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Mecca - Fergie Frederiksen (2002)

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FERGIE FREDERIKSEN / Mecca - Lead Vocals / Co-Writer

Hi Fergie,
Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions!

It's always a pleasure speaking with you Andrew.

You have worked with Jim Peterik before and through that I know you knew Joe Vana and it was his idea to get you in, but how did you officially find yourself involved in the Mecca project?
Joe and I met while I was returning from holiday in Michigan. I had my 3 boy in the van and I met Joe at a studio some where in the suburbs. I think I got lost trying to find it. Any way, Joe played some songs that he had put together that would be on the CD.
I was very impressed with the tunes. They were demos but had a very good vibe and Joe sounded great on the few I heard. Then he played a couple that Jimmy co-wrote. Man, they were very cool. The idea of working w/ Jimmy producing my vocals and having such a great start made it a no-brainer.

Of course, as always, your vocals on Mecca are awesome, but also some of
the best I have heard from you ever.

I would like to say I'm just getting better, but to be truthful, a lot of it was Jimmy and Larry's approach to recording vocals. Larry has Pro-tools down so well that it was a breeze, no wasted time etc. Jimmy and Larry know each other so well that they have compiled a keeper vocal before you know it.
Oh ya, I practiced the songs a lot at home and w/ Jimmy at his piano which might of helped. "giggle"

How would you rate your performance on Mecca compared to other projects?
I rate it with one of my best vocal efforts. I think I was very prepared to do it and enjoyed the company.

And I guess, where do you consider does this rank amongst other work you
have done?

When I think of LeRoux, Toto, Frederiksen/Phillips, and Equilibrium I would say up in the top two. Which ever those are.

Velocitized is an old unreleased Survivor song and is really pumped up with you guys covering it - it sounds like you had a blast singing that one!
First song we tracked and just a blast to sing. Jimmy and Frankie had a good vibe goin the day that was written.

I love what you and Joe did on Can't Stop Love - the co-lead vocal approach. You guys harmonized brilliantly together. How was that track recorded?
Well, we both knew the song start to finish. Joe sang it pretty much all the way thru and when I came to Chicago I filled in what Jimmy was hearing. Jimmy and Joe had this song in mind from the start as a duet. It turned out pretty cool huh!

You Still Shock Me reminds me a little of your awesome Frederiksen/Phillips album....
This is one of the songs I heard the day I committed to the project. I really connected with the demo and wanted very badly to sing it. Thanks for thinking of F/P because that's what I kinda felt too.

It also sounds like you are having a lot of fun on the final cut [the Japan bonus track] Miss-Chevious?
Wow! When Mike came up w/ the riff, Jimmy was all over it and I wasn't far behind. Some songs are just meant to be fun and are written effortlessly. This one is one of those. Jimmy adding the horns really kicked ass.

What I thought was interesting was having you and Joe performing backing vocals on each other's lead tracks. How did you find that experience?
It was what we had in mind from the start. Joe and I are similar in some ways and quite different in others. Jimmy just got us in the spots he thought showed our styles off the best and did the best for the song.

How do you rate Joe's performance as his debut album?!!
Great!!! Joe hasn't been recording for near as long as Jimmy and myself but it's hard to tell. He has a great feel and a pleasure to hang with...

Before now, had you worked with Thom Griffin before at all?

What songs off this album really appealed to you / what were your favourite songs & why?
You Still Shock Me because it wasn't an easy song to sing yet it was a blast to get into. Once I learned the song I couldn't get it out of my head and when we recorded it, well, it felt great!
Mecca is still my fav on the CD. Even though I'm not singing it, Joe did such a great job writing it and singing it, it moved me a lot.

How about a Thom Griffin / Fergie album? I could help you guys get that off the ground for sure!!
Hey, Maybe I'll have to shake some trees???????
I think we need to ask Tom.

What possibilities exist for the next Fergie solo album?
There will be another. Either a solo or a F/P. Ricky and I talk about it often. It's hard to get the financing you need to get all those great players together. It's not like just sitting in the studio and playing everything yourself. We had some of the best of the best on that CD. I hope someone reads this and has an idea. Hint,Hint

You have worked with some fabulous bands, all seemingly now part of AOR / Melodic Rock's cult favourites list! How do you feel about that?!!
I'm flattered to death. It means alot to me now that I'm really able to enjoy life. I only hope I don't let them down, because I proud to be in such company.

Le Roux, Trillion, Toto, Frederiksen/Phillips, Mecca - what stands out as personal favourites to be involved in / why?
LeRoux, and F/P I guess. I mean if you consider I was in Toto when they were the hottest band in the world, that was fun. But to be honest, LeRoux probably.

I truly love the Frederiksen/Phillips album. Even though you and Ricky also worked on your solo album, the P/F album had such diverse power.
And what are you working on currently and what is coming up on the horizon for you?!!

I've been speaking w/ a few people about what I'm gonna do. I haven't decided yet. I feel it's getting close to that time.

Anything you would like to add Fergie?
Andrew, your the greatest and every body know it. I proud to be your friend. Take care. Oh ya, I still owe you a beer or two. All the best…

Thanks Fergie, pleasure is all mine!



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