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ONE DESIRE Close To Completing Next Album

From ONE DESIRE’s FB page:
Hi everyone!
A little bit bigger update here:
After being locked away in the studio darkness for the past year here’s finally a sign of life. We have just started the final sprint to completion of the album and finally the songs and lyrics are coming together the way we like it from start to finish on tape. The sound and material is gonna be killer beast. Damn.. If I would resemble this album in racing terms it would probably be something like “Super car speed all the way with 2 gas stops in between”. Haha
Yes most of it is up-tempo, a lot of riffs combined with beautiful vox melodies and some guitar fire in between. We can’t wait for you to hear this and I have promised Frontiers Records to give away some sound samples soon before starting the mixes.
So what’s next.. The whole picture is basically painted, still however bits and pieces here and there. A couple lyrics we gotta finish with Andre, 2-3 guitar solos, 3-4 background vox packages and some keys here and there before this puzzle is complete. The big strokes are done and we are now adding the last colors and touches to this beast. Final mixing and mastering during October / November.
Upcoming month we will start planning art work, upcoming video rec dates, album track list, dates for singles and album release etc. Big tour for 2020 locked. We will play a lot next year and we are putting in lots of effort in the live thing so the shows will get something new and fresh for our second album.. I could go on but I will let the music do the talking.
I promise to post some fun behind the scenes footage from making of the album. Soon folks, soon..
With love from Finland
Jimmy & all the guys in One Desire
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