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Rush Of Ushers (2003)

Rush Of Ushers: A new name to some familiar faces.

Daniel O'Breien talks about his new Rush Of Ushers project and writing music for film and TV..

Hi Daniel, thanks for doing this short Q&A with me!
You have worked with Magnus @ Atenzia previously with MTM Music and your solo album Beautiful Disaster. How do you rate that album looking back?
When I look back at "Brilliant New Disaster", I still feel very good about it. I think there are some powerful songs that still stand up, and lyrically, it was a very good time for me. Songs like "Medicate", and "Powder", contain some of my favorite lyrics.

I always rated it a very good modern pop/rock album which still sounds fresh. Were you disappointed it didn't get a wider release / wider recognition?
Yes, very much so! I believe there are some hits on the record, and I wish that there would have been more coverage of the album, but oh well, life moves on. I'm hoping that my new release will generate some positive results. It's very rewarding when people are moved by your music.

Maybe it was a few years before it's time?
I don't think I can be the judge of that! I'm much too close to it, but if someone were to think that, as an artist, that would be an amazing compliment.

You've had a ton of experience in the business - far less talented people have become superstars - does this frustrate you, or do you think your time will come?
That's a very interesting question. I've had to go through many different transitions in my musical career. I think several years ago, it was an utmost priority for me to become a star. The more you do this though, the more you realize that your music has about 50% to do with your success, and the rest is all luck and fate. I've been on many roller coaster rides through the record business, and I have come out the other end feeling different now. I'm in a place where I write and record my music for me. I get personal satisfaction if I produce something I think is compelling, moving. Whatever the universe has in mind for me, I'll just have to see!

Why did you choose a band over another solo project?
Really I just chose it for the hell of it! I have been writing and producing all of the music with my partner Jeff Hull, (a.k.a. "wheel") and we thought it would be cool to approach this project as a band, an entity. Either way works, we just like the band aspect.

How has the reaction for ROU been for you to date?
Fantastic so far! People seem to love the new songs, and I think it is an album that will surely grow on people the more they listen. I am also getting a lot of interest from film and television companies to feature some of the songs in their projects.

Any other interest or movement in the US for you?
We are just spreading the word here now, and are getting some initial great reactions. I wanted to wait until it was closer to release time in Europe before approaching majors in the US.

How did you meet and teamed up with ROU partner Jeff Hull - was it seriously over a girl?
Well, I have to say YES to that. Girls certainly make the world go 'round don't they? A previous guitar play of mine was going out with a girl who I ended up becoming great friends with, then they broke up, she somehow ended up being introduced to Jeff, and then we met as a result of that.

How would you describe the sound of Rush Of Ushers?
I think I would describe it as a collection of my moods and experiences. An array of different colors and sounds. Dark, light, quirky, dramatic.

What and who have been your influences as a singer and songwriter over the years?
I am truly a product of 60s and 70s rock and roll. My life was shaped by bands such as "The Who", "Beatles", Led Zeppelin", "Yes", "Grand Funk Railroad", "Pink Floyd", "David Bowie" , and I could go on. I think I can also say that I have been very influenced by Bono from the band "U2" as a singer and a poet. Absolute brilliance in his writing and performing.

Tell us about your TV/Film business and how that works?
Well it's really just that I make a concerted effort to try to get my music placed in films and TV shows. I have an agency that represents my music here in the US, and they are constantly working to try to get these placements. It's just more good exposure!

I noticed some great song placements in your bio - Terri Nunn, Daryl Braithwaite and Heart. How does one get songs placed with such high profile acts? How does that work?
Networking, networking, pure accident, luck, fate!

I also noticed you have co-written with John Waite. What tracks and how did that go?
John and I had done some writing a while back, a couple of cool songs that got demoed, but never used, sorry to say. It was great fun working with him. He's quite a character, and still has one of the classic "radio friendly" voices out there.

What will you be working on next - more film/tv work?
I am always writing new material, some for future albums, some specifically geared towards a film or show. My real hope is that the new album "Delightfully" will explode in Europe, and we can come over and do some performing!

Are you happy with Atenzia's openness towards modern rock music and trying to break new artists?
I must say, I am overall, very impressed by the attitudes of companies like Atenzia, as well as the people in countries like Sweden. They seem to truly love great music, and are dedicated to getting it out there to the people. Much different attitudes than many of the American record companies, I'm afraid to say!

If you would write/work with any one artists - who would that be and why?
Believe it or not, I would love to work with Sheryl Crow. I feel like she is the female version of me, and that I can completely relate to her thinking. Of course I would like to sleep with her too, but I guess we can save that for later!

What are you listening to currently?
Coldplay, Pink, White Stripes, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Britny Spears (JUST KIDDING)

Anything you would like to add Daniel?
Thanks much for the interview. I look forward to the release of the album, and hope I will be over there soon to perform for anyone who will listen. Please pick up your copy of Rush of Ushers "Delightfully"!! Bye for now!

Thanks for taking the time out to chat!
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