ZHENX Debut Out Now on AOR Blvd Records

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This is an interesting project put together by ex-Baron Rojo bassist, Gorka Alegre, in 2016.
This project enlists some of Spain's finest rock musicians along with a host of other well known guests.
Included in the line-up is Herman Rarebell who is ex-Scorpions drummer, Bill Leverty of Firehouse, on guitars and David Reece, ex-Accept and Bangalore Choir, providing duet vocals.
The handling of lead vocals and providing a contribution to songwriting is David Saylor, who was ex-Push UK.
The final result was undertaken over a 12 month period and was completed in 2017.
The finished hard rock album is superb, hard hitting and melodic.  Once again, David Saylor's voice feels so much at home but moves in a different direction to his solo albums and other projects he was involved with in the past.
Zhenx is for fans who are into bands like Def Leppard and China, aswell as early Gotthard albums.
David Saylor passed away early 2017 and sadly, he never got to hear the final mix.
1.  Action
2.  Breakaway
3.  Evergrey
4.  Dog's Of Destiny
5.  Distant Memories
6.  Jumping Off The Skyline
7.  Injection
8.  On My Way
9.  Turn Down The Light
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