WITHEM - The Unforgiving Road (Review)

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Oyvind Larsen
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Progressive Melodic Metal
Friday, June 3, 2016
Withem are a new progressive/melodic metal band NOT from Sweden! Yes indeed. They are not from Sweden. They are from Norway!
Once again the Scandinavians prove to be on the cutting edge of new music in all forms of rock n roll.
This is the band’s second album and first for Frontiers. They describe their sound as a mix of inspirations from such greats as Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Dream Theater and Circus Maximus. Pretty accurate too.
To me they haven’t quite got the chops of Dream Theater, nor the melodic finesse of Circus Maximus, but they are well on their way. And this is an impressive album.
I’d put their sound closer to Dream Theater thanks to the vocals of Ole Wagenius. His powerful LaBrie style range drives these songs and adds the melody to the powerful guitars and swirling keyboards.
This is an impressive sounding album. Guitarist Oyvind Larsen acts as producer and mixer and has done a remarkable job. This is a really clear and crisp sounding record while retaining all the necessary power.
Highlights include the powerful hook driven In The Hands Of God (the chorus is pure Circus Maximus); the initially faster, but then inter-changing pace of The Pain I Collected; the beautiful vocals and melodic guitar parts that drive Riven; the Rob Moratti-esque progressive AOR of The Eye In The Sky.

It took several listens to appreciate fully and have the melodies become more obvious, but the high caliber production and some inspired performances make this an album that is likely to launch the band onto a bigger platform and wider audience.

Frontiers to Release WITHEM's 'The Unforgiving Road' on June 3

Friday, June 3, 2016
News Feed

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of WITHEM's new album, entitled 'The Unforgiving Road' on June 3.

Withem is an upcoming Progressive Metal band hailing from Norway who are inspired by the likes of Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, Dream Theater and Circus Maximus, concentrating heavily on melodic, memorable hooks, but still with plenty of stunning and virtuoso instrumental sections. The band debuted with 'The Point of You' in 2013, gathering excellent reviews from several music websites, blogs and magazines from all over the world. The release was followed by European touring with Pagan's Mind, Circus Maximus and Seventh Wonder, and performances at both ProgPower USA and ProgPower Oslo, always with an extremely positive reception.

The new album, 'The Unforgiving Road' sees the band perfecting their style. WITHEM's gripping, melody-driven songs avoid the clich's and pitfalls of overly dramatic instrumental sections and sheer senseless complexity and instead center on creative interplay between the musicians, while the unique vocal range of Ole Aleksander Wagenius gives the band a distinctive touch. Just like the debut album, 'The Unforgiving Road' was produced and mixed by guitarist 'yvind Voldmo Larsen at his own Lionheart Studio, boasting powerful and bombastic production values with plenty of moments for the listener to notice the most subtle intricate parts of the songs.

"The Unforgiving Road is a the culmination of almost a year worth of composing, recording and producing. We didn't want to rush things after the first album, to avoid the usual pitfalls of "sophomore albums," says WITHEM guitar player and producer Oyvind Larsen "The challenges we encountered while writing and recording can only be matched with how rewarding it feels after everything is set and done!"

"'yvind once again took the helm for most of the composition and the whole scope of recording, mixing and producing, and we can't wait to hear everyone's reactions after they listen to the end result," adds new bassist Miguel Pereira. "We are looking forward to start promoting The Unforgiving Road with live shows right after the album is out, and meet all our friends and fans throughout the world."

Tracklisting of 'The Unforgiving Road' includes:

1. 'Intro
2. Exit
3. In The Hands Of A God
4. The Pain I Collected
5. Riven
6. C'est La Vie
7. The Eye In The Sky
8. Arrhythmia
9. In My Will
10. Unaffected Love
11. Outro
Ole Aleksander Wagenius - Vocals
Frank Nordeng Roe - Drums
Oyvind Voldmo Larsen - Guitar
Miguel Pereira - Bass


Frontiers Signs WITHEM For Release of Sophomore Album, 'The Unforgiving Road'

News Feed
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Norwegian progressive metal band WITHEM for the release of the band's sophomore album, 'The Unforgiving Road'.
Inspired by the likes of Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, Dream Theater, and Circus Maximus among others, Withem started in 2011 when 'yvind Voldmo Larsen (guitars) and Ketil Ronold (keyboards) met the gifted drummer Frank Nordeng R'e. Soon they were joined by the voice talent Ole Aleksander Wagenius. While on the debut album bass duties were taken care of by the special guest Andreas Blomqvist from Seventh Wonder, now the band has Portugal-born Miguel Pereira fully integrated as the bassist in their lineup.
Withem's music incorporates elements of progressive metal, symphonic metal and straightforward heavy metal. Creative virtuoso musicians, together with the unique vocal abilities of Ole Aleksander Wagenius, give the band a much-needed distinctive touch to stand out in the progressive metal scene.
The band states: 'We were overwhelmed with the reviews and reactions we received worldwide on our first album, and we couldn't wait for the next Withem chapter to take place. We pretty much set a goal for a follow-up soon after ProgPower USA 2014. Soon after we started the writing process, and entered the studio in January 2015 to pursue that 'difficult second album'. We are extremely happy that we could join forces with Frontiers Music Srl and "The Unforgiving Road" will hopefully leave our listeners with a smile on their faces. We tried to stick to our guns when it comes to keeping a strong melodic approach to each song, while taking advantage of the unique abilities of every instrument. Overall we feel that the sound and production has evolved into an even more mature and modern landscape and we can't wait to share The Unforgiving Road with our friends and fans!'
More details including release date and shows will be revealed in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, check out some older tracks from the band:
"Burned By Senses" https://youtu.be/WlyTKhfRPUM
"Point Of View" https://youtu.be/zEc1NSaJZxo
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