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Mecca - Thom Griffin (2002)

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THOM GRIFFIN / Mecca - Backing Vocals

Hi Thom,
Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions! How did you find yourself involved in the Mecca project?

I became involved in the Mecca project when the producer, Jim Peterik called me for the session. Apparently, they had tried some other singers, and were unhappy with the results.

I gather you knew Jim and Joe from the Chicago area? Is that where you work from / where are you based these days?
I am from the western suburbs of Chicago. I do almost all of my work from here, 99% being jingles.

Have you worked with any of the Mecca guys previously?
I have sang a lot of songs over the years for Jim Peterik, who then sent them to various artists trying to get his songs placed. I have sang with John Melnick on many jingle, and some record dates.

I have to say, without being biased in any way, that the backing vocals on Mecca are some of the best I have heard - ever! Well done! How would you rate your performance on Mecca compared to other projects?
I try not to rank my work, although I am very proud of, and excited about Mecca. In particular, I feel Joe Vana is going to be a major artist. He is truly wonderful!

Many readers of my site of course know you for your work with CBS recording artists Trillion!
Are you aware that many still hold that release in high regard and consider it as one of melodic rock's cult releases?

I have been made aware over the years, of an appreciation for Trillion. It is fun to receive emails from fans of the band. I must say I am a little shocked and surprised. The Trillion CD's have been re-released by Epic. The only place I have found them is at

Before now, had you and (original) Trillion vocalist) Fergie Frederiksen worked together at all?
Fergie was the first lead singer in Trillion. I replaced him for the second Trillion album. We had not spoken or worked together in 20 years. I thought it was a lot of fun and ironic to be singing backgrounds behind him for Mecca.

Could you see any other work or projects arising from your involvement in the Mecca album?
I will probably do some work with Joe Vana in the near future. I am not certain what my role will be, but I look forward to it.

What possibilities exist for a Thom Griffin solo project? I am sure many of my site regulars would love to see that happen?
If anyone out there wants to hear from or about me, I will try to accommodate. [UPDATE: Stay tuned…!]

Anything you would like to add?
Good luck working this release. It is a wonderful project! It is nice to hear music like this again.

Thanks Thom!
Peace & good health!




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