based on the artwork and the opening couple of tracks.
Epic do however, deliver something different for fans of female fronted melodic rock and the strength of the production and songwriting is worthy of investigation.

Escape Music Announce the Signing of Female Fronted Band EPIC

Friday, April 22, 2016
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Escape Music is Delighted to Announce The Signing Of Female Fronted Band EPIC!

Track Listing: Love Will Find a way / Like a Phoenix / I can take you / Sleepless / All I need / Angels / My Everything / I need you / Save a little love / Nah Nah Nah

Tanya Rizkala: vocals / Mario Agostine: Guitars / Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem: Drums / Mike Ganime: Bass.

Produced by: Mario Agostine
Mixed by: Alessandro Del Vecchio
Mastered by: Chris Jones

Epic is Canadian, American, and Lebanese Rock band.  A power quartet drawing on years of experience and musicianship and playing in international venues and large arenas.

They are well-known for their hard-driving energy with Tanya's powerful vocal range, Mario's melodic guitar-driven riffs, and a "rock-solid" rhythm section with "Sous" on drums and Mike on Bass.  This die-hard rock formation has wasted no time getting to work as soon as they met; they have been writing, composing, and recording their upcoming Album entitled "Like A Phoenix".

Their music can be described like a super hybrid of bands such as the rocky Saraya, Headpins and Witness and also displays finesse a la Heart, and Winger . It’s a long time since we heard a powerful female fronted rock band as good as this quartet and they are already playing to massive audiences..
“Like a Phoenix” is being released soon by Escape Music and we hope you like this “old school” rock band who have brought that classic female fronted rock sound that we all love into the forefront of rock again..


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