SILVER Reveal New Album 'Idolized'

Thursday, October 30, 2014
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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the sixth Album from SILVER, entitled “Idolized” on 24.10.2014!
The SILVER history began in 2001 when Gary Barden (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, PRAYING MANTIS, STATETROOPER) and Michael Voss (CASANOVA, BONFIRE, MAD MAX, DEMON DRIVE) first met and started to join forces with Andreas Broon (SISTERS OF MERCY/DORO) to write the songs for the legendary first SILVER album.
Don Airey on keyboards (DEEP PURPLE, OZZY OSBOURNE, RAINBOW, MSG, GARY MOORE), Bernie Torme on guitars (GILLAN, OZZY OSBOURNE) and Marco Minnemann on drums (H-BLOCKX) completed this first line-up.
Now, after 5 successful albums and a very short Break of nearly ten years it's time for a brandnew record! Once again producer Michael Voss team up with songwriter genius Andreas Broon and those guys are really diggin' for gold!
The Billy Idol style rocker "Hope" is the perfect journey into the glorious 80ies. With the empathic opener "Sarah" or the duet with german musical star Michaela Schober on "Drag us down" the SILVER guys add a new dimension to their sound – very british – very cool – something unexpected!
SILVER also comes up with a song that's a classic radio hit, a song that definitely needs to be released as a single – "Counting".
Following 5 Albums with Gary Barden on Vocals, the new album “Idolized” offers a change in that Michael Voss takes over all vocal duties for the first time. Voss also performs all instrumentation on “Idolized”
Special Guests are Lisa Middelhauve (Ex – Xandria) and Michaela Schober.
Disc 1 - Idolized
1. Sarah
2. She Said
3. Trust Me
4. Hope
5. Drag Us Down
6. You Gave It Away
7. Wave,
8. Rooms,
9. Counting
10.And If You´re Leaving
Disc 2 - The Very Best Of Silver
1. Silver (Silver)
2. Sister Love (Silver)
3. Christine (Silver)
4. Head Or Heart (Dream Machines)
5. Never Again (Dream Machines)
6. Forever (Dream Machines)
7. Bleed (Intruder)
8. Drowning (Intruder)
9. I Don't Love You Anymore (Intruder)
10. Angeline (Addiction)
11. This Is My Life (Addiction)
12. You Are Mine (Addiction)
13. All That I Wanted (Gold)
14. Easy (Gold)
15. Daydream Believers (Gold)
Label: Inakustik (in-akustik)
Silver Discography:
Silver (2001)
Dream Machines (2002)
Intruder (2003)
Addiction (2004)
Gold (2005)
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