Michael Jessen


Michael Jessen - "Your Photograph" (Album 'Bulletproof' Out March 15)

Born and raised in Denmark, Michael Jessen played with several rock bands through his youth, including “McTamparcs” to “High Octane”, “RockStar” and several others.
He picked up the guitar by the age of 15, and a childhood friend taught him how to play the main riff for AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”.
For 2014’s debut ‘Memories’, Michael teamed with one of his vocal heroes Goran Edman, who I am very pleased to say is back in the frontman role for all vocals on the new ‘Bulletproof’ release.
Vocals: Göran Edman
Guitars: Michael Jessen
Bass: Christoffer Hoås
Drums: Mads Grunnet
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