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Marc Ferrari (1996)


So Marc what are your movements of late?
More of the same!!! Last year my band "Medicine Wheel", released a cd called "First Things First" in Europe via Dream Circle and in Japan via Alfa/Brunette. We went over to Japan last November (1995) and played a few was great!!!

How have the two Medicine Wheel cds gone for you?
Pretty well....the first album, "First Things First" was released in Europe and Japan, and the 2nd one just came out, so we're in the process of negotiating deals right now.
I have also released my first-ever solo album called "Marc Ferrari + Friends: Guest List" last January. It features guest performances by Robin McAuley (MSG), Steve Plunkett (Autograph), Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch), Bob Kulick (MeatLoaf, Alice Cooper, Blackthorne), Tommy Thayer (Black n Blue / Shake The Faith), Pat Torpey (Mr.Big), and all the dudes from "Cold Sweat", and more. The Japanese version on Alfa / Brunette features a bonus track written by myself and Paul Taylor (Winger), and sung by Marq Torien (Bulletboys). I am trying to get deals here in the USA so it will be a domestic release.
It has done better than expected!!

How did you get so many great guys on the CD?
They were just friends of mine...we always see each other around in LA so it just seemed natural for me to invite mey friends to help on the CD

Will you work with any of the guys again, given the chance? was a dream working with everyone. I am a fan as well as a friend with all the guys on the CD.
I am a big fan of Robin McAuley and Carl Dixon and also Paul Gilbert.

You seem like a busy guy, what elso have you got on the drawing board for the near term and maybe even the long term?
Still working on getting the latest "Medicine Wheel" CD licensed...writing more songs for film / tv and keeping my business operating!! Yeah, how did you get into writing songs for TV?
Just starting submitting my songs for various film / tv projects...eventually people started usung some, and it just grew.

You have quite an impressive list of featured tracks!!
Yeah, I have been getting a lot of songs in...for those of you who are familiar with the first "Medicine Wheel" album, our song "Blue Over You" was in the latest Steven Seagal movie, "Under Siege 2!!
I also had 25 songs in the 1996 Summer Olympics, as well as songs in "Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Friends", "Guiding Light", "General Hospital", "Entertainment Tonite", "L.A. Firefighters", "Mad About You", "Sisters", "Lois and Clark", and some others.

Just how many?!!!
Nearly 350 songs in film / Tv in nearly 3 years!!

Did that lead you to your acting debut?
No, the acting thing was separate. I recently filmed an episode of "Murder She Wrote"...I played a guitar player in a band that was an accessory to the murder...the episode was called "Death Goes Double Platinum", and aired January 4. I also filmed an episode of "Step by Step" with Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy.
Although I'm not planning an acting career, it's fun doing these sideline gigs.
I got strted going back to the time "Keel" worked with Penelope Spheeris on a video for a movie she directed in 1987. I have since done some sideline work, but it's through the musician's union here.

There are a few reunions going on, how about a Keel one?
There are no plans for one right now...we haven't discussed it...everyone's doing their own thing!!! Do you still see the guys about?
Yes, I saw Ron + Dwain this year in Phoenix, and hung out with Bryan Jay also.

Did I hear correctly that Ron is now Ronnie, and down in Nashville?
Actually, he's in Phoenix. He goes by "Ronnie Lee keel" and is doing Country music!

Definate food for thought, that one!! Thanks Marc!


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