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KINGDOM OF MADNESS Finds Former MAGNUM Alumni Reunited

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Fans of classic MAGNUM are in for a surprise, with old and recently departed members coming together to form KINGDOM OF MADNESS, a group dedicated to performing classic Magnum tracks from the era 1978-1994 and includes recently deposed keyboardist Mark Stanway and popular drummer Mickey Barker.
The group features musicians who have either toured or recorded with Magnum, with the addition of bass supremo Neil Murray and his Snakecharmer band mate, vocalist Chris Ousey (Heartland, Virginia Wolf).
Stanway: “There is an extensive catalogue of great songs from the classic years of Magnum which have not been performed on stage in many years and which audiences have constantly requested. Having said that, I should state that we by no means consider ourselves a Magnum ‘tribute’ – how can it be when five of the members have a shared legacy with the band?
I’m delighted to be working with Richard Bailey, Mickey Barker, Laurence Archer and Mo Birch again, and in bassist Neil Murray and vocalist Chris Ousey, we have two musicians with their own distinct history who will obviously bring their personal musical identity to the project.
In addition, with our focus being firmly on the music from the earlier period, we do not perceive ourselves as being in ‘competition’ with the current Magnum. There is more than enough music to keep both bands busy – a fitting testament to the song-writing of Tony Clarkin.”
Kingdom Of Madness will make their live debut at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton, on Friday December 21.
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