OSUKARU 'Last Call - The EP Recordings' Details to the new CD

"Last Call - The EP Recordings" is the name of the latest OSUKARU work, which feat. contains all the songs of the EPs "Rock It Up", "Never Too Late" and "GBG2LA". Track list see below.
The CD is unique, limited and numbered to only 300 pieces! Release date: Summer 2018
OSUKARU - "Last Call - The EP Recordings" Track list:
New 2018 Recording
01.When She Calls My Name
"Rock It Up" (2016) - Remastered
02.Rock It Up
03.Driven By Love (2016 Version)
04.Multiplied (2018 Mix)
"Never To Late" (2011) - Remastered
05.Never Too Late
06.City Lights
07.Whatever It Takes
08.Driven By Love (2011 Version)
"GBG2LA" (2010) - Remastered
10.Driven By Love (2010 version)
11.Change of Heart
13.Tell Me You'll Stay (EP Version)
14.Out of Touch
16.It Was Meant To Be
Tell Me You'll Stay (2010) - Remastered
17.Tell Me You'll Stay (Single Version)



OSUKARU To Release Their Brand New Album 'The Labyrinth' in March

Release Year: 
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Swedish AOR band Osukaru are about to release their brand new album "The Labyrinth" in March 2017, which will be their 4th full length studio album, but also their first ever concept album. It was mixed by Viktor Stenquist (Beseech, Amorphis, Narnia) and Attila Bokor (Morph, BOA, Osukaru). 

"The Labyrinth" is a love letter to classic fantasy movies from back in the day and in particular the 1986 fantasy flick "Labyrinth", thereof the album title.

"The idea was to write songs that when played in the order they appear on the album, they would tell the overall story of the spectacular and magical movie 'Labyrinth', but with each song still being able to stand on its own" Oz says. 
"But as a twist, our version of the story is more from the antagonists point of view, as I would imagine the book read by the protagonist in the first scene of the movie is as well. So by going from that angle, we found a lot of interesting stories and themes to build our songs on."

"The Labyrinth" sees Osukaru taking one step back and two steps forward into their already established AOR-with-an-edge territory, raising the keyboards and the melodies just another notch. 

Oz: "I'd say that this one is our most AOR oriented release since 'Salvation', but it's also our most hard hitting rock album to date."

The album artwork was, as always, created by Oz himself and this time we see returning model Isabelle Högbacka being back as their blindfolded heroine for the first time since "Salvation" in 2012.

"THE LABYRINTH" track list:
01. Maze of Mind
02. The Stories We Tell
03. Voices In the Dark
04. Edge of Night
05. It's Only Forever
06. Voodoo (Who Do?)
07. Poisonous
08. Undying Rose
09. The Offering
10. Moonlight Silhouette

Oz Osukaru - guitar, keyboards
Fredrik Werner - vocals, guitar
Lisa Eugenia - keyboards, vocals
Olof Gadd - bass
Vidar Matensson - drums

"The Labyrinth" will be available on CD and digital download (via City of Lights Records / Membran Entertainment Group), vinyl (via Blastzone Entertainment), and as a limited edition collector's box set only available at http://osukaru.bandcamp.com

Osukaru on Facebook: www.facebook.com/osukarumusic




Monday, June 30, 2014
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Swedish melodic rockers OSUKARU return to their melodic hard-hitting AOR stamp with their new mini-album "Transition", which makes it their 5th official release to date. The album was mixed and mastered by Attila Bokor (Morph, BOA) and Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews Band, Backstreet Boys) who together brought out the biggest production yet on an OSUKARU record.
As with all the other OSUKARU releases, the artwork for "Transition" was created by guitarist and founder Oz Osukaru, this time having band partner and vocalist Cecilia Camuii modeling on the cover.
"It just felt like a natural progression to instead of hiring yet another model, I'd use our very own" Oz says. "Cecilia have done a lot of modeling in the last couple of years and during the production of our last album 'Triumphant', she expressed an interest in taking over the blindfold for the follow-up release. This time however we took it a bit further by creating an original story arc spread out throughout the booklet as well as for the first time actually include a song about the character."
OSUKARU are: Oz Osukaru (guitars, keyboards), Cecilia Camuii (lead vocals), Fredrik Werner (lead vocals, guitars) and new member Vidar Mårtensson (also in Siphon Fuel) on drums. On "Transition" they are joined by Jens Björk (saxophone), Fredrik Svensson (bass) and long time member Ryan Coyle (drums).
More information as well as tracklist and guest musicians will follow shortly.
"Transition" will hit the streets this fall via City of Lights Records / Membran Entertainment Group (CD version) and Simply Boundless Records (digital download). Both versions will include one exclusive bonus track each.
Fore more information, visit OSUKARU on Facebook at www.facebook.com/osukarumusic, City of Lights Records at www.rockitup.org or Simply Boundless Records at www.simplyboundless.com
OSUKARU “Transition” – Tracklist:
  1. Arrows
  2. Strangled Emotions
  3. Edge Of A Broken Heart
  4. Play
  5. Blinded Eyes
  6. FM Rocks 98.5 [Redux]
  7. Tell Me You’ll Stay – 2014
  8. Out Of Touch – 2014
  9. Mafia Rules – 2014
  10. Promised Land – 2014
  11. City Lights – acoustic (Bonus Track)
OSUKARU – Line Up:
  • Oz Osukaru – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Fredrik Werner – Vocals,  Guitars
  • Cecilia Camuii – Vocals
  • Vidar Mårtensson – Drums
  • Jens Björk – Saxophone
  • Fredrik Svensson – Bass
  • Ryan Coyle – Drums
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