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JOE PERRY - Hospital Update

Joe Perry update:
Following a guest performance during Billy Joel's show last night at Madison Square Garden, Joe Perry experienced shortness of breath and was treated backstage by paramedics who gave the guitarist oxygen and used a tracheal tube to clear his airway before taking him to a hospital. This morning Perry remains in the hospital where he is alert and responsive. The Aerosmith guitarist will be unable to appear today at Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp in Florida and apologizes to those attending. Perry is expected to return to the road later this month.

JOE PERRY Readies 'Sweetzerland Manifesto' Solo Album For January 19

Friday, January 19, 2018
JOE PERRY--legendary guitarist, co-founding member, principal songwriter and co-producer of Aerosmith--is readying his new solo album SWEETZERLAND MANIFESTO for release on January 19, 2018.
Due out on his own Roman Records imprint (distributed worldwide by AMPED Distribution), SWEETZERLAND MANIFESTO marks JOE's sixth solo album and is comprised of 10 new tracks. They were all written or co-written by JOE (many with the album's guest vocalists), except for a cover of "Eve Of Destruction" with JOE on lead vocals and Johnny Depp on drums. The album features guest appearances from a long list of JOE's friends, colleagues and rock and roll icons.  Highlights include "Aye, Aye, Aye," which JOE co-wrote with the track's vocalist Robin Zander,and three collaborations with David Johansen, who sings "I Wanna Roll," "Haberdasher Blues," and "I'm Going Crazy," plus as many co-writes with Terry Reid whose lead vocals light up "I'll Do Happiness," (with Zak Starkey on drums), "Sick & Tired" and "Won't Let Me Go."
SWEETZERLAND MANIFESTO was recorded at Studio 1480 in Los Angeles and produced by JOE PERRY and Bruce Witkin, with Johnny Depp serving as executive producer and additional help from Jack Douglas who co-wrote and co-produced a number of tracks.  It was engineered by Witkin and Tony Perry.  The album was mixed by Tony Perry with Ari Blitz serving as assistant mix engineer at After Master in Los Angeles.  On the album, JOE also teams up with sons Tony and Roman on "Spanish Sushi," which was produced and arranged by The Perry Boys with JOE on guitars and bass, Roman adding synthesizer programming and Tony handling drum programming.
"It's going to be interesting to see what songs people gravitate to because there's such a wide variety of tunes," JOE notes.
The SWEETZERLAND MANIFESTO track listing is as follows:
Rumble In The Jungle (instrumental)
I'll Do Happiness (featuring Terry Reid)
Aye, Aye, Aye (featuring Robin Zander)
I Wanna Roll (featuring David Johansen)
Sick & Tired (featuring Terry Reid)
Haberdasher Blues (featuring David Johansen)
Spanish Sushi (instrumental)
Eve Of Destruction (featuring Joe Perry)
I'm Going Crazy (featuring David Johansen)
Won't Let Me Go (featuring Terry Reid)

One On One With Mitch Lafon - JOE PERRY

Thursday, December 18, 2014

AEROSMITH's JOE PERRY joins Mitch on EPISODE 77 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. Drummer MATT STARR co-host. Matt played all drums on Ace Frehley's brilliant 2014 effort, Space Invader. He also plays in Burning Rain with Doug Aldrich (Ex-Whitesnake & Revolution Saints) as well as currently being MR. BIG's touring drummer.

In this episode's only interview, guitarist Joe Perry talks about his new EP 'Joe Perry's Merry Christmas', his book 'Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith', early Aerosmith vs. current Aerosmith, the album Done With Mirrors, having Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter play guitars on Aerosmith's Get Your Wings album, what kind of Aerosmith album he'd like to make now, the Joe Perry Project and more.

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JOE PERRY Says Merry Christmas With Solo EP

Friday, December 5, 2014

Coming off the release of his New York Times best-selling memoir, ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith (released October 7 via Simon & Schuster), JOE PERRY has just released a four song EP: JOE PERRY’S MERRY CHRISTMAS (Unison Music Group).  PERRY’s first-ever collection of holiday songs features four Christmas classics: “White Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” and “Run Run Rudolph” with Johnny Depp on rhythm guitar. The EP is available now at Unison’s website or on iTunes.

“I have wanted to do a Christmas CD with Aerosmith for years, but it seems we never have the time to record one,” JOE says.  “When my ROCKS book tour ended, the timing was right--we were in LA with access to a studio with some really talented friends and it all fell together.  I was finally able to record some Christmas classics for the fans.”

With so many holiday songs out there, how did you choose these selections? And, why did you choose to record some as instrumentals and others as vocal tracks?
JP:  “The two instrumentals are among the 10 most popular Christmas songs. Almost everyone knows the lyrics to ‘Silent Night’ and ‘White Christmas,’ so we treated them as songs that people could sing along to, while staying close to the classic versions everyone knows. The two vocal songs, ‘Santa’s Back in Town’ and ‘Run Run Rudolph’ are rockers made famous by Elvis and Chuck Berry. They are probably less well known so you would have to hear the lyrics to know they are Christmas songs. They are two of my favorite holiday songs.”
What do the holidays mean to you?
JP:  “It’s a time for the family to get together and try to put the troubles of the world aside for a short while.”
Do you have any annual family holiday traditions?
JP:  “We always open a gift the night before Christmas.  Now that the kids are older, we wake up and have brunch in front of the fire while opening the traditional Christmas stockings--that were handmade by their grandmother--and have hung on the mantle for years.  We take our time opening gifts and do not rip through them, making the day last as long as possible. We usually eat appetizers Christmas Day because we normally have a big Christmas Eve dinner, although it varies from year to year. We usually end up watching Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story with our family later in the day.”
You’ve talked a lot about your upbringing in your new book ROCKS, do you have a favorite holiday memory?
JP:  “There was a time after Aerosmith got back together when we were doing almost yearly New Year’s Eve shows. One of my favorite ones was at the Orpheum right before the New Year rang in--we dragged living room furniture onto the stage and brought our wives out and celebrated with our fans.”
As co-founding member, principal songwriter, electrifying lead guitarist and co-producer of Aerosmith--America’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band--JOE PERRY has achieved permanent iconic stature in the pantheon of rock. He has helped to drive his band, over the course of four decades, to sales of more than 150 million albums, critical acclaim, four Grammy Awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. PERRY's work with Aerosmith has resulted in an unending array of accolades and honors. In June 2013, PERRY was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the organization’s 44th Annual Induction and Awards Dinner. October 2014 saw the release of PERRY’s first book ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith, which debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list at #8. Throughout the book, PERRY reflects on his career with Aerosmith and his life as a musician, husband and father.
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JOE PERRY’S ‘Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith’ On NYT Bestseller List

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Since its October 7 release, JOE PERRY’s ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith (Simon & Schuster) has spent its initial two weeks on the prestigious NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list.  ROCKS entered the charts at #8 and remained in the Top Ten (#10) in week two.  In the book, PERRY shares--with total candor and without apology--what life is like as the lead guitarist and co-head writer of Aerosmith
Perry has been in high demand, completing a cross-country book tour with multiple nights in New York, his Boston hometown (three in-stores), Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles and a stop at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. He has been equally busy with top-tier broadcast appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, Tavis Smiley, and Larry King alongside popular national radio including Howard Stern and Imus In The Morning.  
Here’s some initial critical feedback on ROCKS:
“Well-paced [and] well-plotted. … Perry’s anecdotes could have been flown in from some ace rock ’n’ roll-centric novel, and do more than amuse; the best enlighten, not just about this band and the partnership at the core of it, but the very nature of creativity itself. … A mini-masterpiece, a term that, scaled back a touch further still, describes this able memoir.”
“Perry provides evocative portraits of his very American youth… The years of rock and roll notoriety are standard issue—drugs, partying, bad decisions—although the story shines on those rare occasions when Perry details the nuts and bolts of song making. Later chapters covering the manipulations of a Svengali-like producer have their own allure, as do the discussions of the complexity and expense of producing hits. … Perry’s book will strike gold with every Aerosmith fan.”
“Joe Perry reflects on his roller coaster of a life.”
--PARADE, 10-14-14
“With unvarnished candor, he tells his side of the toxicity.” Weeklings, 10-7-14
“The book stays true to Joe’s personality, offering a thoughtful, no-nonsense look at the highs and lows--followed by more highs and lows--of Aerosmith’s fascinating history.”, 10-7-14
“An honest reflection of the life and career of one of rock’s all-time greats. Perry pulls no punches in detailing the rise, fall and second coming of one of the greatest American rock bands. … Rocks really shines in its ability to showcase a different side of human nature and just what it takes to get along.”
--GUITAR WORLD, 10-8-14
--GIBSON, 10-7-14
“[Perry] chronicles the sometimes-turbulent 40-plus-year history of Aerosmith, which is what fans would hope. But beyond that, the 64-year-old artist's delightfully readable tome is the story of the boy who grew into the man who grew into the rock star who grew into the father and husband he is.”
“Perry is candid in detailing his sojourn in one of the most famously debauched-then-reborn--and debauched again, and reborn again--bands in history.”
“Brutally honest …. [a] delightfully readable tome.”

Beginning with a foreword by Johnny Depp ROCKS is both a study in brotherhood and solitude.  Throughout the book, Perry reflects on the people who stood beside him during the highs and lows as he and Aerosmith skyrocketed into a world of fame and utter excess. Before he was one half of the “Toxic Twins,” Perry was a science-obsessed kid who dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. His loving, supportive parents encouraged his curiosity and sent him to Vermont Academy where his love for rock and roll grew, along with his obsession for the guitar. Within weeks of graduating from Vermont Academy, Perry dropped out for refusing to cut his hair. By 1970, Perry and Tom Hamilton had been playing together for two years when they decided to move to Boston, rent an apartment and fill it with a band that we know today as Aerosmith. Aerosmith--featuring Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford alongside Perry and Hamilton--signed with Columbia Records in 1972.
In Perry’s own words, ROCKS tells the whole story--“the loner’s story, the band’s story, the recovery story, the cult story, the love story, the success story, the failure story, the rebirth story, the re-destruction story, and the post-destructive rebirth story”--of what came to pass over the next five decades and details the perks and perils that go hand-in-hand with an extreme rock and roll lifestyle. With over 100 photographs showing Perry’s life on- and off-stage, “[ROCKS] will strike gold with every Aerosmith fan” (Publishers Weekly).
About the Authors
Joe Perry
is the cofounder of Aerosmith. He is the band's leading guitarist and, along with Steven Tyler, its main songwriter.
David Ritz has been called "the first call celebrity collaborator" by The New York Times. He has written books with everyone from Ray Charles to Janet Jackson.
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