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Vicious Mary - Keyboardist Sean Henerson (2002)

G'Day Sean, how long has the process of getting this album recorded until now been?

Well, we started to write the songs 2 years ago,but some ideas were even previous. Part of the material comes from old Eldritch unreleased stuff and the rest came from some songs I wrote with the piano which weren't good for “Reverse”. After the recordings of Eldritch's album we sat down and finished our demo that fastly gave us a deal with Frontiers Records. In July last year we recorded it.

Let me give you a chance to introduce Vicious Mary to anyone who hasn't heard of you, or heard the music yet.
Vicious Mary is a band create by me and Terence for a simple reason.
We love A.O.R music and we wanna play it!!!!
We always had the passion for this music but of course we couldn't play it with Eldritch. Vicious Mary is a project that may sound like Whitesnake, Dokken, Harem Scarem, Bon Jovi, Europe, but even something like Queensryche.

You are Terrence are also in the popular progressive band ELDRITCH.
Why did you feel the need to record under a different style of music?

Eldritch is no longer a progressive band but a more thrash and modern music band now. We recorded Vicious Mary just because it's something we like. It will be stupid to record side projects that sound the same as your main band! The most do that!

The music of Vicious Mary is obviously closer to kick back, good fun rock n roll, is that another side of you that you have been trying to express for sometime now?
As I said we did this just for fun. We will probably record a 2nd album next year. We're lucky that our passions can become public!

What styles of music are you influenced by?
We were influenced by old rock'n'roll and hard rock music of 80's.

How did you come to find the rest of the members for Vicious Mary?
At first, we composed the songs only with piano and voice and then I asked to BB.Nick (of White Skull) to play guitar in this record. He accepted and we started a collaboration via mail. So another guy was contacted for the record, Pete Daniels, because we wanna give to the album two different ways of the guitar, like a real band with two axeman!!!
For the bass, so many parts are played by Louis Stefanini the sound engineer of the studio and for the drums we found a very talented guy, Camy.

And what have the guys from ELDRITCH been doing while you have been doing this?
We have composed the record during the Reverse tour in the free time. So it was not a problem for the other guys of Eldritch. Martin ,for example, is creating his project called Through the Myst.

What current music releases do you really get a kick out of listening to?
I don't have so many time to listen other records or buying the ultimate releases….sorry..

Would you mind offering a line or two on each track from the album?
Love Or Hate

Love or Hate: it's one of my favourite songs, with a heavy riff of guitar and a great refrain!

When He Cries
This is one of the last song composed. On the verse it seems to be influenced by Queensryche…

This one is a song composed with Pete. It's Rock and Roll!!!!

Million Words
It came from a demo tape of Eldritch, obviously some things are changed, and in the last part of this song there is a solo of sax!

Crying For You
Crying for you is the first ballad of the album, very melodic.

The Call
Is a mid tempo song, I like very much the dark way of the melody of this song!

This was written with BB.Nick and is another rock and roll song with a great refrain.

This is the instrumental piano song. I composed this one but I didn't think it would be able for this album….In this song there are my influences of new age music, like Yanni, Enya etc….

I'll Be There For You & Indian Giver

I'll be there for you/Indian Giver: These are two songs written with Pete, I like very much his style of playing guitar and the great work of Terence!!!!!

You Run Me Wild
The most important song of the album, in my opinion! This is a sort of tribute to Queensryche!!!

Are there any live dates or a tour planned behind the release of this album?
I don't think there will be time for live shows, we are too busy with Eldritch!

And what future do you see for the band? Will you continue to record and play with both bands?
Yes, I think we'll continue, but of course Eldritch is our priority!

Anything you would like to add?
I would like to say hello to all the fans around the world! Million Thanks to you!


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