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Network (Track By Track)



Break Away - I believe that I wrote this song in late 1988. The song is about how we all seem to get caught up in what we are trying to accomplish, always thinking about our future goals and, consequently, losing sight of enjoying the present. Before too long we find ourselves older and looking back on the good old days only to realize that we didn't appreciate them as much as we should have at the time.

Love's Gonna Get Ya - A straightforward rocker about how no one can escape falling in love at some point in their life.

Shine On - I believe that Larry Baud wrote this song shortly after we had lost our friend Tony Destra from Cinderella in a tragic automobile accident. The song is an uplifting ballad written in tribute not only Tony, but to those whose lives have touched ours, but are unfortunately no longer with us.

Breakin' My Heart - This song is one of my personal favorites. This is one of the first songs I wrote just after getting the band together. I had just bought a new keyboard and was inspired by some of the great sounds. After I had written the music and had the hook line for the chorus, I decided to give the song to Larry to finish writing the lyrics. I think he did a great job! As for the song's meaning....the title says it all. of my favorites!

Rock Me - Rock Me is simply an up-tempo rocker about a great looking girl who could have her way with anyone. No rocket science here.

Tell Me Why - I can remember writing this song and while wanting to keep it commercial and melodic, I felt that it should still have a heavy edge to it. The song lyrics are pretty straightforward. It is about a guy who has been cheated on but doesn't want to let go&a glutton for punishment.

Love Won't Wait - This song has a great groove. I personally like the guitar was fun to play. Again, this song is about the love and its many ups and downs.

Suzanne - This is another one of my favorites. This song was truly written from the heart. Greg Cellini wrote this song after the end of a long-time heartbreaking relationship. They say that some of the best songs come from real-life experiences. So true.

Chance of a Lifetime - This song is about following your dreams. More specifically, about obtaining a record deal. Appropriately enough, this song was written collectively by the entire band.

Crashin' Hollywood - The music to this track was written by myself and Greg Helm, Networks very first drummer. The music was then given to Larry to write the lyrics. The song is about one person's dream of one day enjoying the same life as that of a Hollywood star.

Christina - This song was written by the entire band as well. This song was as I recall a lot of work due to the nature of the vocal harmonies and transitions in the song. When we were working on coming up with a chorus for this song we had some very humorous working hooks like, "Ocra Steamer, Don't You Know I'd Eat Ya". There were a lot of laughs after that one. All kidding aside, this was one of our best ballads. I know that I speak for everyone in the band when I say we all take pride in having been part of composing this song.

No Place Like Home - I think this is a cool song. Larry wrote this one. Rhythmically, this song departs from almost all of our music. I think that is one of the reasons I like it so much. I believe that this song is about a wonderful relationship and how good life is together.

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