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In episode 119 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by EXTREME frontman, Gary Cherone.

Gary sits down with Mitch to discuss his band's performance at Heavy Montreal in August, the 25th Pornograffitti Anniversary tour, their upcoming live album & DVD, making new music, his band HURTSMILE, working with Nuno Bettencourt, addresses the recent Eddie Van Halen (Billboard) interview, working on a second Van Halen album (the follow-up to the Van Halen III) and working with Madonna songwriter Patrick Leonard, did Michael Anthony play on VH III, working with producer Michael Wagener, the importance of having a producer, working on the KISS My Ass (tribute to KISS album) and reveals which song Gene Simmons wanted them to record (from The Elder), Dream Theater' Mike Magini's time with the band, and much much more.

Quote from the interview:

On new Extreme music: "There will be new music. It's important for the band and the fans have been asking for it. We are long overdue."

On the second (yet unreleased) Gary Cherone - Van Halen album: "Patrick Leonard (Madonna's songwriter) came up to 5150 and we wrote a couple of songs with him, but most of the demos were just me and Eddie. The two songs were did with him (Patrick Leonard) were actually really good. There was some real good stuff."

"The whole Sammy/Michael thing... I love Mike. He's an underrated bass player in a band with two virtuosos. Even Alex gets overshadowed by Eddie."

On Michael Anthony needing to be shown how to play by Eddie Van Halen: "There was never a video camera and Michael played on VH III. Michael was a rock on the VH 3 tour."

Speaking of Extreme's bassist Pat Badger: "We call Pat Badger the poor man's Michael Anthony."

This episode is co-hosted by FIREHOUSE guitarist, Bill Leverty (who discusses Firehouse's plan for a 25th Anniversary Firehouse [1st album] tour).

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