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JACE PAWLAK - Promise (Review)

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Jace Pawlak & Ty Sims
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Melodic Rock / AOR
Kivel Records
Well respected and popular singer/songwriter Jace Pawlak has been busier making other artists sound great in recent times, giving his solo name a back seat. But with promise, Jace roars back to life and puts his name into the forefront of people’ minds and dare I say, onto some ‘Best MelodicRock album’ lists for 2016.
Making Promise a family affair, Jace performs vocals, keyboards, bass and drums as well as enlisting Dad Dennis as well as little brother Trevor for some additional guitar parts. Mr. Busy, Eric Ragno joins in the fun on a couple of tracks.
This is a stellar album it has to be said. Ty Sims co-produces and mixes the album, which is why it sounds so good and the songs are nothing short of melodic ear candy.
Jace’s vocals are spot on – his higher register tone may not appeal to all, but anyone that owns and appreciates Rob Moratti/Final Frontier or Rockarma/Damon Kelly should have no problem with Jace.
Plus you’ve got the bonus of 10 catchy classic melodic rock / AOR style songs to grab hold of.
Highlights are many – there’s no fillers here. But to showcase a few of the songs – the opening anthem Tonight Is Everything rules; the moody Can’t Find Your Heart is one of the bet mid-tempo melodic songs of the year; the Foreigner-esque ballad Nothing But Rain is haunting; Before You Run has one of the bigger choruses this year and Every Now And Then is a stand out ballad.

Great production, pure 80s AOR with a modern production and some truly memorable classic style songs that should impress most fans of the genre in its purest and most loved form.
Don’t make this album an only child Jace!



JACE PAWLAK Fulfills a 'Promise' To Fans

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In a climate of ever changing musical trends and unrecognizable genres. There is a longing for a sound that so many of us grew up attached to. A style and sound that sparked emotion and excitement. Music that Inspired and help create a memory for our youth.
Well look no further than Jace Pawlak. As he Promises to do just that. With his aptly titled release, PROMISE on Kivel Records.
Jace weaves a tapestry of upbeat AOR that would make bands like, Night Ranger, The Storm and Bad English nod with approval. In fact , dare we say, you may check to see if these are unreleased songs by the above mentioned bands, as that's how close to the mark he nails that respected genre sound. Jace proudly wears his influences on his sleeve and this album is a badge of that honor and pride. A MUST for any fan of the AOR genre.
Ty Sims, who recently produced House of Lords "Indestructible" is behind the board help shaping the big aor sound on this album. As producer and engineer, and he did not fail in his mission.
Jace Pawlak a man usually behind the curtain, as he has been a song collaborator and contributor to such acts as, Goodbye Thrill, Tango Down, Farcry and the upcoming Romeo Riot. Finally steps out front to deliver an album he will PROMISE, that does not disappoint.
Produced by Ty Sims and Jace Pawlak
01. Tonight is Everything
02. Before You Run
03. Every Now And Then
04. Too Late
05. Trying Not To Love You
06. Waiting
07. Leap Of Faith
08. Late On Loving You
09. Cant Find My Heart
10. Nothing But Rain

Singer/Songwriter JACE PAWLAK Kickstarter Campaign

Friday, October 17, 2014
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Singer/songwriter Jace Pawlak has been writing tunes for a number of artists in recent years, but he's also working on a solo album ia Kickstarter Campaign. Here's the update from Jace:
"My current Kickstarter campaign is doing well but I wanted to reach out to my melodic rock friends and fans to let them in on it before time is up (it ends October 19th) In addition to the new album, "Perspective", there are some fun rewards in the campaign that incorporate some of my past work. As well as some unreleased stuff. And some of these items and songs will only available through this Kickstarter campaign.
I am very excited and proud of my upcoming album. On the heals of the work I did on Tango Down's "Charming Devil" album, I approached this new record as more of a singer songwriter project for myself. I have a few melodic rock songs on offer, but I also have a few acoustic tunes, two piano ballads ala Richard Marx, and another style or two to round it out. I am very proud of this collection of songs. It's some of my favorite stuff I have ever written. All but one song is finished and once I complete that last tune the album will be off to be mastered and duplicated.

The support I have felt the past month has been humbling and inspiring. Knowing that people connect with what I am doing keeps me motivated to keep writing. All I ever really wanted was to be heard. I hope people will check out the campaign and be part of this. There really are some fun rewards. And above all, I hope everyone likes the music! Thank you for listening!!"
- Some of Jace's more popular songs: Tango Down: "Corners Of My Mind" "Too Many Roads" "Alone" and "Back To Life" // Far Cry: "Have It All" and "Fine Line" // Goodbye Thrill: "Let Me Sleep"
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