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Jon Levin (Dokken, Doro, Warlock) discusses his life and career on this week's Double Stop Podcast. From his early days and bands, to his first big break with Doro (Warlock) with the Force Majeure album and tour. We also discuss why he turned his back on music in the 90’s and became a lawyer, and how (over a couple of years) he landed the lead guitarist gig in Dokken. We discuss his 3 Dokken studio albums in depth (Hell To Pay (2004), Lightning Strikes Again (2008) and Broken Bones (2012), plus what the future lies for Dokken and possible recording plans.
On Dokken’s recording plans 60:00 "What we’re talking about is not doing a record, but maybe doing an EP, and then some videos. Three songs, or four songs and then a video for each song. And that makes a lot more sense to me.”
On his first time in the studio with Dokken (recording solos - a few years before he actually joined the band pre Reb Beach) 23:00 “The two songs were The Maddest Hatter but it was a different version of The Madddest Hatter, a slower version. Not the up-tempo version we now have today. And then “The Irish Song” (released as a bonus track for Long Way Home”).
On the recording of Broken Bones 50:20 “Loved it. The most fun of any record we’ve made. Loved it. Don and I purchased identical recording studios. Identical computers, identical pro-tools everything.”
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