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TORA TORA - Bastards Of Beale (Review)

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I love Tora Tora’s acclaimed ‘Wild America’ album – a stand out album at the time, offering something just that little bit different and unique. A mix of bluesy hard rock, Led Zeppelin and a touch of late 80s sleaze.
The same can’t be said about this record. ‘Bastards Of Beale’ struggles for an identity, apart from occasionally sounding like a distance version of themselves and some Zeppelinesque touches.
I’m struggling with the quality of the vocals and the production is also very rough. If you like that rawer, unpolished sound it might appeal more, but to me it sounds like the guys set up live in the studio and just hit record.
Anthony’s vocals are also a good distance from the energy of ‘Wild America’ and are just annoying in places. The overall style and quality of the songs are nowhere near the uniqueness and strength the band once commanded.
It all just sounds underdone and under budget. No question the guitar playing is still top notch, but everything else fails to meet expectations.
Unlikely to be played again.



TORA TORA Return To Studio For 2019 Album

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We are thrilled to welcome Memphis’ very own Tora Tora to the Frontiers’ family! The band will commence recording a new studio album in 2018 for a tentative release in early 2019!
Tora Tora’s mixture of hard rock with their hometown’s legendary blues style put them in a class of their own and we were thrilled to find the band was open to creating new music. We can’t wait to hear what they have in the works for their new studio album!
Says vocalist Anthony Corder, “TORA TORA is proud to announce we have signed with Frontiers! With a rich musical heritage and focus on quality content, we feel their company culture is the perfect fit for our project. We are excited to join some of our favorite artists and friends on their international roster. Thank you to Serafino Perugino, Mario De Riso, and Nick Tieder and our entire Frontiers’ family for this opportunity. We are looking forward to creating some great music and many good memories with all of you!”
Comments guitarist Keith Douglas, “When we first started talking about a new Tora Tora project, the biggest question for us was what it would sound like after so much time had passed since we'd written together. After just one day of collaborating, it was clear we were going to pick up right where we left off so many years ago. We have some really good songs already written as well as a ton of other cool ideas to get sorted out. Having creative freedom is a huge bonus for us. As far as the direction, it's just going to be whatever comes out. But I can tell you what has come out so far rocks as hard as anything we've ever done and lets our Memphis roots shine through. We are very excited to be working on what we feel like is going to be a very special record and just as excited to be working with Frontiers Records. Stay tuned!"
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