Lyria - The Rain (Official Music Video)

One of Lyria's most popular songs, The Rain, just won a clip. Inspired by the story of an Australian fan diagnosed on the autism spectrum, the song talks about overcoming and about love. The video was recorded at Casa Santa Ignez, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and shows a series of "easter eggs" related to the disorder, as a way of drawing attention to the cause. The track is part of the album "Immersion", released in 2018.
“We like to talk about emotional issues that deserve attention and cause identification with listeners. 'The Rain' is one of the most beloved songs in the audience and talks about autism, sensations, life and overcoming.”, reveals Lyria’s vocalist, Aline Happ.
The song was inspired by a poem written by Warren Mayocchi that, along with the lyrics to 'The Rain', can be found in the book ‘Human: Finding Myself in the Autism Spectrum. The fan is on the autism spectrum and the song portrays the overcoming of the obstacles faced by his condition. The song addresses the feeling of isolation, the difficulty of opening up, and how love can become a source of security and self-confidence.
The video for "The Rain" is full of symbolism. Starting with the costumes, the dresses in blue and the covers in blue and purplish red refer to the fight for the cause. The cover itself can be understood as a veil that hides the person and that brings a sense of protection. The falling rain refers to a unique sensory experience and the feeling of freedom.
By removing the hood and enjoying the rain, you can see the delivery to the new sensations. The doorway shows the transition between childhood and adulthood. It is also noted the child's legs positioned in a very characteristic way in W. The puzzle refers to the autistic preference for individual and logical games, besides being one of the symbols of autism.
The clip also shows the protagonist's encounter with her childhood version, bringing a counterpoint between childhood fascination and the reality of adulthood, between freedom to be alone and the comfort of learning to relate. The child's lack of eye contact with the viewer changes when the child becomes an adult, overcoming some barriers to look into the eyes of the viewer. The adult reconnects with the child in order to remember his true essence, and now, bringing the learning that he no longer has to hide his true self or become reclusive.
The song “The Rain” was composed by Lyria, while the lyrics are a partnership of Aline and Patrick Happ. The youngest Aline in the video is actress Laura Naylor, the makeup done by Aline Happ, who also participated in the costume, along with Regina Sampaio. The video is from Vinicius Hozara (CS Music Videos). Lyria thanks Casa Santa Ignez for the support, trust and availability of the place. And special thanks also to the project supporters, mentioned by name in the video description on YouTube.
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