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The Murder of My Sweet Debut Single 'Tin Soldiers' From Album 'Brave Tin World'

“Brave Tin World” is yet another fantastic album where the band delivers a fine slice of cinematic/symphonic metal. Often compared to musical giants such as Within Temptation, Nemesea, and Delain, The Murder of My Sweet are Sweden’s significant answer to those revered Dutch acts. Musically, the band’s new album follows the path of their previous record, "Beth Out Of Hell", with a more straight-ahead songwriting approach, while still offering the symphonic and cinematic elements the band is now well-known for. "Brave Tin World" showcases a Nordic sound that the members of the band grew up listening to and lyrically takes on issues in tune with our modern day life. "It's a more relaxed and mature album,” says producer and drummer Daniel Flores. "We're currently in transition with our songwriting, trying to bring out our identity instead of our chops. Sonically, we've taken a step further too, concentrating on more details than before."
Debuting with the first single, “Tin Soldiers” the band is truly stronger than ever. "The song seems like it's been growing in our heads for the past ten years. We just didn't know how to communicate it properly until now. It's sort of an adventure about a mature topic that is unfortunately still very much of an issue these days,” tells singer Angelica Rylin.
With Angelica Rylin carrying the vocals with her smooth, powerful voice, the wall of sound supporting the vocals is provided by Christopher Vetter on guitar, Patrik Janson on bass, and Daniel Flores on drums and keyboards. It’s easy to close your eyes while listening to The Murder of My Sweet and imagine you are listening to a movie soundtrack. It has that musical film production value that makes movies feel bigger than life, but translated to music. 
"This album has something we've never accomplished before,” concludes Daniel Flores. "It's a perfect balance between heavy and light and the immersion is so substantial no one will be able to deny it."
THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s aim is to create a distorted film noir vibe and experience by putting the wonder, sadness, humour and sheer zest of life into their music. By playing it to the point where the drama explodes, the music and the words become the utmost expression of the direct and ecstatic pure joy of being. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET have arrived again with an unforgettable thrill of a lifetime album. Whatever you do, don’t miss the show.
1. Tin Soldiers
2. My Religion
3. Head Of The Snake
4. Reasons To Live
5. Safe In The Shadows
6. Hit The Ground
7. Everyone Wins
8. Memento
9. Keeper Of The Flame
10. Worth Fighting For
11. Alchemy Of Sins
Angelica Rylin - Vocals
Daniel Flores - Keyboards, strings arrangements, backing vocals and Drums
Christopher Vetter - Acoustic and electric guitars
Patrik Janson - Bass

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Deliver 'Echoes Of The Aftermath' in January

Friday, January 27, 2017
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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of The Murder of My Sweet's fourth studio album, 'Echoes of the Aftermath' on January 27th, 2017!
2015 saw The Murder Of My Sweet reunite with their original label home, Frontiers for the release of their concept album 'Beth Out of Hell', a magnificent album that was described as '[a]lmost Wagnerian in style' (Sonic Cathedral) and favorably compared to such masterpieces as Queensr'che's 'Operation: Mindcrime' by the UK's Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine.
The new album 'Echoes of the Aftermath' musically follows on the heels of the previous record, with a more straight ahead songwriting approach, but still offering the symphonic and cinematic elements the band is now well known for. 'Echoes of the Aftermath' showcases a Nordic sound that the members of the band grew up listening to and lyrically takes on issues in tune with our modern day life.
Drummer/producer Daniel Flores says: 'During the process of writing "Beth out of Hell" with Angelica, I came up with lots of riffs, melodies and music that didn't necessarily fit the concept of the album. The inspiration and creative buzz from those songwriting sessions stayed with us and helped us come up with a new album very quickly. And of course the warm reception from fans and media had a helping hand too. I'm personally also really proud of the sonic impact of this record, I've learnt so much during these past years working with Frontiers and I'm so glad I can showcase this in full force on this album. The guys in the band are feeling very creative these days and thanks to the fans we are able to give you our "Echoes of the Aftermath!'
Singer Angelica Rylin adds: "For me, the writing process for this album became a way to reconnect with my Nordic roots. I've always been a fan of John Bauer (Swedish painter and illustrator) and his portraits of Swedish folklore and fairy tales was a big inspiration for me. And it was a nice break from "Beth", who had become such a big part of my life for a very long time."
Tour dates are planned in support of the album. Be sure to catch The Murder of My Sweet when they play in a town near you!
1. Sleeping Giant
2. Personal Hell
3. Racing Heart
4. Cry Wolf
5. Echoes Of The Aftermath
6. Flatline
7. Loud As A Whisper
8. Shining After Dark
9. Ode To Everyone
10. Go On
11. In Risk Of Rain
12. Inside Outside
Angelica Rylin - Vocals
Christopher Vetter - Guitar
Patrik Janson - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums and Keyboards

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - Beth Out Of Hell (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Daniel Flores
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Progressive Symphonic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
It’s been 3 years since The Murder Of My Sweet’s second album and eight since their debut introduced us to a unique brand of modern/gothic/symphonic Scandi hard rock, from the mind of producer/drummer Daniel Flores and fronted by vocalist Angelica Rylin. Daniel and Angelica wrote this epic album together and Daniel produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this ambitious slice of music.
Heavier, darker, more symphonic and certainly more dramatic, Beth Out Of Hell is a 70 minute concept piece that travels the spectrum of emotions from anger, to love, passion and angst.
This isn’t an easy album to absorb. It takes time and concentration to unravel all of the music within. The album is almost a rock opera, with passages of music crossing into other songs and some lengthy tunes really going over the top. The two longest (Requiem For A Ghost 9.28 and Means To An End 11.04) are mini operas within themselves.
Highlights include the aforementioned epics, along with the dramatic and moody World In Ashes; the symphonic keyboard laden Always The Fugitive; the more commercial melodic rockers Still and The Humble Servant; plus the anthemic roller coaster that is Euthanasia.

The orchestration and attention to detail throughout is a credit to Flores.
More progressive and orchestral than the first two records, Beth Out Of Hell is a real work of art – but it will have to suit the mood and tastes of those looking to purchase.

The Murder of My Sweet - The Humble Servant (Lyric Video)

On August 21st, Frontiers will release The Murder of My Sweet's new album, BETH OUT OF HELL! In the meantime, you can enjoy the lyric video for "The Humble Servant" by hitting play on the YouTube video below! Pre-order the album on iTunes/Apple Music and "The Humble Servant" will download instantly:

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Return With New Concept Album 'Beth Out of Hell'

Friday, August 21, 2015
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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to welcome back to the label Swedish Symphonic Metal band, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET with the hotly anticipated worldwide release of a fascinating new concept album entitled "Beth Out of Hell" on August 21.  
“Beth Out of Hell” is an apocalyptic love story where Lucifer’s Daughter falls in love with the Archangel Michael”, says charming singer Angelica Rylin. “The story in the new album basically takes off right where we left you with the last three songs of “Bye Bye Lullabye”. 
“It took us three years to record this album and the reason for that is that we wanted to give the fans an album they truly deserve,” continues drummer and producer Daniel Flores. “We made a conscious effort to keep all the songs very interesting and diverse, much like in a film or a musical”.
The Murder of My Sweet released their debut album, “Divanity” in 2009 with Italian label Frontiers Music Srl and received swift, genuine praise from media around the world. Much of the praise was directed at the heavy orchestrations and Angelica Rylin’s strong, soaring vocals. Their first single, “Bleed me Dry”, reached a peak position of #14 on the Swedish international singles chart. In the summer of both 2010 and 2011, the band toured in Sweden, France and Germany and played at festivals like Sweden Rock, Rock Weekend, Baltic Festival, Raismes Fest and Wacken Open Air. The darker Nordic months were spent in the studio where Flores and Rylin worked on the follow up album “Bye, Bye Lullaby” which was released in 2012.
Now The Murder of My Sweet are back with their most ambitious and exciting album and will leave a definite mark in the current Symphonic Metal scene, with their unique and multi layered sound. The new album is definitely darker and heavier compared to their previous two records, but still features the trademark over-the-top symphonic arrangements, cinematic elements and riffs the band is known for. This release also marks the debut of the band’s new bass player, Patrik Janson (Platitude). 
Enjoy the album EPK here:
“Beth Out of Hell” tracklisting: Hell On Earth; The Awakening; World In Ashes; Always The Fugitive; Bitter Love; Still; Humble Servant; Requiem For A Ghost; Euthanasia; Tide After Tide; Poets By Default; Heaven Succumb; Means To An End.
Angelica Rylin: lead and background vocals
Daniel Flores: drums, keyboards, vocals
Christopher Vetter: guitars
Patrik Janson: bass guitar


THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Re-Sign To Frontiers For Third Album

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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Frontiers Records are pleased to announce: "The Murder of My Sweet has signed with Frontiers for the release of their third studio album! "We are super happy to be on board with Frontiers again," says vocalist Angelica Rylin and we couldn't agree more with her sentiment!
New album coming this summer!
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