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FOREST FIELD Hope to 'Change The World'

First arrival from the coming new Forest Field album Seasons is a single edit of Change The World. Since it is a song with a message of hope, a lyric video seemed the way to go. The song immediately entered the local top 10 at the number 1 position!
And there is more. The single edit can be downloaded for free at
On the band's site principal instrumentalist and songwriter Peter Cox will publish thoughts and ideas behind all the tracks on the new album. So far 3 songs have hit the stage.
The pre-order for the CD (with stunning art) is already available from the band's label Rock Company, as usual with a discount.

FOREST FIELD's 4th Album 'Lonely Desert' Out Now

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Forest Field are back with  their fourth full length album. After the award winning Angels album (best Rock album of 2015 on One World Music Radio), Forest Field just dived in with eyes closed and set out to make an even more exciting album. Loosely based on the Dune saga from Frank Herbert and other science fiction topics, Lonely Desert raises the bar even further. From instrumental tracks, to the epic Fear, the band bring their trademark melodies, harmonies and impressive guitar work to the next level. Let alone the beautiful art from the famous Blekkmark Design Studio…
·         Valley Of Pain (7:10)
·         Coriolis (7:01)*
·         Doomed In The Desert (6:21)
·         Alienation (Stranger In Me) (5:08)
·         To Bits (3:01)*
·         Asleep (5:24)
·         Into The Light (5:25)
·         Riding The Worm (3:27)*
·         The Confrontation (5:05)
·         Fear (15:10)
*  instrumental.
The video EPK:

Forest Field - 'Angels' (Official EPK)

The official presentation of a number of tracks from the upcoming release 'Angels' by Forest Field. Melodic progressive rock at its finest! Order at and visit the band at

Onwards And Upwards for Prog-Rockers FOREST FIELD (Feat. Phil Vincent)

Sunday, September 7, 2014
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The second full length album from Forest Field, Onwards And Upwards will see it´s official release on September 7.
Again all songs and instruments were handled by Peter Cox. The mighty Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, solo, etc) delivered another stunning set of lead and harmony vocals and the wonderful Sue Straw performed Native American flutes on one track.

We are very proud to announce that the mix was done by Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa:, etc.) and the mastering by Maor Appelbaum, both in California, USA.

An EPK will follow soon, but we have a little teaser avaiable on our YouTube channel. Of course you are welcome to subscribe.

Onwards And Upwards holds 11 tracks, instrumental and vocal, in a prog rock vein. Track list and more info on the site. A pre-sale is available on iTunes, where you get instant access to A Miracle.


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