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SIGNAL RED 'Under The Radar' Out February 23 via Escape

Friday, February 23, 2018
Also will be available on Vinyl limited edition double LP gatefold 180g!!!
The Musicians are: 
Lee Small: Lead vocals and All Backing vocals (Phenomena / Shy)
Steve Grocott: All guitars, Keyboards, Strings (Ten)
Brian J Anthony: Bass (Steve Walsh)
Dave Anthony: Drums (Dennis DeYoung)
Mixed by: Brian J Anthony
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk
Signal Red is a brand new band from the UK and features two very respected musicians namely Guitarist Steve Grocott (ten) and Vocalist Lee Small (Phenomena / Shy / Lionheart). The collaboration first came together in February, 2013 when Steve was at a loose end. He had been in a band previously called “Sevendayz” which had recently folded and he contacted Lee as he had heard so much about him, mainly from the self-titled SHY album that appeared in 2011. The two hit it off straight away and it seemed inevitable that an album would follow.
Steve got caught up working with the UK band (Ten) as Gary Hughes asked him to be in the bands line-up for some shows and to feature on the new album, so the Signal Red production was halted for a while. Eventually Steve’s time freed up so he could once again concentrate on new material for the album and the whole thing has just progressed into a fantastic recording.
The collaboration with Lee was clearly a good match as Lee has already proved his worth with “Shy” as well as solo albums, the Phenomena project with Tom Galley and the rock band “Snowfall”. Lee is a very soulful, melodic vocalist and has featured on 17 albums as lead vocalist and on many more that have featured him as a guest, “Dante Fox” and “Magnum” to name but two.
This exciting new venture is bound to cause a stir, and with Brian Anthony twiddling the knobs (Steve Walsh) then this is going to be one album people will be talking about. 
Lee came up with the title one day thinking that trying to get recognition for what you live and breathe for is like “living under the radar”. Well, they should not be living under it for much longer when this one hits the streets. This is a rock album that just begs to be heard, and we are sure that you will like what you hear. 
Track List:
1. Defiant      4:36
2. Houdini      4:05
3. Stronger   4:57
4. Tell It To The Bees   3:57
5. Monster Truck   5:15
6. Pyramids Of Mars  4:44
7. Emotions In Motion  4:25
8. Highwire    4:40
9. Making Contact      4:15
10. Goth The Girl  4:04
11. The Time Machine   7:59
Words from Steve Grocott:
"The Signal Red collaboration came together around Feb 2013. I was at an loose end after the band I was in “Sevendayz” folded sometime after we got back from the United States after recording our debut album, so a little despondency had set in. I had heard of Lee from the SHY album, he has an outstanding voice so I just acted on impulse and contacted him asking if he needed any guitar parts doing for any future projects. Thankfully Lee sent a few tunes over so I got straight to work and sent them back to him. It was clear from the offset there was a musical connection, and it was inevitable that sooner or later we would start an album.

Between writing I went out on a limb and auditioned with “TEN”. To be honest I didn’t think I would get the gig but I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Mr Gary Hughes for a three-guitar revamped line up of the band. Obviously, I had to shelve writing with Lee for a while as I had to get my act together learning TENs material and writing solos for the new album. Lee was also in demand and was very busy with his other projects so it was a case of whenever time was available. Over about a 12- month period I would forward Lee a tune or two every now and then and just wait for him to work his magic, these tunes kept coming back sounding amazing. When we were at around song 6 or so I needed to know if we were on the right track so I contacted Escape Music and asked if I could forward some demos. I sent six songs to Khalil at Escape who thankfully liked what he heard and signed us up so I just needed another other six songs to complete the album. Around another 6 months later the songs were finished, originally, I played all the Instruments bar the drums which were programmed, I also drafted in Darrell Treece Birch to help on keys from TEN but the label wanted a more of a band feel and suggested we replace the drums and bass. They said they could have released it as it was but they wanted to push it further which was pleasing to hear. Khalil told me to forward my sessions to a chap in the states called Brian J Anthony a Bass player / Studio Mixing Mastering Engineer who had just finished recording the new Steve Walsh Album. Brian incidentally had also played the bass on that album so he was a natural choice for our project. Khalil also suggested David Anthony (Dennis DeYoung) for drumming duties which I’m glad he did. It was a bit of a learning curve sending sessions over to the other side of the world and to be honest I was a little apprehensive as I was precious about how the demos sounded already. There was no need to worry though Brian did a fantastic job and all’s that was needed was an album and project title, to be honest I hate the word project as this has been a collaboration but we eventually the label came up with SIGNAL RED Under the Radar. Lee came up with the title he just said one day that trying to get recognition for something that you live and breathe for is like living under the radar ... the rest is history I just hope people will like what they hear."



DANTE FOX - Breathless (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Mark Stuart/Sheena Sheer
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
AOR Heaven
Friday, August 26, 2016
Hard to believe it’s nearly a decade since the last full length Dante Fox album! The guys (and gal) appeared in 2012 with a quality EP, so it’s nice to see them back now with a full 50 minute ops.
As expected, there is some quality melodic rock to be heard here. The band keep everything you loved about their sound from the first three albums and the EP, but give it a slightly more complex twist. I wouldn’t want to say progressive, as it doesn’t go that far, but you can hear the growth in the musical arrangements and the delivery of the tunes.
Delivering some sublime keyboards throughout the album is Eric Ragno, whose parts add a lot of texture and quality to some already fine songs.
This is the pure definition of British melodic rock. The opening anthem Young Hearts has to rate as one of the band’s best songs. Break These Chains has a kind of Dare influence to the mood; the ballad Broken Hearted Man has a great vocal melody and some fine piano parts mixed with Tim Manford’s quite wonderful mix of electric/acoustic guitars (plus the remix at the end of the album showcases the vocal even more so) and Love Affair is big almost symphonic ballad that impresses.

Very consistent, very enjoyable, even if it does take a bit of listening to get to know and work out the melodies and songs. Very produced too.



DANTE FOX - Breathless (Showcase)

Friday, August 26, 2016
Produced By: 
Mark Stuart/Sheena Sheer
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
August 26
Melodic Rock
Dante Fox were formed in September 1989 by lead Vocalist Sue Willetts She was quickly joined by guitarist Tim Manford and this created a golden partnership.
On the strength of their songs Dante Fox caught the interest of Linda Bruce from Rich Bitch Studio’s and a debut album was now a reality. Following this an appearance on ITV television show ‘Hit The Town’ hosted by Rory McGrath launched the sounds of Lost And Lonely Heart through televisions all around the UK.
Dante Fox signed to Now and Then Records in March 1996 and in May they appeared on the Gods line up next to Hugo and Jamie Kyle.
In October 1996 the debut Under Suspicion was released. Many shows followed including a support tour with ELO, Enuff Z Nuff and European festivals such as Mindview and Aardshock. Capitalising on this European interest the band returned to Holland for more headline shows. In April 1997 Under Suspicion was released in Japan and received a 87/100 review in BURRN magazine.
The Second album The Fire Within was released on Frontiers Records in March 1999. The album included current live favourites Under The City Lights, Firing My Heart and the dance floor hit Remember. In Japan Firing My Heart and Over You were added to the playlist of Masa Itoh’s Heavy Metal syndicate radio show. The band closed the year with an appearance at the Gods and also the backing band for Stan Bush.
The band took a break and returned in 2005, with a slot at Firefest and a UK tour support to Vixen.
The Third album ‘Under The Seven Skies’ was released worldwide on Frontiers Records in March 2007 featuring the nine minute epic title track. The album was voted best album of 2007 by the listeners of ARFM Radio and the band continued to support the album by playing shows with Danny Vaughn and Wigwam.
The Fourth album Lost Man’s Ground released in October 2012 at the band’s appearance at Firefest. This featured a new rhythm section Andy Perfect (Drums) and Alan Mills (Bass), and also Alessandro Del Vecchio on backing vocals and Eric Ragno on keyboards.
In June 2012 a magical night was experienced opening for US band Night Ranger in London. This year ended with a much anticipated performance at Firefest and a great slot at Hard Rock Hell.
Sue Willetts was voted 19 in the top 50 Female vocalists of all time in Classic Rock Magazine alongside Ann Wilson and Cher and the band performed at HRH AOR (Tesla, FM ) Hard Rock Hell Ibiza and a very successful tour with Romeo’s Daughter.
After their performance at HRH AOR 3 2015 time was spent writing and recording material for a new album.
The new album Breathless was recorded with Mark Stuart/Sheena Sheer and mixed and mastered at M2 Studio’s UK in May 2016 by Sheena Sear (Magnum). The album also features Keyboardist Eric Ragno and vocalist Lee Small who sang harmony backing vocals. Dante Fox are very excited to be working with AOR Heaven on Breathless and looking forward to presenting the new album to their fans on its release date of 26th August 2016.
Tour Dates: Viking Rock Festival - 13th August, 2016; HRH AOR Festival - 9th-12th March 2017

LIFELINE - Scream (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Paul Hume
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, October 23, 2015
Interesting album this. Another duel-vocalist project from Escape, much like Ozone. This debut project puts vocalists Nigel Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey) together with fellow Brit vocalist Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena).
The band is rounded out by guitarist/producer Paul Hume (Demon, Lawless), drummer Steve Clarkson and keyboards from Andy Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey).
I’m not sure it works to be honest. There’s nothing wrong with the performances, both vocalists are great on their own and mix together here pretty well. The production is solid too.
But I’ve struggled with this from day one. I think the songs just aren’t strong enough. The classic rock vibe is also fairly common and done better on both Nigel Bailey’s other two bands.
The album struggles in that it’s not really hard rock, not really melodic rock, not really classic rock and not really AOR. It’s just an undefined mixture of all.
That’s not to say there aren’t some sweet spots. The groovy opener Fear No More rocks; the mid-album melodic gem Feels Like Love is probably the best of all and No His Angel’s Gone is a solid moody ballad.

Not too bad, but not enough spark for me personally. The names involved don’t match the quality of the songwriting or overall output. But fans of Bailey and Small in particular will feel a lot more positive about this.

LIFELINE Debut 'Scream' Out October 23

Friday, October 23, 2015

Escape Music is pleased and delighted to announce the release date for LIFELINE and the debut album Scream, out October 23.
Nigel Bailey - Vocals, Bass
Lee Small - Vocals
Paul Hume - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Steve Clarkson - Drums, Backing Vocals
Andy Bailey - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Paul Hume at Summerbank Studio UK
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Track Listing: 1- Fear no more  03:47 / 2- Far from home 04:54 / 3- Jezebel  0:350 / 4- Nightmare Dream  05:15 / 5- Feels like love  04:35 / 6- Scream  04:22 / 7- Danger  in the sky  04:05 / 8-Destination freedom 03:34 / 9- A Fortunate Man  03:29 / 10- Now His Angels Gone 03:42 /  11- Mary Jane  03:55 / 12- Dark Skies 04:34      
SCREAM is the stunning debut album from British hard rock band LIFELINE
A true duet album with a classic British rock sounding that also combines songs that verge on melodic rock and hard rock  along with tunes firmly seated within the AOR genre.
SCREAM features 12 tracks packed with monstrous riffs and soaring melodies that seamlessly combine the vocal styles of Nigel and Lee without ever losing their individuality. The quality of the material combined with the first class musicianship makes this a debut album every self-respecting fan should check this out! After an introduction by Khalil Turk (Escape Music), Nigel Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey) and Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena) were determined to make an album together and share vocal duties. Paul Hume (Demon, Lawless) was approached as producer and as guitarist for the band. The guys needed a rock solid drummer and called upon Steve Clarkson, who Nigel had worked with for many years, as the man behind the drum kit. Last but not least, Andy Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey) was recruited to add keyboards.

Nigel set about writing songs for the album in late 2014 and the writing process was completed in early 2015. 'I write the type of songs that I like to listen to, be that on the heavier side or a ballad, I never set out with a particular agenda, I just picked up my guitar and waited to see what came out, although the intention was to write material that would complement both Lee's and my own vocal style.' says Nigel.
The guys gathered at Summerbank Studios in Stoke-On-Trent to commence recording and immediately realised that they were creating something special. From the groove laden, infectious rhythms of the leadoff single 'Jezebel' to the softer AOR feel of 'Feels like Love' and on to the raw driving power of title track 'Scream', this album is a must for all melodic hard rock fans!!

SKYSCRAPER Unveil Video For New Track 'Monday Morning'

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Melodic rockers SKYSCRAPER have released the official music video for the track 'Monday Morning', taken from the new album 'Elevation', to be released on September 8th in UK/Europe via Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo Records. The video canbe viewed below:


This dynamic band has been taking critics by storm with their inimitable brand of melodic hard rock. SKYSCRAPER's powerful and heavy demeanour is a fresh take on a breed of music that's been the foundations of rock 'n' roll for many years. In some quarters SKYSCRAPER has been compared to Hughes/Thrall, and Bad English, which sees the band in esteemed company as they release this captivating debut album.


Lee Small ' Vocals (Shy)
Tor Talle ' Guitars (Joe Lynn Turner, r, Fergie Frederiksen, Northern Light, Overland, Rob Moratti)
Dave Boyce ' Bass (Airrace, The Quireboys)
Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock/Metal Hammer) 'Melodic hard rock never gets dated. This album (Elevation) is a fine example of exactly why the genre remains as vibrant as ever. It's classy, creative, instantly catches your attention, and gets better with every play. This is a modern masterpiece that should be acclaimed alongside the great debuts of the past'.




English/Norwegian Melodic Rockers SKYSCRAPER Release Debut Album ‘Elevation‘ September 8

Monday, September 8, 2014
English/Norwegian melodic rockers SKYSCRAPER will release their long awaited debut album, ‘Elevation‘, on September 8th worldwide via Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo Records. This dynamic band has been taking critics by storm with their inimitable brand of melodic hard rock. SKYSCRAPER‘s powerful and heavy demeanour is a fresh take on a breed of music that’s been the foundations of rock ‘n’ roll for many years. A new video teaser can be viewed below.



With so much experience between them it’s easy to see why the album, which has been two years in the making, is regarded as essential.
Dave Boyce: “We loved making the album and we can’t wait to get SKYSCRAPER out into the live arena and see what the fans think. We know it’s going to be one hell of a party once we hit the road”.
Lee Small: “It’s been a great journey so far and we’ve had some amazing reaction from industry people which means a lot“.
Tor Talle: “We also have to thank producer Martin Kronlund for helping us put the album together and introducing us to Swedish session drummer Imre Daun, who will be joining us live. He brought great energy and style to the album“.
Lee Small (Vocals)
Lee was the voice on the last Shy album. He hails from the Black Country and his vocals are as evocative and powerful as the many well-known frontmen who come from that area, including Glenn Hughes and Robert Plant.
Tor Talle (Guitars)
Tor a renowned Norwegian guitarist, best known for his work with Joe Lynn Turner (Deep PurpleRainbowFergie Frederiksen (Toto), Northern LightOverland and Rob Moratti (Saga).
Dave Boyce (Bass) – Dave is the former bass player for Airrace and The Quireboys.
Guest Musicians:
Imre Daun – Drums (Salute)
Bruce Gaitsch – Acoustic guitars (Madonna, Richard Marx, Chicago)
Produced by Martin KronlundDave BoyceLee Small and Tor Talle



In some quarters SKYSCRAPER has been compared to Hughes/Thrall, and Bad English, which sees the band in esteemed company as they release this captivating debut album.
Track Listing:
01. Sail Away
02. Monday Morning
03. Fay Wray
04. Barricades
05. Everybody Cries Sometimes
06. Walk Through 07. Fire
08. Runaway Heart
09. Skyscrapers
10. Through Eyes Of Liberty
11. Sky Is Turning Blue
12. Playing With Fire
13. Sweet Little Sister
Bonus Tracks:
14. Where Love Is Waiting
15. Runaway Hearts (Acoustic)
AOR Magazine “…a project with impressive pedigree.
Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock / Metal Hammer) “Melodic hard rock never gets dated. This album (Elevation) is a fine example of exactly why the genre remains as vibrant as ever. It’s classy, creative, instantly catches your attention, and gets better with every play. This is a modern masterpiece that should be acclaimed alongside the great debuts of the past“.


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