Introducing Denmark's LUCER

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
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LUCER, probably the most promising hard rock band out of Denmark in a decade. Big words, but ask anyone who've seen this band live and they will agree. Being hailed as the new D-A-D, the AC/DC of Denmark or simply just a fucking great rock'n'roll band, LUCER are coming at you fast and vigorously.
The band consists of the two charismatic brothers Lasse B'gemark and Anders B'gemark and drummer Jonathan N'rgaard and despite their young age, they have already played 70+ shows in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
Michael H. Andersen, CEO & A&R from Target Group/Mighty Music witnessed the band live and was blown away. 'I seriously can't think of the last time I saw a Danish rock band that made such an honest and big impression on me. I just knew I had to work with these boys'.
Shortly after our young friends were introduced to Mike Tramp. Getting Tramp involved as a mentor turned out to be a good idea, as the chemistry between him and the band was both positive and constructive. Tramp continues to be onboard as a mentor for the band.  Mike Tramp says; 'You can't deny the energy that happens when an unspoiled youthful rock band put the pedal to the metal and crank it up to 11. It almost makes you wanna go back and and re-live it yourself again. Great to see new band emerging from the shores of Denmark, that even I like and approve of.'
Next step was to get LUCER into a professional studio. One thing is being a great live act, another is hitting the nail recording. Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Electric Guitars) and Medley Studio was the obvious choice. And during just one intense day ' the 2nd of January with New Year Eve hangovers, the boys recorded two songs, 'Working In The Moonshine' and a cover version of Cliff Richard's 'Devil Woman'.
The rest is history... LUCER did what they had to do and more in the studio and the result is this self-titled 7' vinyl release.
'These 3 kids rock your sox off !!'was what Ken Anthony (ex-manager of Mercyful Fate & Pretty Maids) had to say the first time he saw LUCER live. Ken is now a proclaimed fan and side-man for the band.
'. Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out the video for the first single 'Working In The Moonshine', which was filmed at a moped club on Copenhagen.  It's available on Youtube.
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